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Ever wonder what was going through Edward's mind when he found out the big news in Breaking Dawn Chapter 7? Well, here's my version! BD spoilers. Reviews are wonderful!

I hope you enjoy the story!

4. Airport

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Bella sat at the end of the boat, staring out at the sea rushing by. The wind caught her hair, blowing it gently behind her, giving me full view of her face. She was so beautiful. I didn’t understand how I could have possibly deserved this angel. I shouldn’t have been given the chance. If only I hadn’t been given a chance.

Then maybe she wouldn’t have had to die.

I refused to let the thought take hold. She would not die. I would get her to Carlisle, and he would save her from what I had done.

It wasn’t long before we reached the coast. Bella was quiet as we took a taxi back to the airport. It wasn’t until we were seated in the small plane that I broke the silence.

“Bella, are you okay?” I stared into her eyes as they met mine, trying to tell what was wrong. She nodded before looking away, staring at the floor. What was she thinking? It was quite frustrating that I had to listen to the meaningless, insignificant thoughts of the pilot, but those of the most important person in my existence were hidden from me. “Are you hurting?” I clarified, reaching up to touch her cheek.

“I--” Her voice cracked, and she cleared her throat, “I’m not in pain.” I let my hand fall, watching as she turned away again. I suddenly understood.

She was angry with me. Mad at the danger I put her in. But of course, being Bella, she just didn’t show her anger in the normal way.

I refused to feel upset at my revelation. I knew I deserved so much more than anger. So I stayed silent as she leaned her head back while the plane took off. For a while, it looked as though she was trying to keep from falling asleep. Her exhaustion eventually took over, and unconsciousness took over.

I took out my silver phone and dialed home.

Carlisle answered, “I have everything ready for when you get back.”

Oh dear, is he on a cell phone? I better tell him to put it away. The only flight attendant walked toward our seats. One glance at my expression changed her mind and had her nearly sprinting back to the front.

“Carlisle, are you sure it will work?”

“I won’t know until we’ve tried.” I heard low voices in the background.

“Have you told the others?”

“Yes. They’re mostly anxious for you to get home. As am I” I could hear that anxiety in his voice. I looked out the window and knew there were several hours left.

“And Alice?”

“That’s the problem. She’s having trouble seeing. Whatever it is, it’s causing her problems.” I shut my eyes tightly, my fingers finding the bridge of my nose.

“So she doesn’t know what will happen?”

“I’m sorry, Edward.” I felt a light pressure on my side. I turned slightly and saw that Bella’s head had slid over and landed on my shoulder. Her eyes were closed, a peaceful look lightening the darkness of her expression.

I immediately shifted my arm so that she would be more comfortable, closing the phone without a sound.

Despite my attempts to make her comfortable, Bella soon started to whimper in her sleep. “No…no…” she mumbled, clenching my shirt in her small hands.

“It will be ok,” I muttered quietly, running my hand up and down her arm trying to soothe her. It killed me that I didn’t know whether that was true or not. I just knew that the main enemy was time.

It was an incredibly long flight home.


After what felt like several years, the plane began its landing. As carefully as I could, I woke Bella.

“We’re home,” I said quietly.

“Oh,” she blinked and sat up quickly. “I fell asleep?”

“Yes. You must have been exhausted.” Her eyes flickered up at me before she looked away.

The plane finished its landing and I stood up. I heard the thoughts of my family waiting in the airport. I was anxious to see Carlisle, so I quickly took our bag from the bin. Bella seemed to be in a hurry as well, as she was already waiting at the front. Forced to stay at a human pace by the attendant, I walked to Bella’s side.

We started walking through the small tunnel to the airport. Bella was walking fast, as anxious as I was to see Carlisle. She would probably run to him when we saw everyone, or Alice.

Reaching the archway into the airport, I finally saw the waiting party. It was a small airport, empty except for my family. They were standing feet from the arch, the chairs for waiting humans ignored behind them. I immediately found Carlisle. His eyes were on Bella following close behind me.

Ready? His thoughts were anxious. The others’ seemed primarily curious and shocked.

Wow, she really is. But how? This thought and its variations seemed to come from everyone as they studied Bella’s form just behind me.

I nodded my head once to Carlisle and watched Bella run from behind me.

Carlisle was the closest to us, so when Bella passed him, I decided it must be Alice to whom she ran. But when she continued past Alice, confusion filled me.

Strangely, it was from Rosalie that Bella sought comfort.

I watched incredulously as the two embraced. Rosalie wasn’t surprised that Bella had come to her, though why, I didn’t know. I knew Bella had never been good friends with Rosalie, so why did she run to her instead of Alice?

It was then that I realized Rosalie had been hiding her thoughts from me. But she didn’t hide them any longer.

I won’t let you hurt this baby. Her eyes blazed as she stepped in front of Bella, blocking her from my sight. Plans of keeping me from hurting the baby invaded her thoughts. Already on edge, I couldn’t control my resulting fury. I crouched, a growl rippling through my chest.

“No!” I hissed, taking a short step forward.

Instinctively, Emmett moved closer to Rosalie, though his expression was one of confusion as he looked between Rosalie and myself. The rest of my family quickly surrounded us, and a barrage of mental warnings hit me.

Careful, Edward! The cameras. I felt Carlisle at my side, but all I could focus on was Rosalie.

“It will kill her!” I hissed again, paying the warnings no mind as I stayed in my crouch.

“You couldn’t possibly know that, Edward.” Rosalie widened her stance slightly, but otherwise didn’t move from her position in front of Bella.

“I do know, because that is exactly what the Ticuna woman told me would happen.”

“But none of those women had us. Bella has seven of us to help her. There is a very good chance—”

I interrupted her furiously, “Do you really think I’m going to risk Bella’s life on a chance? Risk her life because of something you want?”

“I’m not the only one who wants this!” And with her statement she moved very slightly to the side, allowing Bella to come into my sight. Rosalie’s thoughts turned to a certain phone conversation, hours before.

I came out of my crouch in shock, and looked past Rosalie’s guarding arms to Bella’s face. And, suddenly, it was clear, by both the memory and her guilty expression that Bella wanted to keep it.

“Please, Edward…” she pleaded, holding onto Rosalie’s arm, eyes watering. I stood speechless as my anger disappeared, staring into her watery eyes. “Edward, I can do this. I know I can.”

My arms fell loosely to my sides. How could I have missed it? Bella hadn’t been angry with me on the trip home. At least, not about what I had thought. I understood that to Bella, I was the enemy, not Rosalie. But this wasn’t what hit me the hardest.

A wave of despair crashed over me. I realized that despite my anguish on the trip home, I must have been harboring some hope of Bella’s survival. I must have believed that Carlisle could save her, because those feelings were nothing compared to the hopelessness that came over me now.

Maybe I would have given in right then. I might have let Rosalie win the battle if it wasn’t for what happened next.

Bella’s hand flew to her stomach. She looked down in surprise, and a quiet “ouch,” escaped her lips.

This time, it was I who took an instinctive step forward. “Bella!” But as soon as I moved, Rosalie jumped in front of Bella and glared at me.

This movement was combined with the fact that Rosalie’s thoughts were nothing of concern for Bella. She was merely concerned that Bella’s pain would rile me up again.

Well, she was right. The despair was replaced once again with anger as another growl exploded from my chest. Bella would just have to understand. She would die if I didn’t stop Rosalie. I would do it for her safety.

But before I could move any closer, Emmett moved right next to Rosalie. “I can’t let you hurt Rose.” Rosalie looked up at him lovingly, but he didn’t quite meet her gaze. I’m sorry, kid. His thoughts did no good to stave off my anger. I snapped my head towards the rest of my family. Esme spoke next.

“If Bella wants to keep the baby, then I will support her.” My hands clenched as my eyes found Carlisle’s. I saw the conflict rise in his eyes. I knew that he didn’t want to risk Bella’s life either, but I also knew he wouldn’t stand against Esme.

Alice came next. She looked at me hard before looking towards Bella. I’m with you on this, Edward, but…

Jasper’s thought seemed to finish Alice’s own…we can’t fight family.