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My forever

Just a little bit of fluff from Carlisle's POV. One shot, real short, real cute.

It's the first thing I post, so constructive critisism will be nice. Read and Review!!

1. Chapter 1

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Bella was coming over today so Esme was preparing all sorts of food. We didn’t know what she liked and what she didn’t, so my wife was overdoing it. She would say it was no problem and she would make it look like it was not a big deal but I knew better. She loved whenever someone thanked her for something or showed how much they appreciated to have a mother, even when she hadn’t gave birth to them.

Kids were at school and it was my day off work. Some would spend their off days hanging out with friends, catching up on paperwork or watching TV but I was more than happy to just sit here to watch as Esme chopped vegetables, refusing my help. Her golden eyes glinted with anticipation and she couldn’t stop smiling. Her hair fell in waves to the middle of her back and a few locks had managed to get in her face. With a blinding speed I went over to her and brushed the lost strands of her beautiful hair back behind her pale ears.

“Thanks,” she said smiling up at me. Without reason I placed a soft feather kiss on her lips.

“I love you,” I said, reminding every moment we had shared together, all the happiness she had brought to my life. How she had been my wife and Edward’s mother since day one and how she would stay with the rest of our children during their transformations and how she had welcomed Alice and Jasper with open arms, never judging, always loving. “And thank you, Esme, for accepting marrying me all those years ago,” I finished, kissing her again.

If she was able to cry, I’m sure she would be. Her smile widened and she threw her arms around me. “I love you, Carlisle, I always will,” she said and a tearless sob escaped her lips.

She went back to cooking and I went back to watching her. Without my family I wouldn’t be able to live the rest of forever, but knowing I had the most beautiful, caring, pure and good wife; a daughter with a troubled past, but that was beautiful inside and out, though she rarely let anyone see it; a son that was childish, good, powerful and loyal; a daughter that could be exited in the most dark day and that could get men twice her size to their knees, always knowing the right thing to say; a son that could literally make you feel happy, that tried so hard to live up to his expectations; my first child and friend, that was a little bit of a control-freak but that had a pure soul and heart… and a new daughter, though human, that was just the perfect match for Edward…

Knowing I had all these people with me, I was expecting forever, just to not be apart from any of them.