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Bella has a terrible nightmare about Edward and then, he comes back...

Disclaimer : I don't own anything Twilight.

3. Chapter 3

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The day spent a little slowly today but I couldn’t complain, I’ve known worse. I was approaching my truck when I saw that Jacob was already there, waiting for me, leaning against the door. He grinned at me when he caught me coming.

“Hey, Bells, I’ve almost waited, you know.”

I smiled and told him, as I got into the truck:

“So, I’m your driver today, do you mind if we go home first? I have to do something before; it’ll take less than 5 minutes.”

Jacob shrugged and said, “No problem.”

It was so easy with Jacob, he could make me comfortable, and he perfectly knew he mustn’t begin a conversation with his name. It was nice to be able to talk to him, he was my only friend, my best friend actually; and his dad was a very good friend of my own dad so it makes things easier. To be honest, I really don’t know what I would become if Jacob wasn’t there; and I didn’t really want to think about it…

We arrived at home quite quickly, I stopped the engine and told Jacob: “Wait for me here, I’ll be here in 2 minutes.”

I wanted to give a present to Angela, to thank her for being nice with me, so I needed to check the address of a clothes shop in Seattle. I unlocked the entrance door and immediately went upstairs in my room. As soon as I entered the room, I felt my heart stopped. The scent of blood was everywhere in my room and then I looked up in horror and saw on the wall in front of me: The bathroom. It had been written with blood.

I shook my head in confusion, imagining Charlie or whoever, or whatever it was… Victoria. She came for me, she was there, in the bathroom, and she wanted her revenge.

If I could protect the people I love, I could do that, and anyway I already lost everything so…

I turned back, my heart racing, and went to the bathroom. The shower curtain was pulled whereas we usually let it open; that fact made me sick and I walked very slowly toward the shower, I had to know, I had to see her and let her kill me so she couldn’t hurt anyone else. I opened the shower curtain quickly and my eyes caught who was in the shower; the last thing I was aware of was that I was running down the stairs, screaming like I never had before. A nightmare. This could only be a nightmare. I almost destroyed the entrance door and fell right into Jacob’s arms, he was totally alarmed.

“What?? Bella? What is it? Tell me!!”

I wanted to tell him but I couldn’t get the words out, I couldn’t say it. Edward. Dead. Pieces. Burned. I could not make a full sentence with those words. I could only cry, hyperventilate and shout.

Finally, I managed to talk. “The bathroom… Jacob…” He seemed to understand and his eyes were wide with horror. He let me go and commanded: “You stay here, you don’t move from here, be right back fast.”

I let myself fall on the ground and all I wanted was to die, to die with him, to be with him again. I thought it was impossible to kill a vampire, there was no way he could have been tricked, and he used to be so strong…

Jacob went back on time. I got up and yelled: “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, YOU KNOW IT, JACOB!! He told me it was almost impossible…” I didn’t even realize I was crying, Jacob hold me tight and then I was in my room.