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Bella has a terrible nightmare about Edward and then, he comes back...

Disclaimer : I don't own anything Twilight.

5. Chapter 5

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Once at home, I went up to my room and decided to wait for him here. I opened the window and then took my cell; I forgot to ask Edward if everyone was coming back and wanted to call Alice to ask her.

After 3 rings, she answered.

“Hello, Bella!”

“Hi, Alice!” It felt so good to hear her melodic voice. “Mmm, you probably already know why I’m calling you…”

“Yeah, we’re all coming back. You know, it all depended on your decision, whether you wanted Edward back or not; but of course, I already knew that.”

I chuckled and then, asked her something I wasn’t ready to ask Edward directly.

“Tell me, how was he?”

“Well, we didn’t see him much these last months, he was going everywhere in the world, I couldn’t really follow him. But this was a bad sign; it meant he was pondering a lot…”

“Ok, I see. Well, I hope I’ll see you again very soon Alice, I missed you.”

“Hey, I missed you too Bella, bye.”

Her tone seemed joyful; maybe she’s been having different visions, good visions. I wish I could ask her what she’s been seeing from the beginning, but it was so subjective. It could change every time, she could see all the possibilities that could happen; it should be so frustrating to never know exactly which one would be true. I also wanted to ask Edward so many questions, I wanted to have the whole day with him and it seems like we could spend the whole day together and every other day of eternity, well at least, I’ll try to convince him to turn me. When he left, I sometimes wondered if he really wanted me for eternity as much as I wanted him; he cared so much for my humanity, that was getting on my nerves actually: I’m so fragile as a human, much more than the average people because of my bad luck and clumsiness; I could also be killed by a car, by an illness or anything else… Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but one day, it’ll come and I don’t want him to see me die because I know he would kill himself then. It didn’t make any sense to me.

I didn’t realize twenty minutes already passed when I checked my cell, he should be coming back very soon. I couldn’t help myself feeling the dread he wouldn’t, but as I thought this, he was entering my room by… the door. I sat on my bed, surprised, and asked him: “Why didn’t you come in by the window?”

He stared at me like I was an idiot. “Bella, it’s daylight. You got neighbours, you know.”

“Oh, yes, that’s true.” I actually felt like a total idiot right now.

His eyes were golden-brown, and he was now staring at me deeply, with a fascinated look, as if I was the most beautiful thing in the planet. That made me dazzled – oh my god, it’s been so long since he last dazzled me – and I had to breathe again.

“Would you sit with me?” I asked, almost shyly.

He did as I proposed without a word. We were now leaned against the headboard of my bed, our arms touching and we were looking at each other intensely. I’ve never been used to look someone in the eyes for so long, it wasn’t human but it didn’t really bother me as much as I thought. Finally, he broke the silence.

“Tell me what you’re thinking.”

His voice was low and, holy crow, so beautiful and soft. I was half-expecting that one. I looked down at my hands and hesitated. He saw it immediately, of course.


“I don’t know… Actually, I was thinking that I had so many questions for you but at the same time, I…” He would certainly sigh and refuse.

“You what? Tell me Bella.”

I don’t know where I found that courage but I looked him in the eyes and whispered. “Well, I’d like you to kiss me again.” I was dreading his reaction, and waited.

He kept on staring at me for a while and then smiled. I felt my heart began to hammer when he touched my cheek slowly, I blinked several times, totally dazzled because he was still staring at me. He leaned toward me and I felt the coldness of his body on me, I moved so my body would face his ; his forehead touched mine, he kissed my cheek and then brushed my neck with his lips, back and forth, which could have made me faint if I wasn’t so eager to enjoy the time with him. He stopped and then, caressed my hair as he was putting his lips on mine. The contrast between my warmness and his coldness was pure pleasure, I knew he could feel my blood boiling in my veins ; he gently traced the shape of my lips with his tongue and then, found his way in my mouth, caressing my tongue with his. This was not something really usual, and I reacted quite quickly. I hugged him closer to me, our bodies were now touching, I couldn’t remember what day it was, nor my birth date ; I could only think about him and his scent on my tongue. He began to place himself on me, making sure he wouldn’t crush me with his weight, I put my hands on his back, forcing him to stay on me. I thought he was going to roll on his side but he didn’t, keeping on kissing me passionately; I put my legs around his hips and used all my strength to pull myself closer to him. He stopped kissing me then and removed my legs from his body, I didn’t dare looking at him and I hope he wasn’t mad at me.

“Ah, Bella, you’re going to kill me one day you know,” he said as he rolled on his side.

I laughed with humour and relief and took his hand.

“Tell me what you did during all this time.” I wanted to know how he had lived without me around, where he was, what he did, everything.

“You’ll tell me about you after?” he asked, unsure.

I nodded, frowning as I wondered why he had this edge in his voice.

“We have all day, right?” he asked me.

“We have forever.”

“Forever,” he agreed and then held my hand tighter.

The end