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Because I never left

Renee never left Charlie when Bella was a baby. Bella is there when Edward arrives. I said i'd put the top two up but instead i put all of the ones i got. i got four. I can't remember everyone who sent one in so if yours gets chosen let me know that you sent it in and i'll put up a announcement. Also, if one gets chosen and then removed for being the wrong size i'll go for the second most popular Because I never Left Banner 1


15. Chapter 15

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"Jasper...let. Her. Go" each word was singular and commanding. I suddenly felt anger circling me.

"Jasper! You will not make me mad at her! I won't let you!" I tried to breathe, but no air could get to my lungs. The room swam. I was going to pass out. And if I didn't get air after that, I'd die! Suddenly, I was flying across the room. I knocked my head on something and felt pain sprouting. I heard snarling. I looked up and saw, tiny little Alice, crouching and snarling at her husband!

"Jasper, I won't let you hurt her" she growled. I tried to stand but the room was swaying and I was also struggling to get as much oxygen as possible into my starved lungs.

"Alice!" said Jasper.

"Carlisle" I heard Edward say "Esme. Help her" I assumed he meant Alice and so, I was startled when cool arms encircled me.

"Jasper, Rosalie, Edward. Stop" said Carlisle, his voice ringing with authority. They turned (or Rosalie tried to turn)

"Edward, let her go" said Carlisle, calmly. Edward did so, looking rather unhappy about it. The moment she was released, Rosalie leapt at me again. Edward seized her neck again.

"Rosalie. No. this is not the way to solve this!" said Carlisle, angry now. I cringed in fear at the tone of his voice.

"But Carlisle! She's human! Edward won't follow the rules because he loves her! If the Volturi hear of this...we're all dead! Better to solve it now!" I noticed that Edward's face, once angry, had now contorted into pure fury at Rosalie's words.

"Yes" said Jasper "The Volturi will slaughter us all for harbouring a human without intent to remove. You know this; we should choose now and do it!"

"Enough!" shouted Alice. She was standing in the middle
of the room, in between Jasper and Rosalie, slightly in front of me. Even an inexperience fighter like me could see the great positioning here.

"You will not do this! Not now! If we're going to discuss this at least let us do it in the dining room. And I swear, I will not allow any of you to hurt Bella. Not now, not ever" she said, her voice venomous. She meant every word.

"Fine" said Jasper, straightening out of his attack position. He headed into the dining room and the other's followed, Rosalie rubbing her neck. Edward hurried to my side.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine" I squeaked. In truth, I was terrified. I knew that jasper and Rosalie wanted to kill me and I knew that the rest of the family couldn't watch me every second of the day.

"I'll make sure they don't hurt you," Edward muttered.

"Am I supposed to come in with you?"

"No. this might get loud, our debates often do. I'd go up to your room"

"Okay" I left. I walked the staircase to my room but I didn't go in. instead, I turned and entered Edward's room. It made sense now. I'd been in here once before and I'd noticed his lack of bed. He'd told me the sofa was a pullout. Everything made sense now. I curled up on his sofa. There was an old shirt hanging over the arm and I picked it up. It smelt like him. I buried my head and slept.