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Because I never left

Renee never left Charlie when Bella was a baby. Bella is there when Edward arrives. I said i'd put the top two up but instead i put all of the ones i got. i got four. I can't remember everyone who sent one in so if yours gets chosen let me know that you sent it in and i'll put up a announcement. Also, if one gets chosen and then removed for being the wrong size i'll go for the second most popular Because I never Left Banner 1


19. Chapter 19

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I woke up in a bed. There was a figure beside me, sitting on the edge of the bed. It was dark and hard to see. I leapt up, intent on getting out of that bed.

"Relax Bella. It's me," said Alice "I told Edward to leave you hear the first time! But did he listen? No! So, when you tried to run off he decided that I probably did know best" I didn't say anything. I wasn't even paying close attention to her babble.

"Of course the only reason we can't put you back in your room is because Edward went up there, got upset that you'd left and destroyed your bed. Esme ordered a new one. It'll be here tomorrow" she laughed but it was strained. I still didn't say anything.

"Bella? What did those people do to you?" she asked, with underlying fury. I shuddered at the thought and got out of bed. I felt dirty. I needed to wash.

"That door has the bathroom in it and, just a warning but I'm not going to be the only one who'll ask that question" she told me, "Better get it over with then I can warn the others not to question you, which I will not do until you tell someone what happened" I ignored her and went into the bathroom. The warm water felt good but it still didn't wash away the feeling of filth all over me. When I came out, Alice had left some clothes on the bed. I changed quickly. Nothing garish which surprised me, just a plain white top and jeans. I was glad Alice hadn't tried to bedeck me with finery, more now then, I had ever been. I went downstairs. They were all talking quietly in the kitchen and when they saw me, they burst into loud greetings, unusual for them.

"Hey Bella"

"How are you Bella?"

"Hi Bella"

"Morning Bella!"

"Good morning Bella" even Rosalie greeted me. I sighed, went and got some cereal and ate it in silence. I noticed them all looking slightly uneasy, shifting around the room. I put my spoon down, dumped my cereal in the bin and started washing the bowl.

"Aren't you hungry Bella?" asked Esme, tentatively.

"No" was all I said. I finished with the bowl, put it away and turned to leave.

"Bella, can we talk to you please?" begged Esme. I didn't look at her, at any of them. I just said "No" I didn't want to talk about it and I knew that's what they wanted to talk about. Besides, I was to dirty to talk to people like them. I'd stood by and let my mum die. Everything I touched was ruined.

I went upstairs and into my old room. Some of my stuff was still there; mum had pulled me from the house in such a hurry she'd forgotten to grab my stuff. I felt useless. I found a duvet folded in the corner of the room. I curled up under it. Everything in my life went wrong. It was my fault. Even people I talk too would pay the price. I resolved, then and there, never to talk again.