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Because I never left

Renee never left Charlie when Bella was a baby. Bella is there when Edward arrives. I said i'd put the top two up but instead i put all of the ones i got. i got four. I can't remember everyone who sent one in so if yours gets chosen let me know that you sent it in and i'll put up a announcement. Also, if one gets chosen and then removed for being the wrong size i'll go for the second most popular Because I never Left Banner 1


4. Chapter 4

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I returned home, rather wet, from La Push. Jacob had been great to visit. I sat outside for a bit, breathing in and out. I opened the door and found that an argument was in full flow.
"Why can't you ever help out?"
"Me? You never lift a finger!"
"I'm sick of it Charlie! I hate it here! I'm leaving!" Renee turned and saw me standing in the doorway.
"Bella, pack your bags. We're leaving"
"Now Bella!" she snapped.
"Maybe Bella doesn't want to go with you! I mean, I'm her father! Did it ever occur to you that she might want to stay with me?"
"You?! She loves me!" I screamed and ran from the room. I jumped into my truck and sped down the road. I drove and drove until I reached La Push again. Jacob was sitting on a log outside his house, turned, and spotted me. He smiled but then gauged my expression and ran to me.
"Bella? What happened?" I was crying, blinded by my tears.
"Renee's going to walk out on Charlie! They've been arguing. Then when I got home..." the sobs cut off my words.
"It's okay Bella. You can stay here for as long as you want. I promise!" he led me to his house and laid me on his bed. I was shattered and nearly passed out.
"Jake? Where are you going to sleep?"
"I'll sleep on the sofa"
"But..." I struggled to sit up. He pushed me down.
"No buts! You need to sleep. I can put up with the sofa for you Bella"
"Thanks Jake. You're the best..." my voice trailed off as I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was disorientated. I got up and wandered into the kitchen. It was then I realized something. I only had one changed of clothes and I was wearing them.
"Morning Bella" said Billy, Jake's dad "Jake told me what happened and said I shouldn't phone Charlie until you told me to. But they're going to be worried"
"Thanks for putting up with me Billy"
"My pleasure. Um...your clothes are drying. Jake was up really early to wash them"
"Bella, have you actually looked at what you're wearing?" Billy asked, chuckling. I looked and blushed. I was in one of Jake's t-shirts. I scuttled back to my room and Jake came in with my clothes.
"Morning Bells! Here ya go!" he wasn't wearing a t-shirt at all, just jeans.
"Aren't you cold?"
"No! Toasty as can be!" he coughed, and then groaned.
"Yuck. I think I'm spending the day in bed. I feel weird"
"Right. Well, see you when I get back from school. If that's alright?" he nodded and left me in privacy. I dressed and headed to school.
"Morning sunshine" said a voice as I slammed my truck's door. I turned and cried out.
"How do you do that?!"
"What?" said Edward Cullen.
"I walk normally. You're just unobservant!"
"Look, just go away!" I snapped. I was upset and he wasn't helping with his obvious mocking of me.
"What happened?" he asked, seriously now.
"None of your business!" I snapped, before hurrying off. Naturally, I fell. He helped me up, and then quickly removed his icy hands.
"What is it?"
"Go away!" I tried to move but he blocked my path.
"No. Bella, tell me what's wrong" his gaze burned into mine.
"Fine! My mum is walking out on my dad so I ran to my best friend's house and I'm hiding from them! Now let me go"
"I'm sorry Bella" he said, with such sincerity I stopped being mad.
"Why? It's not your fault" I said before walking off.

I reached Jake's house that afternoon. I'd thought about sneaking back to mine to get some clothes but I didn't know if anyone would be there to stop me.
"Bella. We need to talk" said Billy when I walked in. he looked somber.
"What's up?" I asked.
"We need to discuss you living arrangements"
"Jake said I could stay" I said, not fully grasping the situation.
"Well...you can. But you're going to have to go home at some point. This can't be permanent. I mean, you only have one set of clothes" Jake looked angrily at his dad.
"Or a proper bed. And if you sleep on Jake's, it's not really fair on him is it?"
"I told Jake not too" I muttered.
"Dad. I said I was fine on the sofa" said Jake.
"No. I'm sorry Bella, but you need to go home" said Billy.
"NO!" shouted Jake. I watched in horror as Jacob Black, my best friend, exploded. Fur shot out of his body, leaving a horse sized wolf filling the space. I screamed and ran. I ran from the house. I was on the road and heard a shout "BELLA!" the car speeding towards me swerved to avoid me. And crashed into a tree. It burst into flames. I recognized the car. It was Charlie's cruiser.