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I'd Know You Anywhere

It's been 6 years since Edward left in New Moon. Bella and Jacob are still friends, but Bella has been thinking of Jacob as more. While looking at pictures from a night out, she notices someone in the backround from her past. **I'm not allowed to post my stories on here, anymore...due to the Lemons. Read my last chapter of this story.**

I haven't really ever written a story that didn't have some sort of lemony goodness in the first couple chapters. They're coming...I promise! :) I hope you enjoy. Vampire Edward, of course.

10. Too Fast

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2600   Review this Chapter


I held Edward until the sun started to set. He pulled me onto his back and started running through the forest towards his Volvo when, suddenly, he stopped.

“Bella,…I have to apologize to you.” He set me on my feet and ran his hands through his hair.

“For what, Edward? You’ve apologized enough.” I swear, I can’t hear him say how sorry he is anymore, today.

“I just spent the last couple of hours sobbing about the pain that I’ve been through and…that wasn’t fair to you. You didn’t cause me any of that pain from…doing what I did. That wasn’t your fault in the least! I just…I just wanted to make sure that you knew you did nothing wrong. Okay?” He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“I know, Edward. But, please…stop apologizing to me. I really don’t want to be reminded of how you left me, every fifteen minutes.” I started walking away through the woods. When I heard the snapping of sticks behind me, I knew he was following.

Silently, we made it back to his car and we drove me home. We didn’t say much to each other the entire ride. My heart felt like it skipped a beat when he reached over to rub circles on the top of my thigh. Amazing…six years apart and he still makes me feel light headed. My entire body started to feel warm from his touch when we turned the corner to my apartment. Just a couple more minutes…maybe he’ll continue what we started last night…mmm…

“Uh-oh…Um…Edward…,” There, in front of my place…was Jake’s car. Shit, shit, shit!!! “Maybe…maybe we should go somewhere else.”

He looked in the direction of my gaze and must have caught on. The bumper stickers on his car were unmistakably his.

“Oh,” He pulled up behind Jake’s car and put the Volvo in park. I’m really going to have to get my car one of these days. “Bella,…why don’t I just come back later? I’m sure he isn’t going to be thrilled that I’m here. If he didn’t know already, he knows now. He’ll be able to smell me all over your apartment. Not to mention…”

“Not to mention what?” Edward being here is going to be hard enough for him.

Edward leaned over the center consul and whispered, “I was in your bed, last night. I’m surprised he isn’t down here ripping my doors off.”

Oh, Jesus…yeah…he was in my bed…kiss me, damn it! Kiss me! I turned my head and brushed against his lips.

“Will you come back, tonight?” It was a barely audible whisper.

“If you want me to, I’ll come back.” He rubbed noses with me.

“I don’t want you to feel obligated…” I sucked in a breath as his left hand cupped my cheek.

“You’ve never been my obligation, Bella. I’ll give you my number, and you can text me when he’s gone. I promise not to go far.” I expected him to pull away and reach for his phone but he didn’t move.

“Good.” I was saying it response to him giving me his number and by not back away.

“Bella?” He moved closer.

“Hmm?” I didn’t trust my voice.

“May I?” He rubbed his thumb over my lips.

“Please.” My eyes closed awaiting his touch.

Edward’s lips pressed fully against mine in a kiss that poured all of his thanks from that day into me. His right hand kept my face against him while his left hand traced the same circles in my thigh. The further the kiss went, the harder his touch became. He wasn’t being too rough, never, just…adamant.

“You should go, Bella. I’ll be back later.” He pulled away from me and reached in his pocket for his phone. “What’s your number, Bella?”

“Um…ugh…,” Great! I can’t remember my own phone number. How does he do that to me?

“You okay?” His question wasn’t laced with concern it was laced with smug, cocky, humor.

“Yeah…it’s 555-7834. Yours?” I pulled my phone out of my bag.

“222-0923. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, beautiful girl.” He leaned over and kissed me once more before getting out his car and opening my door for me. Perfect gentleman.

“Good luck. Call me if he’s trouble.” Edward whispered in my ear before kissing my neck and getting back in his car. I watched his drive away and headed towards the door to the elevator.

My emotions were going haywire. I was incredibly stoked that Edward was back in my life, but we were acting as if nothing had ever happened. We were acting as if he never left and broken my heart. The man jaded my entire life. If it weren’t for him, I would have moved on by now and been happy with Jake. Wait…slow down, Bella…did you just say…? Yes, Jacob has always been there for me. He has been incredibly patient with me for the last six years and never treated me like I was a burden. It’s no wonder that I’ve recently been thinking of Jacob as more than my friend, though,…some people would call it lust. Maybe, it was just my hormones telling me that I seriously need to get some. He does have a beautiful body. Stop it, Bella! Honestly though, why did all of that change the second I saw Edward in the photo? Why did my feelings for Jake suddenly not matter anymore? I can’t break Jake’s heart, again…I just can’t. He never asked for this and I can’t treat him like yesterday’s trash just because Edward was back in town. Furthermore, Edward has been acting a bit sure of himself with this relationship. It’s moved way too fast for all the longer he’s been here. It’s barely been 24 hours for God’s sake! But,…he can’t leave, again. I’m not sure that my heart would be able to heal if he disappears. I would fall apart and nobody, even Jake, would be able to piece me back together.

I opened the door on the old elevator and stepped into my apartment. Like I expected, Jake was sitting on my kitchen counter, just glaring at me.

“Uh, hi.” I tried to give him a fake smile, but I knew it was useless.

“Hi.” He said nothing else.

“How was your night, last night?” I knew it was childish, but I was trying to remind him that he went home and shacked up with Samantha on a whim; the person who he was inadvertently calling a ‘tramp’ the night before.

“Fine.” His gaze never left mine as I put my bad down and stepped out of my shoes. I just…waited. I moved across the large room and sat down on the sofa, curling my legs up beside me. When I reached for a magazine, he spoke.

“I know he’s here, Bella. When Samantha returned to the club to clean up, she told me that you had a guy with you. Certainly, I was surprised because it doesn’t sound like you to bring a random person home from a bar! So, I came over here to check on you and make sure you were alright only to find that you had already left and…that damn leach’s scent was all over the place!: the couch, the kitchen, your damn bedroom, Bella! Don’t tell me you…” I had to cut him off. I expected all his words but they still hurt.

“How dare you accuse me of doing something that I know for a fact you did last night! It’s not like you to take random strangers home from a bar, either, Jake. And, you left before I even knew Edward was there, so don’t tell me it was some sort of revenge. I sure hope you found Samantha to be satisfactory!” I threw my magazine down and stomped towards my bedroom.

“What the Hell is he doing here, Bella and why were you with him all day? He’s just going leave you, again, and you’ll expect me to pick up the pieces. I can’t wait….” He stopped in my doorframe, holding his hips and looking at the floor. His tone had calmed, considerably. “I’ve waited for you to get over him long enough. Just when I think we’re making some sort of progress to a more romantic relationship…he comes back, and…you don’t’ think twice about being with him. Are you taking him back, Bells?”

My back was turned towards him as I dug pajamas out of my dresser. I couldn’t bare to turn around and look into his sad, puppy eyes that I knew were awaiting me.

“I don’t know.” It was the truth.

“Why? Why is he so goddamn special to you? Why can’t you see…Why…,” he was stuttering. “What do I have to do, Bella?”

That was it. That last sentence made my entire heart twist in a knot. Without warning, a single tear slid down my cheek and I turned to face him. The look on his face was agony. I knew that Jacob has cared about me since I moved from Phoenix, but I always considered him more of a friend…until recently. It was easier to see things clearly when we were alone together, and Edward was nowhere near me. The reason I could never give Jacob my heart was because Edward’s had it clenched, bleeding in his hands since the day he left me. Now, I felt like it was hanging in the air…just out of reach for anyone…Out of reach for Edward…Out of reach for Jacob…even myself.

“Jake, ‘I don’t know’ is the best I can do. This all happened so far, I’m still trying to process it. And, nothing happened last night…it’s embarrassing so I don’t want to talk about it, but…we just spent the day talking.” I looked back down at the floor.

“So, you don’t know. Well, I don’t know if I can wait on you anymore, Bells.” He turned his back to me and walked away.

“Jake, wait!” I ran out of the room, managing not to trip over anything.

“I’m sick of waiting, Bella!” He stopped in front of the door and yelled at me. “God, for once…I’d like for you to feel an ounce of what I feel for you! He could never give you all the things that I could. Never! You’re older, Bella, but no less frail.”

“He’d never hurt me.” I meant for it to come out more bold, but failed.

“He already did!! He’s successfully built emotional walls around you that nobody can break down, but what about physically?” Somehow I didn’t notice the space between us becoming smaller.

“What do you mean? He’s never hit me, Jacob.” I crossed my arms in front of me, putting up a teeny defense. Jacob laughed at me. He laughed at me!

“That’s not what I meant.”

Instantly, my legs were wrapped around his and I clung to his shoulders for dear life. Moments later, he had us backed against the elevator door and his lips were molded to mine for the first time. It was…hot. I don’t just mean his body, either. Something about the way that Jake was kissing me reminded me of his strength and how he had become a man! He didn’t hesitate, or gently cup my face like Edward does. No, Jacob’s entire body was pressed against mine and his tongue tracing my bottom lip, begging for entrance. Who am I to deny that? My lips parted for him and his tongue fought with mine in a firey kiss. I’d never been kissed with so much passion before. Both of our breathing was labored and his right hand reach under my ass to hold me up while his left one stroked my sides.

“I’m guessing he doesn’t kiss you like this?” He took a short breather to speak and attached himself to my lips, again.

“No.” I managed to get out, but I didn’t want to waste my time talking.

Jacob broke the kiss and sucked on the skin on my neck while grabbing my ass with his other hand.

“If he can’t even kiss you, Bella…you’ll never experience more (he slowly, but roughly thrust his hips against mine. Oh, Jesus, Holy Hell!) physical love with him.” He continued his motions against me and I couldn’t help but notice that he was at full attention and…Damn…he should be proud of that thing.

“You may have thought that I didn’t want you in any other way than a friend but, clearly,” we both moaned as he pressed against me even harder. “clearly you must see how sexy I think you are. Your becoming a woman hasn’t gone unnoticed and I hope you don’t think of me as a child anymore.”

“No…No…I don’t…,” My eyes closed on their own accord as I tried to regulate my breathing.

“Good. Bella, all I ask is that…you think of me.” He stopped his movements, much to my dismay, and I groaned at the loss of friction. “I can’t force you to love me, but if I stand any kind of chance with you…I’ll fight for it. I’ll fight for us. Please, don’t forgive him so easily.” He set me on my feet and kissed me gently. It was a nice reminder that his love for me was as pure as Edward’s and not his primal need for me. Though, that’s never been an issue with Jake. He was my friend, first and foremost.

When he stepped away from me, I noticed that my vision had blurred. He asked me not to forgive him so easily. Forgive who? Who was he talking about? Just kiss me, damn it…keep kissing me.

Just then my phone rang. At first, I was going to ignore it, but Jake brought me my bag. When I found it, I had received a text from Edward:

Edward: “You okay? Just making sure you’re still in one piece.”

I sighed and looked up at Jake. All of my emotions were hitting me like a freight train: confusion, love, lust, annoyance, anger, bliss…they were all there.

“I’m going to go, Bella. Please, think about it. Think about me.” He put his hands on my hips and lifted me for another kiss. Kissing Jacob wasn’t awkward. I felt like we had been kissing like that for a decade and it was just something we did out of habit. It was comfort. I was comfortable with Jacob. He was home to me.

“I promise, Jake. And,…I’m sorry about everything…about the last 48 hours.” He set me on my feet and opened the elevator door.

“Nah, don’t apologize for all of that,” he smiled at me. “I rather enjoyed sharing that tiny couch with you…no matter how uncomfortable we both were.”

We both laughed. We can always make each other laugh. The elevator started going down and his smile never faded.

“Bye, Jake.”

“Bye, Bells.”

He hadn’t even been out of my site for an entire minute before I was messaging Edward. Why do I do that? He doesn’t even cross my mind when I’m with Jacob, but once he’s gone…it’s I don’t even hesitate to call him. What’s wrong with me?Bella: “I’m going to jump in the shower. You can let yourself in the apartment. Sam isn’t here.”Edward: “Be there in 5. I miss you.”Bella: “Me too.” Slow down, Bella…slow him down…too fast….way too fast…