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I'd Know You Anywhere

It's been 6 years since Edward left in New Moon. Bella and Jacob are still friends, but Bella has been thinking of Jacob as more. While looking at pictures from a night out, she notices someone in the backround from her past. **I'm not allowed to post my stories on here, anymore...due to the Lemons. Read my last chapter of this story.**

I haven't really ever written a story that didn't have some sort of lemony goodness in the first couple chapters. They're coming...I promise! :) I hope you enjoy. Vampire Edward, of course.

2. Chapter 2

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It’s 8 o’clock and people are lined up around the block to get into the club. We’ve been closed for 4 weeks and it seemed like all of Seattle was outside.

“We READY???!!!” Samantha strutted through the door in our private lounge and popped open a bottle of champagne. She was wearing a little black halter dress with hot pink stilettos. Her blonde hair was in a perfect ponytail with a pink flower in it.

I was sitting on one of the couches making sure I had full battery power in my camera. I’ve taken pictures of everything in the last 6 years…wanting solid memories of anything happy that happens to me.

I just popped in the batteries when I heard a cat call from the door.

“Ow Ow!! Damn, Bella.” He came over and gave me a pink rose. “I gotta say,…you look pretty sexy.” He kissed my forehead and sat down beside me.

“Gee, thanks for making me blush, Jake.” I dropped my head to stare down at my lap. I was wearing a yellow dress that had a band just under my breasts. Little jewels lined the band and my straps. The dress fell just above my knees and I had on strappy gold heals. I have really been paying more attention to my wardrobe. I didn’t want to feel like the shabby sidekick to Samantha. She always looks great.

We all wondered into the main room by one of the bars and watched as the bouncers let people in. It was like a flood of beautiful people. We didn’t discriminate in our bar. Anyone was allowed in before we met capacity as long as they weren’t causing trouble. It looked like it was going to be a great night.

Jake and I started dancing after awhile. We heard, “Cyclone” come on and he grabbed my hips and led me to the dance floor. He kept one of his firey hot hands on me as we danced. I took a few opportunities to snap some pictures of him, us, and Samantha. She had a guru of guys around her offering to buy her drinks. She let them even though we got our drinks for free. As long as we were making money for the club, she was letting them buy. I knew the alcohol was starting to hit me. Usually, I wasn’t so uninhabited when I was dancing… Usually, I wasn’t dancing at all.

“You know, I probably shouldn’t be drinking so much when I have to close this place tonight!!” I was laughing and dancing like an idiot, I’m sure.

“Nah! You’ve got Samantha to help with that!” He glanced over at Sammy who had 3 guys practically drooling on her. “But, she may end up leaving with Bachelors 1, 2, and 3.”

“Oh, no!! She’s not leaving me here by myself! That’s not a partnership!” I started to get nervous.

“Relax, Bells. I’ll be here all night. If she leaves, I’ll help you close up. Now,...dance.” He spun me around so that my backside was pressed up against him and started grinding into me with the change of music. Wow…focus, Bella. His hands were firmly gripped on my hips and I was sure I felt something hard rubbing against my back. He just has to be so much taller than I am.

I felt a hot breath against my ear as he sighed and gripped my hips harder. He grabbed my drink out of my hand and placed it on the bar.

“Don’t want you to spill it all over your dress. I know how clumsy you can be.” He smiled down at me from just inches away and started dancing again…face to face.

“You know me too well.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kept dancing.

The night went off without a hitch. We closed the doors at 3 and instead of cleaning up then…we decided to go home and clean up the next day around noon. That would give us plenty of time to get things clean before we opened again tomorrow night.

Samantha, Jake, and I locked up the doors to the club with a couple of our bouncers and walked out to our cars. I had just pulled my keys out of my purse when…

I don’t think so, dear!” Jake grabbed my keys out of my hands. “I’m driving you home. You are in no condition to drive.” He started directing me to his car.

“I’m not leaving my car here, Jacob! Someone might steal it!” I stopped in my tracks and practically yelled at him.

“Fine. We’ll drive your car and let my precious baby that I’ve built from scratch in the parking lot so someone can steal IT.” He started sulking and heading towards my car.

“Come on.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards his car. “You’re such a baby.” He just smiled and we got in his Rabbit.

We turned the music up and sang and danced in our seats most of the way home. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very tired. I needed time to wind down after this fun night. Besides that, my buzz really hadn’t worn off yet. I stopped mid-lyric to one of my favorite songs when felt my phone vibrate. I searched my purse to find it.

“Hmm.” I started. “Looks like Sammy is going home with Bachelor number 3. She just sent me a message that she wouldn’t be home tonight…” My face fell. We’d barely moved all of our stuff in and she’d already abandoned me to stay with a guy. It’s not that I minded…I wasn’t big on the whole “girlfriends” thing. The truth is, I don’t want to spend the night alone. It’s kind of scary being by myself. I’ve never been comfortable being alone…not with knowing what’s out there.

“What’s the matter?” Jake must have sensed my fear.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” I lied. I didn’t want to seem like a weak girl in front of him.

“You’re lying.”…He put his hand over mine on my leg and shook it. “Come on, Bells. What’s up?” He left his hand there.

“It’s nothing, really. I just…” I sighed, “I’m afraid to sleep alone.” I made a nervous laugh.

He didn’t say anything. He just sat there with his hand on mine and kept driving. The silence was eating at me. I just though…at least he isn’t laughing.

We pulled up to the apartment and parked his car. He shut the engine off and squeezed my hand. He looked right into my eyes and said, “I’ll stay if you want me to.”

I desperately wanted to say, ‘It’s okay, Jake. I’m not a huge baby. I’ll be alright by myself.’ But, I couldn’t being myself to say it. I couldn’t being myself to say anything. He pulled his hand off of mine and sighed.

“I’m staying. You don’t have to say it out loud.” He got out of the car and opened my door for me. There was an old elevator inside that made a lot of noise. It was the kind with the cage door. We didn’t speak to each other the entire ride up. He just kept staring at me.

“What?” I finally asked.

“Nothing.” He looked back and opened the door to the loft. “Whoa…cool digs.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Thanks. You really don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. I’m sure I’ll survive a night alone in my own apartment.” I threw my purse down on one of the chairs.

“No, no. I’m staying. You don’t have a choice anymore. This couch looks…” He sank into the cushions on our plush sea green couch. “Oohhh….I’m staying.” He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

“Okay.” I laughed. “I’m sorry you don’t have anything to wear.”

“Oh, I got it covered.” He jumped up and stripped off his shirt and started to unbutton his pants.

“Jake!!” I covered my eyes and turned around. I could feel my face getting hot and knew it was a bright shade of red.

“Relax. It’s just my boxers. You’ve seen me in shorts before…it’s the same thing.” He started laughing at me. “If it would make you more comfortable, you could sleep in your underwear, too.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m going to go change, now.” I walked off to my bedroom and started searching through boxes for some pajamas. God, his body is glorious. All I could think about when I was fumbling through the clothes was how he pulled that shirt over his head and started fumbling for the button on his pants. Finally, I found a pair of blue striped PJ pants and a white cami and put them on. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and went back out to the living room to see if Jake needed anything.

“You need a blanket, Jake?” I asked, walking back into the room. Lifting my gaze from the floor I stopped dead in my tracks. There he was, sitting in the middle of my couch, looking completely relaxed, clad in his green, plaid boxers. Oh. My…

“Uh, yeah, thanks, Bells.” I walked over to the closet and pulled out a blanket for him. I knew his body temperature was a lot warmer than mine,…hot, even…but it’s always more comfortable to sleep with a blanket.

“Here. If you need another one, they’re in the closet. Do you need anything else?” Expecting him to say “no” I started to turn away and walk towards my bedroom.

“Actually.” He pulled me down to the couch beside him. “I have to watch a little TV before I sleep. Join me?”

“Do I have a choice?” I laughed.

“No.” He tossed the blanket over me and turned the TV on. I’m not really sure what he ended up stopping to watch. I leaned to my right and rested my head against one of the throw pillow and a few seconds later I was out like a light.