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I'd Know You Anywhere

It's been 6 years since Edward left in New Moon. Bella and Jacob are still friends, but Bella has been thinking of Jacob as more. While looking at pictures from a night out, she notices someone in the backround from her past. **I'm not allowed to post my stories on here, anymore...due to the Lemons. Read my last chapter of this story.**

I haven't really ever written a story that didn't have some sort of lemony goodness in the first couple chapters. They're coming...I promise! :) I hope you enjoy. Vampire Edward, of course.

5. Hallucination

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I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. My mouth gaped open as I stared at his beautiful face. We stood in front of each other for 5 minutes just…watching each other. I’m not even sure I blinked once.

Without a word, he took a step closer to me. As if it was a reflex, I took a step back. For the first time, his eyes left mine and dropped to the floor.

“You’re not real…” I whispered. “You can’t be. Wake up, Bella.” I closed my eyes and started breathing heavier than necessary.

“Bella…” He was trying to get my attention.

“No…someone is trying to wake me up from this dream. I’m dreaming. Wake up, stupid. Wake up!” I was still whispering and tears started falling.

“Bella, you’re not dreaming. Look at me…please….just, look at me.” I swallowed, hard, and opened my eyes. He’s still here.

I couldn’t say anything to him. I didn’t know what to say! I was just gawking at him like an idiot. Speak, dummy, speak!

“You still don’t believe me, do you?” He took a step closer. This time, I didn’t move. “Touch me, Bella.”

Oh. My. God.

I took a deep breath and, with a shaky hand, reach up to touch his face. Instantly, his eyes closed and he covered my hand with his own.

“Oh, my God.” He opened his eyes and stared down into mine.

“I’m the stupidest man who ever walked this earth.” We just kept staring at each other.

“Edward…” It was the first time I’d spoken his name in 5 years. “Stay with me.” Tears started spilling over, again.

“Bella…” He started leaning his head in. He was coming in for a kiss. Breathe, Bella…. His head tilted to the side, his nose grazed mine, that sweet, intoxicating breath swept across my face.

“Breathe, Bella…” If I were in my right mind, I would have laughed. He kept coming closer,…and closer….and closer…and….

“Miss Swan!!??” I jumped back and blew out a huge breath that I was holding. It was Chris. I forgot that he was waiting for me, outside.

“Sorry, Chris! Um,…” I looked back at Edward, wondering what I should say to Chris. My fear was that Edward would disappear and I’d be here all by myself if I let Chris go home. He’s going to leave you, Bella. He just came back to make sure you’re alive. He WILL leave you. Let Chris walk you out. Go, Bella!

“I’ll take you home…if you’d like.” Those beautiful eyes were making my knees weak.

“Chris?” I kept my eyes on Edward’s. “I have a ride home. You don’t have to wait.”

“Are you sure, Miss Swan? I can wait.” He’s such a nice guy.

Edward smiled at me.

“Yes. I’m sure. Thanks for staying.” I still had my eyes on that gorgeous man.

“Okay. Have a good night.” I heard the door click behind him.

The next few seconds were a blur. One second I was staring into his eyes and the next…his lips were glued to mine. I wasn’t positive which one of us initiated the kiss, but I wasn’t about to stop it! This wasn’t a weak kiss,…it was hot and passionate. It was the kind of kiss you were supposed to have when you haven’t seen your only true love in 6 years. One of his hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer and the other was around my neck keeping my lips locked to his. Both of my hands wrapped around his neck, not wanting him to pull away.

As the kiss deepened, I started moaning against his lips. I couldn’t help it, he felt so good. My tongue, on its own accord, started running along his bottom lip. I so badly desire him.

“Bella…” He broke off the kiss to speak, only to attach them to my lips again.

“Mmm?” I, sort of, questioned.

“Let’s get you home.” He kept his lips on mine, picked me up, and walked me outside to his car. My car, would be sitting in the parking lot for another night.

His lips left mine and I came up for air. If I had my way, I’d never stop kissing him. He sat me in his car and shut my door. Less than a second later, he got in the drivers seat. I was looking around, smiling.

“What?” He smiled back at me. Oh, that beautiful smile. That beautiful, sexy smile.

“You still have the Volvo.” I kept smiling. This car was a staple in my life. Anywhere that I went, I looked for this car. Anytime I saw a car like this on the road, I nearly lost my life from lack of concentration.

“Of course I do. I couldn’t bare to get rid of it. It holds too many memories of you.” He grabbed my hand into his and left the parking lot. I started directing him to my apartment. For a moment, I felt relief that Samantha wasn’t going to be there…for a moment. After that moment was over, I remembered where she went. Jacob…

“Turn right at the light. My place is the last building on the right.” Edward followed my directions and we arrived at the loft in 4 seconds, flat. He helped me out of the car and followed me inside. We closed the doors on the elevator, and he attacked.

His lips were all over me. They started on my lips and traveled over to my ear. He sucked my earlobe into his mouth, which made me moan.

“I’ve missed you so much, Bella. I’m such a stupid, stupid man.” His lips moved down my jaw and to my neck.

“I’ve thought about you every day since you left me.” He stopped his pursuit. “No, no…don’t’ stop.” He kissed me hard on the lips, again, but pulled back.

“Bella…” The elevator stopped. He sighed, picked me up and carried me into the apartment. Without setting me down, he continued. “Bella, I have never regretted anything more than I’ve regretted leaving you. I haven’t been the same without you. Nobody can stand to be around me. You make me want to live,…and…without you…I’ve lost my will to do anything. I’m so, so stupid, Bella. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I’ll do anything it takes to earn it.” He truly looked hurt. His eyes looked like they were pleading with me. Don’t believe him, Bella. Oh, SHUT UP!I kissed him with fervor. My hands wrapped in his hair and pulled him closer, earning a groan from him. Yes, more!

“Edward…” I kissed my way to his ear.


“Bedroom….now.” In a flash we were in my bedroom. I’m not sure how he knew, so quickly, which bedroom was mine but I wasn’t in the mood to question him. Edward was with me. Edward was in my home. Edward was in my bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed, crawling over me but never putting his full weight on me.

“Bella, this was never my intention…I shouldn’t even be doing this. I should be worshipping and spoiling you until you have everything your heart has ever desired.” He ran a finger down my cheek.

You are everything my heart has ever desired.” I grabbed his face and kissed him, again. More kissing, I say. Always kissing. Always….Bella, you sound like a blubbering idiot!

His lips left mine and traveled down my neck, stopping on my pulse point and lightly sucking.

“Mmm…” His hands slid down to my hips and he rested his body on mine. Oh, good God. My legs were starting to shake in anticipation and my head clouded with lust.

“Breathe, Bella…” Bella? Who’s Bella? His lips went down to my exposed collarbone. I was very happy I’d been wearing a tube top. Edward’s right hand slid down my thigh and hitched my leg around his waist. Sweet Jesus! My eyes rolled back into my head when I felt Edward’s chilling tongue slide across the skin just above my top. Uuuggghhh!!!

“Bella…” His hand slid up the my top and slowly, so slowly started pulling it down. Eddwwwaa…….

Everything went black. It felt like only seconds before I snapped out of it, but when I opened my eyes the sun was up. Stretching my limbs, I took inventory; I was still in my clothes from the night before, but I was under my covers.

I was a dream. Oh. My. God. It was a dream. How could I hallucinate something that felt so real? He was never here. He never told me that he missed me. Edw…he never came back for you.

My eyes welled up with tears. I through the covers off of me, intending to storm out to the kitchen and start my Sunday morning with some nice, hard liquor. I raced around the bed, stubbing my toe on my bedpost. I screamed out in pain, tried to balance on one foot, failed, and fell to the floor. I put my hand out, bracing myself for impact…but, that impact never came.

Could it be?