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Another Part of Fatherhood

A short fanfiction about Edward taking care of Renesmee, who is sick. Edward/Renesmee fanfic.


1. Chapter 1

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I could barely remember the last time I had been sick, excluding the deadly Spanish Influenza that had almost taken my life. Just being sick; I had no memory at all of that. I wish I did because I had no ideas on how to take care of my sickly, sleeping daughter on the couch. Bella’s memory of being sick may have been less vague, but she wasn’t here. With Renesmee’s first birthday approaching, we were all making sure that everything would be perfect. Right now, Bella was out buying birthday gifts for her. Renesmee was now the physical form of four, but somehow, she had a way of hypnotizing us all.

Then, breaking me away from my own thoughts, Renesmee stirred and her eyes fluttered open. “Daddy?” She called quietly. I kneeled by my daughter’s head, and kissed her cheek. “I’m right here.” I said. “How do you feel?” “Really sick.” She groaned. “Do you want me to get you anything?” I asked her. “A bucket.” She moaned, and her pale, little face started to change color from ivory to pale green. I pulled a basin from the closet, and rushed it back to Renesmee just before she vomited. “Shhhh… It’s okay. It’ll be okay.” I whispered as I patted her back gently. Once she had stopped throwing up, I ran my fingers through her messy hair until she fell back asleep.

I put a damp washcloth on her forehead, and I tried to calm my nerves. I paced around the house aimlessly until I set eyes on my piano. I hadn’t played in weeks. I sat down at the bench, and stared at the keys. Then, my fingers, somehow, came to life, and played out Renesmee’s tune on the piano. After that, I simply made the end of Renesmee’s song flow mindlessly into Bella’s lullaby. I continued to combine them, and it sounded better than anything I had ever played before. I hadn’t realized how long I had been playing until I looked over my shoulder, and saw my daughter laying on the couch. She’d fallen asleep hours ago. I had been completely engulfed by my playing.

I ran to Renesmee, and looked at her face. She wasn’t asleep anymore. She was frowning, and her beautiful, brown eyes were sad. Her mouth was covered in vomit. “Nessie, did you throw up again?” I asked anxiously. She nodded weakly. “Are you okay? Why didn’t you call me?” I questioned her. “I just didn’t want you to stop playing piano, Daddy.” I smiled, and cradled her head with my arm. “You know that I love you so much more than a silly, old piano, right?” I said. “I know that. It was just really pretty, that’s all.” She replied. I smiled at my daughter, and tried to console her.

“Is there anything I can get for you?” I asked. “I don’t know.” She croaked. Since she couldn’t think of anything, I decided to offer a few suggestions. “Do you want to watch T.V? Or some juice? A bath? Do you want to hear a story? Want to listen to your MP3 player?” I said. “No.” She replied glumly. “I’m just really tired.” “You just try to get some rest then.” I said softly. She nodded, and snuggled into the pillow. Still, she looked very sad and bored. I read her mind. Trying to find out what she wanted. Jakey. I miss my Jakey. I sighed. Of course she would want Jacob. But how could I deny her anything she wanted? I sighed again, but I decided to call Jacob. The phone rang for a second or two before I heard Jacob answer.


“Jacob, this is Edward.”

“Hey. What is it?” He asked.

“Renesmee is sick.” I said.

I heard him catch his breath in horror. “How bad?” He demanded anxiously.

“Nothing serious. Just a cold. She just wants you though.” I told him.

Jacob exhaled in relief. “I’ll be right over.”

“Thank you.” I said, and then hung up.

I walked out into the living room to tell my daughter. “Nessie, Jacob’s coming to see you.” I said. Her eyes snapped open, and she smiled widely, but weakly. “Thanks, daddy.” She muttered. “Anytime.” I said. I bent down, and kissed her forehead while she hugged me around the neck, given that I was now close enough for her to reach out to me faintly. She was even warmer than she usually was. I sighed. “Daddy, I’m really hot.” My daughter moaned. “I know, sweetie, I know.” I whispered, and I pulled her into a hug. “That actually feels really good, daddy.” She said. I grinned, laid down on the couch, and set Renesmee on top of me. “How do you feel now?” I asked. Renesmee smiled. “ Better.” She said. I smiled, and squeezed her closer. She snuggled closer to me, and soon, she fell fast asleep. Or so I thought.

A little while later, Jacob peered in through the doorway. “Hey, Nessie.” He said. Her eyes popped open instantly. “Jakey!” She said with weak excitement. Jacob walked through the door brandishing about nine shopping bags. He must have bought half of Toys R Us. “Early birthday gifts, Jacob?” I asked. “Nope.” He said smugly. “I just bought them when I heard she was sick.” I rolled my eyes. “Should I be worried about what you’ve gotten her for her birthday?” I asked. “Yes.” Jacob replied. “Yes, you should.” I rolled my eyes yet again as Jacob started to exhibit the many gifts that he had bought. After he had shown her five of the nine bags, Nessie had gained many stuffed animals, nine activity books, four new comouter games, a mini digital camcorder, and many various Disney movies. “Jacob, How much did you spend?” I asked curiosly. Jacob grinned. “Every cent I had.” He confessed, not guilty at all. I laughed, and Jacob just continued to display the contents of the remaining three bags.

Once all of the bags were empty and the gifts laid in a pile by the couch, Nessie slouched over and frowned. Her eyes started to close. “Tired, Nessie?” Jacob asked. She nodded against my chest sleepily. “Go to sleep, Renesmee. Get some rest.” I said quietly. She looked at Jacob questioningly. “Don’t worry. I’ll come back tomorrow.” He assured her. With that, her head collapsed onto my shoulder, and she fell asleep instantly. “Call me if she wants me.” Jacob said. “You won’t have to wait very long.” I replied. Jacob grinned. “Exactly.” He said. He pressed a kiss to my daughter’s hot cheek, and walked out into the driveway.

Once I heard his engine start and his car pulling out of the driveway, Renesmee looked up at me. “Daddy, thank you… for everything.” She whispered. “You’re welcome, Renesmee.” I said quietly. Then, before she fell back asleep, she whispered “I love you so much, daddy.” I smiled. “I love you too.” I said. “More than you could possibly imagine.”