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The Cullens and the Pack go to the Fair

The Cullens and the Pack make a truce for one day so they can go to the fair together! Chaos does ensue.

This is a JOKE. No one get mad.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella: OMG I can't believe I'm going to the fair with my boy friend and his mortal enemies! *bounces up and down and then trips somehow*

Edward: Uh, bella? How many energy drinks did you have this morning.

Bella: *fast* I-I don't know. J-just about ten maybe.

Carlisle: Are we all ready to go?

Bells, Ed, Jazz, Alice, Emmett, & Rose: Yes!

*They drive to the fair grounds where they meet up with the Pack*

Jacob: Bella!

Bella: Jake!

Edward: Jacob.

Jacob: Edward.

Bella: Wow don't be too friendly guys.

Jasper: OH MY GOD is that a Ferris Wheel???? I have to ride it!

*They all turn toward him*

Jaser: What? I like Ferris wheels.

Alice: We'll go ride that in a seond, Jazz First, let's ride the roller coaster.

Quil: I say we hit the food stands first.

The Pack: Yes!

Carlisle: How about we slit into couples and ride the rides,while the pack goes to eat?

Bll: I call Edward!

Edward: Uh, bella? You are all ready with me.

Bella: Oh.

The Cullens: To the rides!

The Pack: To the food!

Jacob: That sounded stupid