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Oh, Vampire Kid.

So these are just a bunch of poems that I wrote about a kid I saw in school one day that I have never seen before. And by the tittle you can guess that he looks like a vampire. He's pretty hott too! ;)) Funny enough, I just started to finish reading Twilight when I first saw him. So this was written a long time ago, I just never uploaded it onto here. Also funny enough, his name is Robert. [like Robert Pattinson] haha. Go easy on me though, I never right these kinds of things. :))


1. So He Looks Like A Vampire.

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So he looks like a vampire

The beautiful shine of moonlight is nothing compared to his pale skin.
His eyes, when the sun is up, high in the sky and is smiling down upon us and when the birds are chirping, are a dark brown color, nearly black to match his hair.
But as the sun is hidden behind the clouds, and the rain beats heavily against the concrete, his eyes shine brightly, sparkling like ravishing, precious diamonds.
Every few minuets that I see him, he seems to float past me. Our eyes never in contact but I see him all the time.
In the hallway and in the lunch room...
Does he know I'm looking at him?
Can he feel my eyes burning a hole in the back of his head as he walks away from me and as I secretly and desperately want another look at his nearly flawless, porcelain face...?
To others, the dark bags under his vacant eyes are a flaw.
A misconception only leading to many opinions of his status.
But in my eyes, they add to his flawlessness.
To his mysteriousness...
What makes him to me,...