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Oh, Vampire Kid.

So these are just a bunch of poems that I wrote about a kid I saw in school one day that I have never seen before. And by the tittle you can guess that he looks like a vampire. He's pretty hott too! ;)) Funny enough, I just started to finish reading Twilight when I first saw him. So this was written a long time ago, I just never uploaded it onto here. Also funny enough, his name is Robert. [like Robert Pattinson] haha. Go easy on me though, I never right these kinds of things. :))


2. Won't You Just Smile For Me?

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Won’t you just smile for me?

What I wouldn’t give to see that masculine, flawless, almost beautiful face with a smile on it.

Would it kill him to just smirk at least?

If that’s the case, then let his soul never have a taste of enjoyment, happiness or anything to even make his lips twitch upwards in the slightest.

Maybe he has smiled before but I just never caught him doing it.

Or maybe I'm just so captivated and enticed by him entirely to notice a smile in his eyes.

Could he smile with his eyes, as cold as the weather is?

How could anyone smile so warmly on such a suffering cold day?


Only a

vampire could.