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Sexy Revenge

Edward left Bella again, and she is determined to be changed and get Edward back with her new seductive way.

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3. Chapter 3 Power

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We arrived in Alaska, that seemed really short.

“Hey Bella, I never told you your power!” Alice said as we were getting out of the car.

“Not now Alice, Edward is in side, how do I look?” She rolled her eyes and just walked away.

Tanya started to walk outside, “Why are you here?” She asked, a bit to icily for my taste.

“Nothing really just visiting, didn’t Irina and Kate tell you we were coming?”

“No.” She said, looking back at a really nervous Kate and Irina.

I saw Edward walk to the door, “Hello, who are you miss?” He asked handing out his hand. I was just about to shake his, when I remembered what Alice said, ‘Hard to get’. I pulled my hand away.

“I’m Isabella Swan, nice to meet you.” I put my head high and walked away, leaving Edward breathless.


“I’m Isabella Swan, nice to meet you,” My Bella walked away, only she wasn’t my Bella, she was her own self, she was vicious, not how my Bella would have done that.

She walked into the house, just leaving me there in the drive way.

I walked in, my head hanging.

“Bella I am so-“

“Don’t. Call. Me. Bella.” She said, her eyes an even darker red, almost black. It frightened me actually.


“You. Are. Not. My. Friend. Nor. My boyfriend, so let me make this clear, leave. Me. Alone.”

If I could cry I would be crying. I walked away, my head hanging lower than it was before, I really had blown it.

She looked so beautiful now, her hair was darker with curls and a little blonde in the front. He body curves more noticeable and her blue dress down so her waving lightly as she walked went fine with her skin colour. It made my eyes burn with her utter beauty, and it wasn’t mine.


I told Edward what I had practised to say, I made it clear he had hurt me, and now I was going to hurt him! He was going to have to beg and get on his knees and not to mention, win my trust back!

“Kate, could you show me my room please.”

I picked my bag up from the floor and followed the very beautiful Kate.

She was a kind and gentle vampire that I could easily talk to.

“Bella! I still need to talk to you!” Alice was bouncing up the stairs behind me.

“Just come in my room with me.” I said.

Get led me into a beautiful room. It had dark brown walls with a giant unused bed, with dark silk brown covers.

“Now, what did you need Alice?” I asked turning around and facing her, setting my bag down on the bed.

“Your powers!” She trilled. She sat down on the bed and patted it for me to join. I sat down beside her.

“Okay, first power is, you are still able to blush! Next, you are going to have a power, this is your main one, you get into people’s minds and can give them any power they want, you also get any power you choose, but you can only use one at a time, and I mean any power! Next, this is another little one, your eyes change colours with your emotion s.” She stopped to let me sink this in.

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