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Sexy Revenge

Edward left Bella again, and she is determined to be changed and get Edward back with her new seductive way.

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4. Chapter 4 FIGHT!!!!!!!

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Tanya’s POV That stupid Bella, she just showed up. I was about to put my knew plan into action, but I know I should wait. I will wait until they are close and are about to forgive each other, then I will pounce. I had discovered a new power, it was mind control, but I could only do it for limited amounts of time, around half an hour. But that would be long enough to break poor Isabella’s heart again! I smiled deviously to myself, and went upstairs. I knew Isabella was going to be planning something with the small one Alice, she was kind, but I hated how she spent so much time with Isabella. “Bella? Are you in here?” She looked and smiled at me. “Hello, is there something you need.” “I just want to stay I have a gift for you, but you won’t know what it is until it hits.” She smiled, totally oblivious to my evil plan. I walked out of the room. I knew this was going to work. Bella’s POV I got up after Tanya had left and went downstairs. I was going to be challenging people to a wrestling match, and hopefully Edward would want to play a little game of seduction. “Hey Emmett! Want to wrestle?” I said, a bit loud, but I didn’t care. “Oh yea! Outside in five!” I heard him get Jasper, they were making bets again. “Hey Bella! Jasper just laid one-thousand bucks on you!” I rolled my eyes. “Owes me one-thousand two-hundred if he loses! I am going to be that much richer!” I walked out the front door. Emmett was going to lose, but I just hope Edward falls for it. Emmett was there waiting, the Denali clan and the Cullen`s all formed a circle, except for Carlisle and Esme who were in there rooms unpacking and studying. “Ready!...and FIGHT!” Jasper yelled. Emmett tackled me to the ground, I heard gasps and woots, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I flung him off of me and was on top of him. He couldn’t move, and on top of that, I was taking all of his strength. “BELLA WINS!” I smiled and got off of Emmett, he growled and huffed off. “Excuse me, may I.” I turned around, it was Edward, time to put my plan into action. “Sure, but don’t expect me to go easy on you.” He nodded and crouched down. I focused my power on him, and I read his mind. Bella, wow, she does look wonderful. I wonder what she will do when I win. That’s when I flung myself at him. He threw me to the ground, gently, but hard at the same time. I got up. Starting my plan. “Edward...” I said, in a soft luring voice. “Come back to me Edward...my man.” He leaned in to kiss me when I grabbed his shirt and flipped him to the ground. I kneeled on his chest. “I think you meant to think, ‘I wonder what I am going to do when I lose’.” I got up and walked away. I went upstairs and into my room. I lay on the bed. Wow, that was easier than I thought. “That was awesome!” Alice said, dancing across the room. “Thanks! It was easier than I thought.” I smiled back at her. TANYA'S POV Okay! I can't wait anymore! I stood up and strode over to Edward. I sat rather close to him, almost on his lap. The closeness was so hot, even though we were cold, that I wanted to kiss him. I heard Bella coming down the stairs and I focused all of my new power into Edwards head. I knew I was in, when I felt like two people, so to speak. “Oh Tanya, you are so beautiful, just kiss me!” I made Edward say. “Oh, Edward, I thought you and Bella-” I cut myself off and made Edward kiss me. That's when Bella came in. I looked at her, gave a fake look of shock and pushed Edward off. “Edward! You have Bella! Get off!” I let my power of him go and ran upstairs. I heard Bella yell “You! I hate You!” to Edward and run outside. My plan had worked! A few months ago I had planned this, and it just happened to fall in perfect place! BELLA POV! I walked into the living room, right when Edward thrust himself on to Tanya and kissed her. My heart broke, and I swear I heard the crack. It was so pain full, and infuriating at the same time! “Edward! You have Bella! Get off!” I saw Tanya pull away and say to him. She pushed him off and ran upstairs. I am glad Tanya was onmy side. She was so nice. “You! I hate You!” I yelled at Edward and Ran outside. “Bella! Wait! It wasn't me!” Author notes: Hey! I remade this chapter to make it longer. So I just added the second chapter and the third together, so you probably have already read the fight between Edward and Bella! So don't attack me k? Alright, I want a few more reviews! Thanks so much to all my views! Oh and, just read this chapter over, I added two chapters together, so it won't be to much trouble! K, thanks!