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His Little Sister

10 years after Renesmee is born the Cullens move to a small town in Alaska. On their 'first' day of high school they realize that they aren't the only vampires interested in getting an education. But what happens if the other vampire just happens to be a long lost family member?

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My first fanfic! I'm really excited. Appreciate all reviews. Hope you like it!

1. Chapter 1 Riddles

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The receptionist's eyes turned to the size of saucers as all eight of us filed into the crammed front office of Susitna Valley High School in Talkeetna, Alaska.

"How may I help you?" she managed to stammer.

"We're new students here." Edward clarified.

"Oh... of course." she said. "I'll need your names."

"I'm Edward this is Bella, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Renesmee, and Jacob." he pointed us out. "Cullen."

"Ah, you must be Dr. Cullen's children." understanding lit her face.

We all nodded.

"Hold on a sec while I find all of your schedules." she said while looking through a pile of papers on her desk.

"Here they are." she said while handing each of us a piece of paper with a map attached to it.

We were about to leave when she was going to say something more, but decided against it.

An instant flame of curiosity filled inside me. Humans were really starting to fascinate me. It made me want to laugh at how I probably looked to a vampire when I was human.

I looked up to Edward for an explanation, as did everyone else. But he ignored us.

We all murmured ‘thank you' as we filed out of the stuffy office.

"Have a good day." The friendly receptionist called after us.

"What was that about?" Jasper, Emmett, and Jacob all asked at the same time before I could say anything.

"We'll all find out soon enough." He reluctantly answered.

I really hated it when he did that. He always kept all the information we wanted to hear to himself. By the look on everyone else's face I'm pretty sure they all feel the same way.

I glanced down at my schedule, only needing half a second to memorize it. I looked over at Edward's and grinned. Ironically enough, we had biology together after lunch.

"What?" Edward questioned.

"We have biology together right after lunch." I answered.

Before he could answer Emmett burst out laughing.

We all turned to look at him.

"What?" Emmett questioned.

"It's not that funny, Emmett." I clarified.

"I was only tying to break the tense atmosphere." he defended." Jasper is slipping into a depression."

"How do you kno..." I trailed off when a wave of sadness came over me.

Emmett looked at me in an ‘I told you so' type of way. I gave him my best ‘shut the hell up, Emmett' look.

Japer could feel the amusement flowing off of Emmett and the annoyance flowing off of me. That little bit of amusement helped him send a wave of calm over everybody.

"Thanks Jasper." I sighed.

"No problem." he grinned.

"Come on, Bella!" Rosalie practically yelled. "We're going to be late."

"Like that ever stopped you before." I muttered while taking her hand.

She pretended she didn't hear me as we practically raced through the halls to our first class.


My thoughts were straying to what Edward said this morning as the teacher droned on in trig. What did he mean by saying ‘we'll find out soon enough?'

It wasn't until fourth period that I first heard the whispers. They were all along the lines of: their skin is as pale as Lily's or they look exactly like her. The more I heard of those comments the more suspicious I got. After about five comments the truth slowly crept into my head.

Look at the facts: people were saying we had skin as pale as Lily's, someone even said that we had the exact eye color as her too. There was only one possible conclusion I could come to. The one conclusion that I was afraid I was right about. She was a vampire.