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His Little Sister

10 years after Renesmee is born the Cullens move to a small town in Alaska. On their 'first' day of high school they realize that they aren't the only vampires interested in getting an education. But what happens if the other vampire just happens to be a long lost family member?

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My first fanfic! I'm really excited. Appreciate all reviews. Hope you like it!

10. Chapter 10 School

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From somewhere in the deep confines of her closet I heard Lissy murmur three single words. “Oh. My. God.” I knew Alice was itching to go and find her, and I felt it too. “Is that a good or a bad thing?” Within a second she answered. “Good.” Alice squealed, Rosalie and Esme grinned, Edward, Carlisle, and I chuckled softly, and Emmett burst out laughing. “Um…but how do I get out of here?” We all looked at each other. “We’re not really sure.” Emmett called out. “That’s okay, I’m in here.” We all jumped as we heard the voice come from behind us through the open doorway. We turned around and my little sister was lying on the bed with her hands propping her head up while she was kicking her feet back and forth in the air.

“How ….what….you….got….there…huh?” Emmett stammered. “When the hell did you get there? And how?” She looked smug. “I have my ways.” Everyone looked at Edward. He opened his mouth to say something but was stopped short by Lissy’s smug yet menacing glare and probably the thoughts that went with it.

Edward’s emotions were a mix of fear, disbelief, and shock. “How do you know that?” he whispered. “As I said, I have my ways.”

“What do you know about Edward?” Emmett was dying to find out. “I would, but then I’d have to tell everyone what you did last summer.” Emmett visibly paled and his eyes got huge. “You wouldn’t.” “I would.”

Everyone was looking at Emmett. “What did Emmett do last summer, Lis? And screw the ‘I’ll tell them what you did’ crap.” Lissy grinned. “I honestly don’t know what he did last summer. Care to enlighten us, Em?” Rosalie bore he eyes into Emmett’s. “Yeah, Em. What did you do last summer?” Edward burst out laughing. “Whoa!” Emmett glared at Edward. “Tell them, you’re dead.” Lissy turned to Edward. “I will find out.”


The Next Morning

Lissy’s POV

It was about 6:30 on Friday morning, and I was reading this awesome book titled The Host by Stephenie Meyer. She was an amazing author, yet I didn’t want to read the series she wrote called the Twilight Saga or something like that. The whole basis of the books were about vampires, most likely vampires with fangs, and coffins, and all that crap.

“Lissy! Time to get ready for school.” Esme’s voice floated up from the second level of the house. I groaned. I was just getting to the good part! “Okay.” I sighed, jumping up from my place on the window seat. I skipped across my room into my ginormous dream bathroom, not that I needed it. I literally screamed when I found yet another door in my closet that lead my to my bathroom after everyone left last night. It contained two vanities with sinks, a makeup vanity (which was stocked), a huge jetted tub, and a large shower that had shower heads attached to the ceiling to make the water fall like rain. The floors, shower, and tub were tiled in white marble, all the woodwork and cabinets were painted white, the linens were white, and the walls were painted a sage green.

I stripped off my navy, turquoise, and pink plaid pajama shorts along with my turquoise tee shirt and stepped into the shower. I leaned against the shower wall for a good ten minutes just enjoying the unnecessary heat of the water. I finally gathered enough willpower to sit up and wash my hair with my lavender and lilac shampoo and conditioner. After another five minutes of wasting time I stepped out onto a soft white rug. Wrapping a white towel around my midsection, I stepped into my pink and white polka-dotted slippers. As I was rummaging through the cabinets to find a hairdryer I saw snowflakes falling heavily through the reflection of the window in the mirror.

I dried my hair and put it into a loose bun. I walked into my closet and immediately grabbed a pair of distressed light wash skinny jeans. Since it was snowing, I needed to dress in unnecessarily warm clothes for the human charade, so I put on a white long sleeved tee shirt and contemplated what to wear over it. I finally decided on a cream colored knit cardigan, which had two buttons side by side. I found the perfect shoes, chocolate brown, Ugg style boots. To add color to my outfit a chose a large, turquoise, patent leather, bag.

I wanted to do something different with my hair today. I’ve done my hair the same way since I was twelve and human. There was only one thing left to do, call Alice. “Alice?” She was next to me in a second. “Yeah?” I rolled my eyes. “Like you don’t already know what I need help with.” She shrugged, indifferently. “Come on.” She practically dragged me into the bathroom. I looked at her. “Just brace yourself, okay.” She looked at me, confused, but proceeded to take my hair out of the bun. I felt my hair fall out of the knot and down my back. “Holy crap! Your hair is so long!” Alice was staring at me. A few seconds later the rest of the family was gathered in my bathroom, wanting to what caused Alice’s sudden outburst.

“Alice… what has messed with your fragile brain now?” Emmett smirked. “I wouldn’t be talking, you walking dumbbell.” she countered. “But look at her hair! It’s so long it almost reaches her knees!” Everyone turned to look at me. “Whoa.” Rosalie walked up. “It is long.”

Edward sighed. “This is why we came up here? For her hair?” All of the men looked indifferent, but the women were staring in awe at my hair. I told her to brace herself, but she wouldn’t listen.

Alice snorted. “Hey you might be an actual Whitlock after all. You have blond highlights.” She did have a point, they were natural. I laughed along with her. “Yeah maybe I’m not totally unrelated to my supposed family.” “Oh, shut up.” she playfully nudged me with her elbow. We laughed together until we realized that Rose and Bella were giving us the ‘she really is crazy’ looks. “Inside joke.” we both said at the same time.

“Well, I’m going to go get ready.” They were both backing away from us like we were going to explode or something. “You coming, Bella?” “Um yeah.” They both ran out of my bedroom and into their rooms before Alice and I could respond in any way.

“We have to hurry! We’re leaving in….” She closed her eyes. “in 32 minutes and 14 seconds.” She then dragged into the bathroom, again. “Thank God your hair isn’t totally straight; otherwise even I wouldn’t be able to figure out what to do.” She was referring to the fact that my hair was mostly in loose curls. “I think we should go with something casual, but not in a ponytail and sweats kind of way.” I nodded mutely. She then began to brush and twist my hair in different ways, experimenting. After about five minutes she turned the white stool in front of my vanity around to face the mirror. She had pulled my bangs, which usually fell across my forehead, back and clipped them on top of my head. She then split the remaining of my hair down the middle in a part and pulled my hair into two pigtails that sat just under my ears. She tied them off with cream colored ribbon. After Alice left to go get herself ready, I walked up to the 18O* mirror in my closet to see how everything looked. My hair was shining as it flowed down to the middle of my thighs. You could faintly see the streaks of blond that ran down the whole length of my hair.

As I ran out of my closet to meet everyone downstairs, I grabbed a brown winter jacket. I bound out of my room and ran straight into Jasper, who was on his way downstairs too. We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. The same thing happened to us when we were human, just under different circumstances. Before we stopped laughing, Alice was standing over us with a smug smile on her face. She turned to Jasper. “This is why I didn’t tell you bout that vision I had this morning. It would have ruined the whole thing.”

Jasper looked up at her. “This is what you were so amused about?” “I’ll answer that question in a minute.” She took a big step back. “Wha…” Just then Emmett came barreling out of his room with Rose slung over his shoulder… and Jasper and I were directly in his path. Then, naturally, he tripped over us and he brought Rose down with him. Now Rose, Jasper, and I were pinned under Emmett in the middle of the upstairs foyer. Alice bent down to face Jasper. “That is why I was amused. No, let me rephrase that, am amused.” Jasper couldn’t help but grin back. Edward walked down the stairs from his room, taking Bella with him. “Come on you, buffoons. We have to go over the plan.” This confused me. What plan? “What plan?” The plan as to how we know you.” “Oh.” Jasper ruffled my hair. “You can be so out of it sometimes.” “Jasper!” Alice whined. “You’re messing up her hair!” Jasper grinned sheepishly up at his wife. “Sorry Darlin’.”

I just realized something; Emmett hadn’t gotten off of us yet. “Emmett, why are you still on top of us?” “Uh, oh yeah right, sorry.” We all raced downstairs before something else happened. Just as we had taken our seats in the living room, Nessie and Jacob burst through the door. “You can start the party now, I am here!” Jacob joked as he sat on the floor next to Nessie.

I took the time to look at all the girls’ outfits while we were waiting for Carlisle to get back from his night shift. I had no idea how Alice made her clothes look almost… magical. Today she was wearing dark wash skinny jeans paired with a light blue flowing top. She wore ankle length, caramel colored, fringe boots, and she carried a bag to match. To finish everything off she wore a white, knit beret that contrasted nicely with her black hair. Bella also wore dark wash skinny jeans and paired hers with a cream colored, babydoll sweater. On her feet she wore purple, plaid ballet flats, and she carried a dark purple bag. Rosalie was wearing light wash, skinny jeans paired with a lavender button through shirt with sleeves that ended at her elbow and showed off little bit of cleavage. She wore black, patent leather, peep toe, pumps and carried a bag to match them. Nessie wore, like Alice and Bella, dark wash skinny jeans with a cream colored, oversized, cardigan over an orange v-neck tee shirt. She was wearing dark brown, vintage, mid-calf length boots that featured orange and creamed colored plaid. She also had a chocolate brown, fringe bag slung over her shoulder. Esme wore black skinny jeans paired with a cream colored sweater that had random shapes in black velvet ‘dripping’ down from her collar. On her feet were black ballet flats.

By the time I had finished accessing all the girls’ outfits Carlisle was home from work and ready to lay out the plan. “I am extremely glad that you two,” he nodded at Rose and Jasper, “have used the Whitlock name because Lissy here.” he looked at me, “has obvious brotherly attachment to Jasper, plus you all go by Whitlock and I can’t think of any other way to explain that, so we’re just going to go with the idea that you three, Rose, Lissy, and Jasper, are siblings and that Lissy was put up for adoption at birth, fore you’re mother died during child birth, and you two were put in foster care being about 2 years old. You can then go with our original plan that you two were adopted when you were 7 by Esme and me and let’s just say that you didn’t know about Lissy until you enrolled at the school. Jacob you still go by Black and were adopted by us when you were 11 because your parents and younger sister died in a house fire. Ness and Edward, you were fostered by us since you were 9 and 10 because your mother died two years previously and your father is still serving jail time for some crime, and you go by Masen. Bella, Emmett, and Alice you are siblings and are Esme’s nieces and nephew. Esme and I took you in when your parents were killed by a tornado in Nebraska. You go by Cullen.” he looked at his watch. “You guys have to go or you’re going to be late.” And of course Emmett had to add something. “Wow, we all have really depressing pasts.” “Shut up, Emmett.”

We all moved to get up and then Alice being Alice, “Wait! Hold on!” She disappeared as a flash of blue and white only to return seconds later with a pile of clothing in her arms. She threw gray and black jackets and scarves at the guys and told them to put them on because of the weather. She then threw each of the girls knit berets, like hers, that were colored to match our outfits. She again told us to put them on because of the weather and that we might as well leave them on all day because they ‘completed our outfits’.

I rode with Jasper and Alice in Jasper’s artic white, Mercedes-Benz CL-Class. The upholstery was jet black and the windows were tinted as dark as was legally allowed. Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett were riding in Edward’s car, the newest model Volvo. People stared as we pulled into the last two parking spaces of the lot, nothing unusual. I scanned the lot for Emma, one of my best friends, well, my only friend besides my brothers and sisters. I found her with a worried look on her face and standing next to a huge Native American. “Oh shit.” I cursed under my breath. My family looked at me funny. “I told Emma to call her boyfriend if I didn’t call her last night.” Everyone was still looking at me confused. “He’s a werewolf.” Everyone, including me turned back to Emma and Seth. Seth was now grinning madly and I could see a hint of surprise on his face. The Cullens mirrored his expression. Everyone was silent, until Emmett broke the silence. “Holy shit, it’s Seth!”

I ran at a fast human pace up to Emma and Seth and looked at her questionably. She just shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know either. I heard my family running up to us from behind. Seth walked forward and met Jake in a ‘man hug’, meeting all the other guys in one also. Alice and Bella ran up to him like they haven’t seen him in ten years which is probably the case. It finally dawned on me; Seth was in Jake’s pack. I saw that it was dawning on Emma too. Emma walked up to Jake with newly found bravery. “You must be Jacob; it’s nice to meet you.” Jake grinned and shook her hand. “Seth talks and thinks about you all the time.” Emma blushed scarlet and Seth just looked sheepish.

“We better get to class.” stated Alice after we were through with introductions. “The principle is about to come out and see why we aren’t in class, and our shoes are going to be ruined!” As we were talking about 4 inches of snow had fallen around us.


Lunch Time

I walked into the lunch room with Emma and Seth and sat down at my usual table. Soon after we arrived, Edward emerged from the lunch line. He sat next to Seth and they stoked up a conversation while I was talking with Emma. Jasper and Emmett walked in and sat down at my right side. The table was pretty full by now and by the time Rose walked in there was only one chair left. As soon as Bella, Nessie, and Alice walked in and saw the only remaining chair they tried to speed up the lunch line and eventually got out. Bella snatched the remaining chair from in between Edward and Rose before Alice and Nessie could, leaving them to sit on Jasper and Jacob’s laps. It was quite amusing actually. Since Bella, Alice, Nessie, Jake, and Edward were posing as freshmen, I had English with Bella and Jake, P.E. with all five of them, and AP history with Alice and Jasper. Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were all posing as sophomores. English and P.E. passed without anything exciting, but once I was in history with Alice and Jasper things got a bit exciting. After everyone was seated, me next to Alice and Jasper, he told us we were going to be starting a project. Everyone groaned, me including. It was the second day of school for crying out loud! Though I did cheer up, as did Jasper, when we heard we were doing it on the Civil War. I mean, come on! I grew up during the Civil War! The teacher continued on. “You will be getting together in groups of two or three. Your projects should consist of a written synopsis of important events in Civil War history. You shall each write an essay on a Civil War soldier, whether they be Confederate or Union. You must have a visual aid, whether it be a power point, a photo gallery, or even a poster. You have two months. I’ll be writing down groups and their plans at the end of the week, so get working.”

I turned to Alice and Jasper. “So, what do you guys want to do?” Alice piped up. “I’ll write the timeline!” “Who wants to do the essay? Or maybe we could all contribute to it?” We responded at the same time. “All.” “Now I wonder who we should do it on.” I teased. Alice grinned at Jasper. “Yeah, I have absolutely no idea.” He shook his head in mock sadness at us. “What should we do for the visual stuff?” I had an idea. “We could bring in a bunch of our stuff in. Like the family picture and my bible and if we got permission we could bring in your shotgun.” “That’s a great idea, but I think I have something else I want to contribute.” I looked up at my older brother curiously. “What?” “I’ll tell you when we get home.”