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His Little Sister

10 years after Renesmee is born the Cullens move to a small town in Alaska. On their 'first' day of high school they realize that they aren't the only vampires interested in getting an education. But what happens if the other vampire just happens to be a long lost family member?

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My first fanfic! I'm really excited. Appreciate all reviews. Hope you like it!

3. Chapter 3 Memories

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I watched as the brown haired vampire nearly ran from her table and out the door. My only reaction was to try to go and find her.

"Stay here." Jasper, Emmett and I commanded to the girls.

I could see they were about to object. So I turned to Jacob.

"I need you to stay here with the girls and help them talk to the blondie." I said while turning my head toward the vampire's little friend.

"Edward..." Bella whined.

"Stay here." I told her sternly. "We'll be back soon."

"Let's go." I told the guys as we followed her out the door at a human pace. I allowed myself one last glance at Bella before we disappeared into the forest. We ran for about two miles while following her scent. When we stopped to talk about what we were going to do.

"Did you happen to here any of her thoughts before she ran?" Jasper questioned.

Now that I think of it "Yeah, I did." I answered. "This is what she thought: Crap. They found me. Why am I so surprised? They have Demetri. Well, it's been 10 years. You ditched the Volturi; of course they're going to come looking for you! Okaayy... this is weird. I'm fighting with myself inside my head! I am losing it, but one thing is for sure; I'm not going back there. Not a way in hell. Then she whispered something to her friend and ran off." I finished.

"She thinks we're the Volturi?" Jasper asked timidly.

I nodded. "I think so."

"What does she mean by saying she ditched the Volturi?" questioned Emmett.

"I saw some of her memories." I sighed. "I saw Aro grant her a place in the Guard instead of being destroyed. I felt how much she hated it there. How much she missed her human family. How much she detested how they fed. She stayed with them 136 years, until Aro asked her to assist them in the destruction of an innocent child 10 years ago."

I watched Jasper and Emmett's amazed faces as they realized who the innocent child is.

"We have to find her before she gets too far." I said.

"What are we going to do?" asked Emmett.

This time it was Jasper who spoke: "I think we should catch up to her and try to convince her were not the Volturi and then see how everything plays out."

"Good plan." Emmett and I said while we continued to follow her scent.

We ran for about 3 more miles when all of the sudden her trail disappeared. It ended right beneath an old pine tree. Emmett even climbed up to the top, but didn't find any trace of the vampire. All of the sudden thoughts that were not Jasper's or Emmett's found their way into my head. Oh my god. What if they hear me? Or what if they find me? I zeroed in on the place where the thoughts were coming from. It was right at the base of the tree. All of the sudden something dawned on me. I listened to the anonymous thoughts again. Good thing Marcus taught me how to project my invisibility over my entire body. Otherwise they would have found me by now. Oh no. One of them is looking right at me.

"Jasper." I said while motioning for him to come over here.

"What?" he said while looking around confused.

"Do you feel any other emotions besides Emmett's and mine?" I asked almost quiet enough that he may not have been able to hear me.

"Yeah." he said looking at me very confused. "Fear, anger, worry. All along those li..." he trailed off once he figured it out.

Then he slowly turned his head toward the spot where the girl was sitting.

"Emmett, come here." I said while I kept my eyes on the invisible girl.

"We're not the Volturi." Jasper said while keeping his eyes at the base of the tree.

Her thoughts ran blank because of the surprise of us knowing where she was. Then her mind picked up pace again. How do they know where I am? What do they mean they aren't the Volturi? Who are they? What do they want? Should I run?

"Please don't go." I said, cutting through her train of thought. "We know you're there because I can read minds and Jasper can feel and control emotions. We are not the Volturi. We are part of the Cullen family. We came here for the same reason you did, to try to live a normal life. We didn't know you were here. We are sorry we intruded on your home. I hope you will let us stay, though. Please take off your invisibility. Emmett's giving himself a brain hemorrhage, trying to figure out what's going on." At that last comment she actually laughed out loud.

"What the hell?" Emmett said while jumping backwards 3 feet.

"Okay." she said, still chuckling.

Emmett winced as he heard the bell like voice that seemed to come from nowhere.

Promise you're telling the truth? She thought.

I nodded in her general direction.

I heard her sigh and then silver ballet flats appeared at the base of the tree, followed by white skinny jeans, and a navy blue shirt. Last came a head with medium brown hair that was looking down at the gold locket she was toying with in her hands. She was sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest. She didn't look up; she just kept toying with the locket. I looked really old. It was probably real gold too. She looked up and saw me eyeing her locket.

"My brother gave it to me in the summer of 1860. He was my best friend. When he gave this to me he said he would never leave me. But you know what? He did. He didn't have to go join that damn war, but he did. He left me. The night he told the family I ran away. He was fighting that war for nothing. He knew how opposed I was to slavery. He knew that it was wrong. And he goes and fights anyway." she practically yelled. "I was going to go north. I wanted to start my life over in a better place, and I didn't even make it of the damn state!

If it would have been possible for her to cry she would've been. Sobbing is more like it. I turned to look at Jasper so he could help calm her down, but he wasn't there. I quickly snap my neck around so I could look at the girl, and there was Jasper kneeling in front of her. I quickly scanned his mind, and what I saw made me catch my breath. They were some of his human memories. Jasper was sitting on a dock with a girl who looked to be around age 12. The bottoms of his brown coveralls were getting soaked with water as he dangled his feet in the pond. The girl's hem of her light green dress was also getting a little wet as she dangled her feet in also. She wore her medium brown hair up in a single braid that wrapped around the crown of her head. "Happy birthday Lissy." I said as I pressed a small golden locket that contained a picture me and our mother and father into the palm of her hand. She raised her headto look me in the eyes. Her smile reached the corners of her bright green eyes. "Thank you so much Jasper. I'll never take it off." she said while embracing me in another one of our brother/sister hugs. "I'll never leave you, Lissy." I said after she let go of me. "Well, that is until you get married off." I said while I arched one of my eye brows. "You say that like that will happen any day now." she said with a horrified expression on her face.

Oh. My. God. Jasper was this girl's brother. This girl was Jasper's sister. I realized that I had closed my eyes when I started to open them again. Only a few seconds had passed so nothing had really changed. I turned my attention back to Jasper. The girl still was looking down at her locket that without a doubt contained a picture of Jasper and his parents.

"Lillian Elisabeth Whitlock." he said with a volume that was barely audible to me.

She slowly looked up at Jasper's face and the realization hit her. "Oh my god! Jasper is that really you?" she practically yelled.

He responded with a quick nod and she threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. He hugged her back.

"What's going on?" asked Emmett dubiously.

"Apparently Jasper was the brother that gave her the locket." I said shortly.

Emmett stared at me and then turned to stare at Jasper and his sister and back to me again. The shock in his eyes was replaced by excitement. I quickly searched through his mind to see what he was up to. Yes! Another little sister to annoy and tease. He was already planning pranks to play on her.

"Emmett." I groaned.

"What?" he said the excitement still in his eyes and mind.

"You don't even know her name yet, and you're already thinking of tricks to pull on her and ways to annoy her." I said as I imagined how this was going to turn out.

His smirk became a full blown grin as I said those words.

I looked back over to Jasper and his sister to find that they were still hugging.

"Come on guys." I said. "The girls have to be worried, and your friend has to be terrified."