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His Little Sister

10 years after Renesmee is born the Cullens move to a small town in Alaska. On their 'first' day of high school they realize that they aren't the only vampires interested in getting an education. But what happens if the other vampire just happens to be a long lost family member?

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My first fanfic! I'm really excited. Appreciate all reviews. Hope you like it!

7. Chapter 7 Past in Present

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In the end only Esme, Carlisle, Alice and I went with Lissy to her home. I was curious to see where she lived because there was no one to make money.

She lead us north through the forest for a couple of miles and onto a trail. About 500 yards from the point were we got on the trail there was a little footbridge that arched over a small creek. We followed the trail until it disappeared into a patch of pine trees. I turned to Alice and saw her just come out of a vision. She was now grinning and jumping up and down uncontrollably while murmuring ‘Oh my god’ repeatedly.

I turned to my ‘darling’ little sister and arched one of my eyebrows. She just shrugged in response, but I could see laughter in her eyes.

“All I’m going to say is that Esme will to love this.” she said. “And apparently Alice, too.” she murmured to herself.

She then turned and walked through the wall of pine. Before I could follow I was being jerked in the direction that Lissy had disappeared to. I felt myself gain excitement and impatience. Wait a second, those aren’t my emotions.

“Alice, PLEASE calm down.” I sighed. “I’m excited, and I don’t know why.”

She started to respond but was now staring intently at something. I shifted my gaze from Alice onto a sun-filled clearing that contained a small barn and a weathered gray log cabin. The west side of the cabin had two four-paned windows with a door in between them. The window boxes were over flowing with white, yellow, and blue flowers. The door was ajar and in between the outside and inside stood a sparking Lissy. She beckoned us with her hand to follow. Again, I was being jerked in Lissy’s general direction while I took in everything. There was a large oak tree that had a wooden swing attached to one of its branches. The barn was giving off the pleasant smell of hay. It reminded me of home. My first home. Everything here reminded Texas, aside from the chill of Alaska. The cabin and barn had had to have been here since the 1860s. Knowing Lissy the inside would probably present the same. I glanced at my sister as I paused in the doorway. She sighed when I didn’t move forward and she pushed me inside. Same as ever.

Wow. A river rock fireplace dominated the south wall with a rag rug laid in front of it and a rocking chair off to one side. Under the window to the left of the door stood a wooden table with a bench under either side of it. In the opposite corner there was a bed with the quilt our mother had made her for her sixth birthday. There was a pine dresser next to the bed with an old kerosene lamp on top of it. At the foot of the bed there was a huge trunk. The remaining corner had a red calico curtain strung across the two walls creating a private corner which probably contained some of her clothes.

“Is this all original?” Esme asked while stroking the mantel on the fireplace.

“Yep.” Lissy shortly replied.

“All of it?” Esme breathed while turning to Lissy.

She nodded.

“Whoa.” Alice exclaimed softly.

I turned and saw her gazing at something on the mantel. Carlisle was by her in a moment. I almost forgot he was here he was so silent. I followed him silently. Carlisle was now clutching the family photograph that was taken two months before we left.

“Jasper, you were so cute when you were human!” Alice grinned at me.

“If I didn’t love you I would be extremely embarrassed.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Who is everyone?” Carlisle asked while looking down at the picture.

I reached over Alice, which wasn’t hard to do, and pointed everyone out. “That’s Ma, me, Adelaide, James, Lissy, Jordan, Carolina, Pa, and Grace.”

Lissy snorted. We all looked at her in question.

“The more I look at that picture the more I think I was adopted.” she smirked. “Everyone had blond hair and blue eyes. I was the sore thumb of the bunch. I had bright green eyes, and I still have brown hair.”

“James and Jordan did never go a day without asking you about that.” I laughed.

“You’d think they would’ve learned to stop that by the time they were eleven.” she grinned.

“I don’t even want to know.” Carlisle said with his hands raised in front of him.

I remember watching James and Jordan walking down to the creek to play one day with Lissy silently moving unseen behind them. They had both come home dripping wet and with mud covering parts of their bodies. When Ma asked them what on earth had happened they just said that they fell and got in a mud fight. Lissy must have really threatened them if they didn’t tell on her.

“Do you have anything else from home?” I asked her quietly.

Instead of answering she went over to the trunk and pulled out a white dress, a blue dress, a yellow sunbonnet, another photograph, and the bible she had gotten for her tenth Christmas. She then walked over to the door and reached up to grab my old shotgun. She walked back over to me and silently handed over the shotgun.

“Thanks.” I whispered while I hugged her close.

“Don’t mention it.” she answered in her resurfaced southern accent.