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His Little Sister

10 years after Renesmee is born the Cullens move to a small town in Alaska. On their 'first' day of high school they realize that they aren't the only vampires interested in getting an education. But what happens if the other vampire just happens to be a long lost family member?

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My first fanfic! I'm really excited. Appreciate all reviews. Hope you like it!

8. Chapter 8 Slip Ups

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Why did I even bother? My brother’s family was way too perfect. They had each other and here I was sitting alone in a spare bedroom on the third floor of the Cullen mansion. I had no one. All of my ‘family’ and friends were gone. I still hadn’t told them about my friends and ‘family’. Were any of them even alive? Had they even survived!? My best friend was gone. My creators separated. I would even settle for some people I even disliked. Just someone that can understand. Someone who I can truly talk to. Maybe even Julia or Jonathon. On second thought, screw them. Even though I loved my brother and his new family I also loved Allison, Sarah, Katie, Hannah, Kara, Adrian, and many others. I felt like I was intruding on a happy family. It felt like I didn’t belong here. But could I really leave my brother? The answer was impossible to avoid. No, no I couldn’t.

“Lissy. Lissy.” a distant voice murmured while something flashed back and forth in front of my face. I took no notice to it, though. I was too lost in thought.

“Lissy!” someone yelled in my ear. I fell off the edge of the bed from the sudden outburst. The impact of the floor made me roll over and kick a hole in the wall. I looked up and saw Jasper standing at the foot of the bed and Alice was sitting where I had just been. They both stared at me open mouthed.

Emmett poked his head through the door way, and when he saw the angry expression on my face and the hole in the wall he burst out laughing. I turned away from him to survey the damage. It wasn’t one of those holes that are just in the drywall. I kicked through both sheets of drywall, insulation, ply wood, and the siding. It was like an extra window.

“Esme’s gonna be mad!” Emmett choked out between laughs.

I looked back to see that Alice and Jasper were still staring at me. I turned to the doorway and saw Bella, Edward, and Rosalie were also staring at me.

“Ooo.” Emmett chorused. “You’re going to get it!”

“What you looking at me for!” I defended. “She’s the one that made me fall off the bed.”

“I wasn’t trying to make you fall off the bed.” she sighed. “I was trying to get your attention.”

“Did you really have to scream in my ear?” I glared.

“We were trying to get your attention for the last 2 minutes, and you were just sitting there gazing off into space.” she explained.

I was about to respond, but Esme chose this second to make her appearance. She peered around Emmett, Rosalie, Bella, and Edward. She seemed confused as to why everyone was gathered in my room. Then she saw the hole. Before she had a chance to see me I quickly turned invisible.

“What on earth happened!?” she shrieked while glaring at Emmett.

“Why does everyone blame me!?” he defended. “It was Lissy!”

Before anyone could realize what I did I quickly jumped out the window and ran around the house to the front door. I ran through the open doorway and sat myself down on one of the white couches and pretended to watch TV. Esme was now yelling at no one unparticular. I sat alone in the living room until Carlisle walked in through the door.

“How was your day, Lissy?” he asked while taking his coat and shoes off.

“Fine, thank you.” I smiled at him. “How was yours.”

“Slow.” he said while sinking into an armchair.

I heard Emmett come barreling down the stairs before I saw him.

“You.” he glared at me while sitting directly across from me on the other couch.

“What?” I gave him my best innocent look.

“You know perfectly well ‘What?’” he spat.

“You really are my little sister.” Alice said while sitting down beside me.

“Do I even want to know?” Carlisle glanced between all three of us.

Rosalie, Edward, Bella, and Jasper ran down the stairs and took seats around the room. Esme was no where to be seen.

“Well,” Rosalie began. “Alice tried to get Lissy’s attention by yelling in her ear which then caused Lissy to fall off the bed, roll over, and kick a hole clear through the wall.”

“Okay….” Esme reappeared behind the couch and turned to glance at Alice and I. “Lissy, I’m not going to make you help Alice fix the hole since you are new to this family, but this is your last chance.”

“Yes’m.” I murmured.

“Alice start fixing.” Carlisle nodded to the stairs.

She walked out of the house and headed for the garage. I sat there for 2.5 seconds and ran off to help her.

“I’m sorry, ma’m” I called over my shoulder as I sprinted through the door.

* * *

I was helping Alice put the tools away after we fixed the hole, which only took us 4 minutes and 23 seconds.

“What did you want to tell me that ended up getting us in this mess? I nodded towards the tools.

“Oh yeah!” she grinned up at me. “We’re all going hunting except Esme and Rosalie, and we wanted to know if you wanted to come.”

Well, I last hunted about a week ago, so I don’t really need to. Yet, it’s always good to be extra careful. I still slip sometimes. I mentally cringed.

“Sure.” I smiled. “That would be fun.”

“Great! Let’s go.” she tugged on my arm.

She dragged me out of the garage to see Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, Bella, and Emmett waiting for us at the edge of the forest. As soon as we reached them Emmett grabbed me by the top of my shoulders and threw me onto his back.

“Hey!” I laughed. “I can walk, you know?”

“Oh, I know.” he smirked. “I just like to annoy you.”

“Typical brother.” I muttered under my breath, but of course everyone heard me.

“Hey.” Jasper feigned hurt.

“What? It’s true of every Y chromosome.” Alice shrugged.

“Great.” Jasper muttered to himself. “My little sister and my wife are ganging up on me.”

“Don’t forget me Jasper!” Bella snickered.

“Here’s good.” Carlisle slowed to a stop.

“And where is here?” Emmett asked.

“Somewhere in Northern Canada.” Edward sighed.

“Well, let’s go!” Emmett and I high-fived each other.

Alice’s POV

I shook my head slowly back and forth. She was so much like Emmett, even if they annoyed the hell out of each other. I guess she had a little of all of us in her: My love for fashion, Emmett’s sense of humor ,and sometimes his annoyingness is in her too, Esme and Carlisle’s love of family, she doesn’t like to be the center of anything like Jasper, she gets mad really easily like Rosalie. I’m not really sure about Edward and Bella, though. Only time will tell.

My train of thought was interrupted by a vision. A young girl was hiking with two of her friends. She tripped on a tree root and scraped her hand on a sharp rock. She was only three miles away. A gust of wind would carry the sent of her blood straight to us. I saw Lissy pounce on the bleeding girl and Jasper go for the other two. The half drained elk slid from my hands and onto the forest floor.

“Carlisle!” I yell as my vision starts to unfold.

Lissy jumps up from her elk and starts to run towards the girls. Before she could get any where I tackled her, but she is a whole lot stronger than. She thrashes and tries to break from my grasp. Just as I’m about to lose her a feel two strong arms take her from me. I look up and see Jasper trying to break free from Emmett, Edward, and Bella. Lissy is still struggling in Carlisle’s arms as he whispers soothingly in her ear. She eventually calms down and leans into Carlisle for support. Jasper is calm but still imprisoned in the arms of his captors. I sighed and went over to Jasper and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“I’m sorry.” he murmured into my hair.

“There is nothing to be forgiven for.” I whisper.