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His Little Sister

10 years after Renesmee is born the Cullens move to a small town in Alaska. On their 'first' day of high school they realize that they aren't the only vampires interested in getting an education. But what happens if the other vampire just happens to be a long lost family member?

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My first fanfic! I'm really excited. Appreciate all reviews. Hope you like it!

9. Chapter 9

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Rosalie and I had just finished Lissy’s room when Edward and Bella walked out of the forest looking sullen. I rushed down the stairs and out the front door with Rosalie following me. What’s wrong, Edward? He nodded over his shoulder in response. Emmett walked out of the trees a second later; all of his usual cheerfulness was no longer evident in his expression. Jasper stepped out next with his head down in an act of shame and Alice’s arm around his waist. Carlisle followed them carrying Lissy how a father would carry his sleeping child.

Jasper lifted his head at my approach. His face held emotions that I knew only too well. It looked like he had the weight of every living thing’s guilt and sorrow on his shoulders. I quickly walked up to him and hugged him, already knowing what the situation was. He hugged me back for a quick second then let go. His gaze wandered over to his unmoving little sister in my husband’s arms. I walked up to Carlisle and took the little girl in my arms and hugged her as if the world depended on it. She lifted her head and stared into my eyes. The emotions her now topaz eyes held were practically identical to her brother’s. “Oh sweetie.” I murmured with my face in her hair.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” she whispered. My heart felt like it would explode with happiness. She called me Mom only after a day of knowing me. The only one of my children to call me mom within a week was Alice, and she called me Mom the second she walked through our front door. I loved my newest daughter with all my heart.

I carried her into the house and sat down next to where Edward and Bella currently sat on one of the couches. She was only a little taller than Alice and weighed about the same. I could see where she would think she was adopted. The photograph that was originally on her mantel brought out the major differences between her and her family. Though it was over 150 years old and in black and white you could make out that every one of her family members was tall and blond. She stood in front of her twin brothers, that reminded me of Emmett from the way they were described, barely up to their chests looking like she’d rather be somewhere else.

Emmett and Rosalie sat in one of the armchairs that was positioned in front of the huge river rock fireplace. Edward and Bella got up so Carlisle could sit beside me and Jasper and Alice on my other side. We sat there, no one really knowing what to say. It was Carlisle who finally spoke up.

“I say we just forget this ever happened.” he sighed.

“’Kay!” - Alice

“Sure.” - Edward

“Yep.” - Bella

“Fine with me.” - Rosalie

“Good. I’m sick of all this moping.” – Emmett

“That works.” I agree.

We all looked at the two who had yet to answer. “This will be eating at the back of my mind until I finally crack.” Lissy whispered. Before we could say anything Jasper gave his two bits. “I’ll try.” He looked his little sister in the eyes. “We’ll try.” She ducked her head, still in a whisper. “Okay.”

“Now that that’s over I believe Lissy needs to see something.” Emmett got up from the couch brushing off everything that’s happened in the last hour as we agreed. That’s Emmett for ya.

Everyone headed for the stairs with new found enthusiasm. I quickly kiss Lissy’s forehead and hand her over to her brother. I let them walk past me and up unto the third floor hallway. Everyone’s just standing there with grins plastered on their faces. Jasper set Lissy down in front of her closed doorway.

“If you guys don’t tell me what you’re grinning like idiots for then I’m just going to have to resort to my mail box.” she was annoyed now.

Edward and Alice’s eyes grew wide. “Don’t you even think about it!” They said at the same time.

“What about a mail box?” Emmett asked confused as was everyone else besides Jasper, Edward, and Alice.

“She means mail box as in blackmail.” Edward explained.

“Geeze, you don’t have to get so worked up, and you haven’t even been here for two days. What can you really even know that would get us worked up?”

“Let’s just say she has her ways.” Jasper stated.

“Uh hu, sure.” Emmett smirked.

“Emmett if I were you I would stop, right now.” Edward cautioned.

This little argument went on for about another minute. The three who were aware of the situation backed away from Emmett as if he was going to blow up or something.

“You know what Emmett?” Lissy stepped forward fist clenched. Emmett continued smirking. Lissy took another step and her right fist began to disappear along with her arm. I quickly pick her up and turn her so that she is facing away from Emmett.

“Can we just show her already?” Rosalie demanded with a hint of amusement in her voice.

I set Lissy back down. She glared at Emmett and opened the door. “This isn’t o-…”

Lissy’s POV

I opened the door to the guest bedroom I was staying planning to see the normal blue comforter and white walls. Instead a yellow quilt was covering the queen sized bed that now resided in a corner of the room. My trunk from the cabin sat in front of the bed like it was meant to be there. On the once plain white walls was distressed looking white washed horizontal paneling making it look like the inside walls of an old cottage. The floors were now an almost white hardwood. Rag rugs that matched the quilt were laid on the floor in various areas of the large room. One was right next to the bed, another against the wall where a new window seat now resided; in the nook of the room where the bed used to be were now two antique white desks that framed one of the many windows. On the desk to the right of the window was a new white laptop. An iHome complete with a new iPod stood on the back of the desk. The desk to the left of the window was home to more traditional writing utensils. One of the shelves was piled high with leather bound journals for me to write in. The rest of the shelves were filled with stationary and some old books. An old quill and an ink bottle sat on the far corner of the desk. Both desks had a matching antique white chair pushed underneath it.

I noticed two double doors that stood out on an empty wall. Hesitantly walking towards them I grab the handles and pulled. If my heart would still be beating it would have stopped. I had just walked into a MONSTER closet. The wall closest to the door was mainly cabinets and drawers. I opened one of them only to find at least ten pairs of diamond earrings staring at me. As I walked further down the wall of cabinets I came upon accessories like scarves, hats, sunglasses, bags, and belts. At the end of the wall was a door. I opened it to find a room full of shoes. Heels, sandals, wedges, flip flops, boots, sneakers, and all of the kinds of shoes that could ever be imagined were stacked unto shelves by style and color. It was a closet inside a closet! I walked back through the door to the main closet. I was too preoccupied with the jewelry to notice the rows upon rows of clothing that dominated the space. In the back of the room was a six inch high pedestal that sat in front of a 180 mirror. After what felt like hours exploring my closet I muttered three single words. “Oh. My. God.”