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For the Greater Good

My New Moon. Bella realizes that she can’t live in Forks anymore about a month after Edward leaves her. She moves to Florida with her mom and Phil for awhile until something happens in Forks to Charlie that requires her to head back. Close quarters with Jake (who will still become a werewolf, just without so much drama) and what happens when Edward can’t take it anymore and comes home? Features Edward, Bella, and Jake POV’s along with song choices for each chapter! Has some really mature themes....just so you're warned... ~just so everyone knows i'm taking a slight break from updating both of my stories to allow finishing and editing time!! this will be the last update of this one until it's done and i might update Desperate Times, Desperate Needs once more....please bear with me i promise it will be worth it in the end!!!~

ok...so this one is a little darker than my other one: desperate times, desperate needs because i started writing shortly after the homecoming dance when some things went horribly wrong and the only thing i'd listen to was secondhand serenade....so yea....but i'm better now...i realized that it wasn't worth it....but i've always really liked this story so i'm hoping for a good response like my other one!! to renae...and taylor....the guy who screwed up my life for awhile...and who i realize...wasn't all that great in the end anyway!

1. Chapter 1: Changes (Bella POV only)

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Chapter 1: Changes- (Bella)

I couldn’t take it anymore…

I had to face it…

He wasn’t coming back… it had been a month... And I couldn’t keep living like that… living like a zombie. Forks wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I felt a little repetitive of my mother here, but I HAD TO GET OUT!

I approached Charlie on his way out of the kitchen after dinner, “Dad.” He turned to look at me quickly. The little emotion I’d put in my voice had startled him, “Bella, what’s wrong?”

“I’m leaving. I can’t take this place anymore. He’s not coming back. I realize that now, and being here… it just… it doesn’t help. I’m going home.” My voice had reached its monotone quality again.

“Bella this is your home.” Charlie said concerned…probably worried about my mental health which hadn’t been all that great anyway… he probably thought I’d completely lost it…

“No, it’s not.” I watched him flinch as I began to hurt him even more. This was hard for me. The one person I hadn’t tried to push away and I was doing just that. “My home is wherever mom is. My home is in Florida…”

Charlie looked at me confused before his face cleared, and he said, “That’s fine Bells. If that’s what you want.”

I was a little shocked at first. I’d expected more of a fight from my father, but I should’ve figured out he would let me go willingly. I’d heard the story of my mother’s goodbye. I knew he just let her go, but I was his daughter. His somewhat suicidal daughter, whose boyfriend had just left, I thought he’d give it somewhat of a consideration. But Charlie walked into the living and turned on the game. At a commercial I called in to let him know when the plane left. I finished cleaning the dishes, walked upstairs to pack the few things I was taking with me, it was even less than I started out with: a lot had gotten tossed during my catatonic month, and I climbed into bed without a word from Charlie edgewise.

I was on a plane the next morning. As I exited the plane into the blaring sun it took a minute for my eyes to adjust. It wasn’t much of an adjustment because I was used to Forks weather but it was enough for me to see my mother… and as soon as I saw her, my knees gave out and I fell onto the ground kneeling and sobbing.

She was beside me in an instant. “Oh, Bella. I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have left you there… I should’ve known something like this would happen. I knew Charlie wouldn’t be any help at all.”

“It’s not…. Charlie’s… fault.” I sobbed. “He did… this. He… left me!” and I sobbed harder as I again admitted the words.

“This was not just a crush was it sweetie?”

“No… I loved him.” I sobbed some more.

“Let’s get you home. Everything’s going to be okay now.” And from the tone of her voice I honestly believed her….

I enrolled in the local high school to try to somehow salvage the grades I’d butchered during the past catatonic month. The nightmares didn’t stop. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t listen to music. Mom and Phil would turn the TV on and I would just walk out without a word. I never said much anymore. I never did much. I didn’t talk to any of the local students at school, so I didn’t have any friends. Who needed friends? I mean they could just leave you anyway when something better came along… but I was only speaking from experience here. I mainly sat in my room and stared at the blank wall when I wasn’t doing my homework. I hadn’t decorated my room at all: the barer the better in my case. Phil and Renee never said anything to me about it, but I knew they talked about it… every time I walked into a room and they were instantly quiet I knew the topic had been about me. It seemed Renee was always on my side and that Phil thought I needed to get some help… he was probably right, but Renee didn’t pressure me into it.

I had just finally managed to get my grades from the straight F’s I’d been managing in Forks to some C’s and few B’s when I got the phone call. I happened to answer the phone that night, a rare occurrence, and I didn’t recognize the voice, but the voice knew me, “Bella?” the deep voice asked on the other end.

“Yes? Who is this?” I asked with zero emotion.

“It’s Billy Black. Listen… there’s been an accident… I think you need to come home.”

“I am home Billy, and what kind of accident?”

“It’s Charlie… well you should just come back anyway…”

“Thanks Billy, I’ll see what I can do.” I hung up and then turned to look at my mother and Phil. “That was Billy Black…”

“La Push Billy Black?” Renee asked.

“Yes.” I said aloud as I thought, did I really want to go back? To Forks? I mean I loved Charlie, but could I handle it? Could I handle being there without Ed-… without him?

“Well what’s wrong?” Renee asked.

“It’s Charlie… there’s been an accident… he wants me to go back.”

“Billy does? What kind of accident? Oh Bells are you sure you can handle being back there? You just got settled here and are successful, and-“

“Yes mom! I realize that!” Renee looked at me shocked and it wasn’t until later, way later that I realized it was because I’d actually had some sort of emotion to my voice that night. “But he’s my dad… I have to go. Billy wouldn’t have called if he hadn’t actually needed me.”

Everything paused where Renee guarded my face with scrutiny and Phil looked at me curiously, probably wondering where this intense passion had come from suddenly. Finally, Renee said, “I understand. I’ll call the airline right now.” And that’s how I ended up back in the place of my worst nightmares, yet my best dreams.