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A New Sunrise

Will Bella give into Jacob. Watch as their love blooms.

What will happen if Same imprints on Bella. Will Jacob and Bella get their happily ever after or will Bella go with Sam.

But what happens when Edward comes back into the Picture?

Read and Find out


1. Epiphany

Rating 3.7/5   Word Count 653   Review this Chapter

I was in a clearing I was sure of that. There were trees everywhere, standing sentinels to protect the forests ancient secrets. I sped up while my breath turned to gasps and my gasps turned into wheezes. I knew he would be there. He would be where the earth met the sky and the grounds were reached by the heavens. I finally reached the clearing and I marveled at the clearings perfection, in every way. I unwillingly turned to look at the figure that I knew that would be there. He would be there and as usual my subconscious images were a bitter and sad mockery of the real thing. It was looking at a picture through muddy waters so close and yet so far. He lifted his head and smiled revealing two rows of white glistening and sharp and pointed teeth… I awoke, my scream muffled by the pillow. It was a dream it was true but it was scary nonetheless. It was the same as usual but why was I still dreaming about him. Suddenly I felt angry. I was not just angry, but I was royally off. Who did he think he was just leaving me and after all that he had promised me. Why couldn’t I just let him go? I knew the answerer, because I did not want to. “Bella” a voice asked I knew it was Quill. Oh crap now there would be nothing keeping this from Jacob. Ever since Victoria had nearly gotten past them I was never alone. From school to work to sleep I was under constant surveillance. They even had insisted that I transfer to the Quilette School. As if that was not horrific enough, I did not have one class alone. Embry, Quill and Jacob were sitting next to me in all of my classes. In Gym however, I had 5 werewolves in that class. Sam did not want me to get hurt. He felt that I was in enough danger as it was and I did not need to add to that danger by being a danger to myself. Embry and Quill found this tremendously funny. They would never let me live this down. I had Quill, Embry, Jacob, Paul, and Jared all helping me to not mame myself in gym class. “Hey Quill, what’s up?” I tried to sound laid back but I did not fool him. “Sorry.” He said “Ok happens all the time” “Maybe I should call Jake?” His voice trailed off into a question. “NO!” I half shrieked. “Fine!” he said trying to placate me. “I need to get some sleep.” “See you at school tomorrow Bella. Its Gym first period.” I groaned and he smiled It was not that I did not want Jacob with me. It was just the opposite. I wanted to hold his strong wide shoulders; I wanted to see his face. But I could not give him the wrong idea. I loved Edward still. And that made me mad. He had not only messed up my mental health but he had messed up all chances of me getting in a relationship. And there in lied my answer. I could let go if I tried to love someone else like I loved him. I could do that. I would do that. I would no longer allow him to have influence over me. I realized that my subconscious had been trying to tell me that all along. Now I was faced with a moral dilemma. Who should you choose? The one who made the jump with you, or the one to was there to catch you when you fell? And I knew the answer. I loved both of them but for the first time I allowed myself to come to the realization that I had always known. I LOVED JACOB BLACK!!!!!!! That was the last thought I had before I drifted into unconsciousness.