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Compassion by Awsomealice94 In the city of Rochester, New York-the time 1933- tragic events occurred, especially for Rosalie Lillian Hale. Just as she is about to die, a compassionate Carlisle Cullen saves her-but has to turn her immortal. Edward Cullen watches in horror and fury as she is made into one of them-binding him to her like brother to sister, forever. This is the story of Rosalie Lillian Hale’s transformation through the eyes of Edward Cullen.

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1. Compassion

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The newspaper hit the table with a sharp smack.

“Rosalie Hale is on the cover page, yet again.” I rolled my eyes, annoyed by the fact that they couldn’t have any decent news in Rochester.

“As soon as the wedding is over with so will you reading about her and Royce King.” Esme comforted me, sitting on the couch opposite to me. I glared at the newspaper that I had thrown down on the coffee table. As if Royce King wasn’t bad enough…

“I read her thoughts-she’s very vain. She hates us,” I was amused by this fact, “because we are more attractive than she is.”

“Well, we have more of a…advantage than she does.” Esme shrugged, untroubled. She adjusted her blouse and smoothed out her long skirt. She made sure her Lily Dachè hat was sitting perfectly on her head before relaxing. She leaned back on the sofa, playing with her pearls with a smile on her face as she looked towards the stairs, towards Carlisle.

“She’s only one girl, Edward. That news will be over with shortly, just as Esme said.” Carlisle walked into the sitting room. He had his day clothes on, just changing from work a few minutes ago.

Carlisle had insisted we live here in Rochester-they needed more doctors at the hospital. Esme and I didn’t have much to do during the day-what with not showing in society much.

We tended to stay away from popularity-the less we were in the paper the better it was, and the sooner that they would forget about us. Though we may have been doing the exact opposite with staying out of sight-after all, people get interested in why we didn’t go out. People got greedy and savage at any bit of juicy gossip they could lay their hands on. But, I agreed with Carlisle-we would be forgotten soon enough, and they were just people, after all. Even if they didn’t forget, everyone died eventually…everyone, except for us.

“Yes,” I sighed, “and then the horrible journalists will move on to another engagement and this process will start all over again.” I nodded. I crossed my arms unhappily, brushing something off of my collared shirt as I did so.

“Well, what else do humans have to occupy their time? Maybe we should start getting interested in this too, like everyone else-after all, we have nothing to do anyway.” Esme joked. She tucked a piece of her caramel colored hair behind her heart shaped face and continued to smile.

“That reminds me,” Carlisle began, “I wanted to talk to the both of you.” he told us, sitting down. He ran his hand through his golden hair, thinking of how to word what he was about to say. I knew what he was going to talk about, but, for his benefit, and my sanity of not hearing something over again, I refrained from listening to his thoughts. I left theirs alone, as I always tried to do. There was a faint buzzing around me.

“Go ahead, sweetheart.” Esme nodded.

“The depression is getting a lot worse here in Rochester, and we have a lot of spare income. So, keeping that in mind, I thought we could donate it to the local orphanage. That way, the children well eat and stay clean. Maybe all of us could go and volunteer at the soup kitchen as well.” Carlisle suggested.

“Carlisle, that is a wonderful idea. Edward and I need to help and get out of the house as much as we can, right dear?” she said to me.

I nodded, “Right, mom. It’s a very good idea.” I agreed.

“Perfect, I’ll go run out to leave the check at the orphanage-but I’ll do it anonymously. I may be a little late; I’ll hunt quickly before I come home.” Carlisle stood up. I nodded, got up, grabbed my suite jacket that was draped on the back of the couch, and walked to the other room so he could kiss Esme goodbye without feeling awkward.

I knew that it bothered them that I could read their minds-their private thoughts. It bothered me too. But I tried to block it out as much as possible. Needless to say though, there were never any secrets. I wandered into my own room and stared out the window. It was normally a beautiful view. Esme loved to fix up old houses and renovate, choosing only the best. But our mansion that was usually secluded, except for the occasional automobile or person on the road, changed.

Looking down, I noticed a lot of homeless people walking up and down the sidewalks. They would beg any wealthy person that passed them by. Of course, each person showed no compassion and stuck up their noses to a human being in the need of help-help that they could satisfy, but always chose not to.

I heard Carlisle leave, check in his pocket as he strolled down the sidewalk. He stopped and gave money to the people in need. That was always Carlisle. He was compassionate by nature. I could never see him even trying to change-even if there wasn’t any need to. I admired him-he was an amazing father figure. Street lights suddenly turned on, lighting the way for others making it home. It was nighttime now, finally safe to venture outside. The sun was shining earlier today, which made it impossible to be outside and not start glimmering.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Esme asked, laughing as I turned around.

“If only I got a penny every single time I read somebody’s thoughts.” I smiled, “I could probably end this depression.” She smiled back,

“Tomorrow, I was thinking we could go and volunteer like Carlisle suggested. You seem a little down-and I know you’re bored, because frankly I am as well.” She told me, leaning against my door frame.

I nodded, “I’d like that.”

“Alright, it sounds like a plan. I was going to go and fix something that broke downstairs-but if you need me or anything, I’m free. I have all the time in the world.” She winked and made her way downstairs.

Esme had been with Carlisle and I for eleven years now, which was three moves so far. At each house we stayed at Esme would try and get us to do new things-I was becoming bored with staying indoors. I could read a book in a minute if I wanted to-so that didn’t occupy my time much. There didn’t seem like much to do when the weather was nice. I had my piano as well, but even that got old, sometimes. I grew tired of nighttime very quickly.

Carlisle vowed we would move to Washington next-where there was hardly any sun. That way, we both would have things to do while he was working.

I thought about getting a job-but I didn’t think I was really ready for that yet. There wasn’t much I was very interested in-having wanted to just be in the military when I was human. I was too young to do much else, and I had already been to college three times. It wasn’t like we needed the money, either. I would have wanted to be drafted for the war…but then they would keep records of me-I couldn’t have that.

“You know what? I want to get out of the house and hunt like Carlisle. If we’re going to be around people, it will be good to not be thirsty.” Esme decided on a whim, talking to me from downstairs. I thought about the blood we would be around and how my throat would burn-

“Alright.” I nodded-hunting did sound good. She was done tinkering with the downstairs clock that had broken. I made my way downstairs and met her at the front door. Our home was decorated with most of the same paintings and things we collected over the years. Passing by Carlisle’s office, I saw the wall full of paintings from his history, the ones that I had looked at so often I remembered every single brush stroke. Carlisle’s wooden cross hung in there as well. I looked up at Esme as she took out her key and locked the door. We ran out of the house, making sure that nobody was watching nearby.

Being a Cullen-even being a vampire- meant being secretive. You did what you wanted last, and kept your family’s secret first-no matter the cost. I got used to it after a while, checking to make sure nobody saw us ‘acting like a vampire’. When we suspected anything, like we had with our last move, I could sift through people’s minds to make sure their thoughts were normal. On the last move, a neighbor thought we were Zombies-which was close enough for an emergency move. The time before last, it was Aliens, and the time before that they thought we were involved in witchcraft. There was always somebody who was close-but I’ve never come across somebody who guessed what we were correctly. But acting was becoming second nature to me-and I found I did it automatically without thinking. Home was the one place we never had to act.

Esme had changed out of her nice clothes, and into Carlisle’s pants. She took off her hat and her pearls, and her shoes were bought with hunting kept in mind.

We both had a quick hunting trip, catching a few deer that were in the woods out of town. I wasn’t expecting an animal to come so quick in the trip, and Esme and I ran back-disappointed that it couldn’t be any longer.

“Do you hear that?” I asked my mom (though we portrayed to society as brother and sister) as she led the way home. We stopped running and walked like two normal humans as we hit the sidewalk.

“It’s screaming.” She nodded, suddenly alarmed, “and its coming from our home.” We broke into a human run, resisting all urge to go any faster for the people who were watching. The screaming couldn’t be heard to human ears, but to ours it was very loud. Esme forced her key in the door as quickly as she could and slammed the door shut once I stepped inside. A wave of human blood hit me, and it almost threw me back outside. The scent was so strong-I wasn’t used to it in our home. Fire moved down my throat and extra venom swirled in my mouth. I gulped, holding my breath and squinting my eyes as I saw Esme do the same. We continued to the sitting room, where it was strongest.

“Carlisle, what’s going-?” Esme was taken aback, horrified at the scene in front of us.

“Oh my God.” She whispered, for I recognized who’s blonde hair and beautiful face that belonged to as well-Rosalie Hale. She was screaming so loud I thought every mirror and window would break. Carlisle sat in a chair next to her, head in his hands-completely horrified and guilty at what he had done.

“Please, please help me! Kill me please! Make it stop!” Rosalie demanded, still screaming at the top of her lungs.

“You changed her.” I whispered. Esme still looked at Rosalie, not taking her eyes off of her. Esme’s mouth was still open-still in shock. Carlisle shook his head yes. I winced as Rosalie’s thoughts ran through my head-she was in so much pain that it hurt me. I remember the same pain-the fire. For three long days that was all I knew.

Even if she was Rosalie Hale, there was no reason for her to go through this as well. Especially once I realized something else. She was being changed into a vampire, ultimately resulting in being one of our family members, living in the same house, seeing us every day forever. Forever. Forever….my eyes widened-completely repulsed by even the thought.

“What happened to her?” Esme finally asked, whispering. I paced back and forth-Rosalie’s screams becoming a mantra. I was upset and aghast-out of everyone, Rosalie Hale?

“I was coming back from the orphanage, about to head up to the forest when I smelt blood. I didn’t know where it was from, but I hoped that I could help whoever was bleeding. When I came to the street corner I found her, lying in the cold snow-half dead. She was bleeding badly-bruises already showing. She was definitely abused-there was no doubt about that. When I saw that there was no hope-that she had lost too much blood-I carried her here and…,” he trailed off, “she was only a few blocks away from her home.” his voice becoming barely a whisper, cracking. He was aching to help Rosalie-he would do anything to make her pain become less.

“The images in your mind make it look like she was abused by more than one person.” I said quietly. I stopped pacing and looked up at him. He nodded, his eyes showing that he was in agony-he never liked doing this to somebody.

“There were scents of a cluster of people I didn’t know around her…and then a one I did recognize.” He told me.

“Who?” Esme asked him, reluctantly.

“Royce King.” Carlisle answered. A tiny growl escaped me. Royce King was a drunk-only rich because his father was. If it weren’t for his money, he would be named the city idiot. He was so misleading, pompous and idiotic it made me want to kill him already. Now that I knew it was Royce King, Rosalie Hale’s fiancé, I felt a tiny ping of pity for her-a very tiny feeling of sadness. Royce King and Rosalie Hale were supposed to be ‘the power couple’-the two best looking and wealthiest in Rochester. But it was no surprise that Royce did this. We knew for a fact that he already had broken many laws by violence, all under the influence- of course.

“I need to get away from this.” I told him, walking swiftly upstairs and turning on my heel to my room. My room was decorated by me-white walls, shelf after shelf of music, messy piles of sheet music on a wooden desk, and volumes of books and journals. I walked over to my desk, where all of the papers and journals were. With one sweep of my hand I knocked everything to the floor angrily. Rosalie stopped screaming after a while-slipping in and out of unconsciousness as her body changed from the vampire venom. I stayed in my room for two days- unable to face what was going on downstairs. The scene repelled me, making me ill-emotionally, and physically. Her thoughts were making me go through the same change all over again-and I hated her even more for doing so. But then I decided now was the best time to go back. Esme and Carlisle were discussing her, and I wanted to be a part of that conversation. This affected me just as much as it affected them.

“What will we do, Carlisle? When she wakes up?” Esme asked him as they sat on the other couch, Esme holding him.

“We’ll move right away. She can choose to stay with us.” He told her. I sat down for a total of two seconds before I saw the newspaper on the table from earlier that day. I had to live with Rosalie Hale? I didn’t feel sorry for her anymore. I shot up from my chair and glared at her, speaking to Carlisle. All of the mellowness of being in my room disappeared.

“What were you thinking, Carlisle? Rosalie Hale?” I asked, completely irritated. There was no going back now-the venom was in. Unless I killed her-but I didn’t want to do that either. She was the most vain and annoying person I ever had the pleasure of knowing-and now she was stuck with us FOREVER. I realized she was awake-well, more or less. Good, she needed to hear this anyways, after all-it was all about her. She loved things that were all about her.

“I couldn’t just let her die,” his voice was very quiet, “it was too much-too horrible, too much waste.” He pleaded me to understand.

“I know.” I understood where he was coming from-he was Carlisle. I didn’t expect any less of him, or any more-this was what he did. He saved, no matter who it was. I had the feeling that I was acting like those arrogant wealthy people that didn’t pay the beggars any money when they asked-that I was refusing to help Rosalie Hale, who was in need of it. But here she was, intruding on my one safe haven. I didn’t like Rosalie Hale anymore, despite how Carlisle tried and wanted me too. He saw that as well,

“It was too much waste. I couldn’t leave her.” he said again, whispering now. I was hurting my own father for acting this way…he was in pain enough already. I was turning into a selfish person now.

“Of course you couldn’t.” Esme comforted him, kissing his forehead. Why couldn’t Carlisle just have left Rosalie there to die her own natural way? Then we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Of course, I knew the answer to my own question-it was because he was Carlisle.

“People die all the time,” my voice sounding harsher than I meant it, “Don’t you think she is just a little recognizable, though?” I asked him. I started to pace again. I was thinking about what would happen later. Rosalie is now missing, and people would want to know where she was. We would have to leave-and she would have to come with us. Wherever we went Rochester would still be with us-because Rosalie was with us.

“The Kings will have to put up a big search-not that anyone suspects the fiend.” I growled. I was more on Rosalie’s side than Royce Kings-if it hadn’t been for him, Rosalie wouldn’t even be in this mess. I switched the blame-it wasn’t Carlisle, it was Royce King. But as always, his father would protect him. Money was a great tool in black mail when it came to judges for trial and police officers, if anyone suspected him. Rosalie started to have thoughts other than the fire from the venom. She felt good that I knew who almost killed her-but hurt that I didn’t accept her.

I glared back at Rosalie-a pest that was causing a problem for all of us. “What are we going to do with her?” I gestured to the body lying on the couch. Carlisle let out a sigh,

“That’s up to her, of course. She may want to go her own way.” It was true-it wasn’t like she got much say in becoming a vampire. She may want to do other things than us…I suddenly felt elated. Maybe she would go her own way-and I wouldn’t have to deal with her for eternity. But if she didn’t decide to….hell seemed better by the minute.

“Carlisle.” Esme pointed to Rosalie. She was starting to stir, her eyes fluttering. It was the third and final day.

She sat up and looked at us, her brilliant red eyes wide in shock. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen-until I remembered her personality. I looked expectantly over at Carlisle, my arms crossed. She was awake-and she was immortal. And she was now officially part of this family.

Something else was running through her mind besides being scared…she wanted vengeance. Hostility was in the back of her mind-she wanted to kill Royce King. I uncrossed my arms and smiled slightly, she wasn’t that bad after all-at least we had one thing in common.

“You’re the Cullen’s.” She verified-her voice so smooth and lady like it shocked even Esme.

“Yes, Rosalie.” Carlisle nodded. Every memory became fuzzy when you awoke-the venom did that to your brain. She would forget most of her memories over time…even I only remembered very little of my human life.

She was trying hard to remember, re-playing the events before she was changed over and over again until it came crystal clear. I held up a hand for Carlisle to wait, for he opened his mouth to speak. Her memories were quite vivid. She was stubborn, and wouldn’t let go of them-which I expected.

“What happened to me?” she asked suddenly.

“I tried to explain yesterday…but I don’t think you heard.” Carlisle started. Rosalie cringed, remembering fire. She shook her head.

“Do you know what we are?” I asked her. She looked over at me immediately-the one Cullen who still didn’t like her.

“What do you mean? You’re human-right?” she asked, puzzled by my question.

“No.” I said, as softly as possible. She shook her head,

“Then what are you?” she thought I was lying.

“Rosalie, we’re different than humans-but we were humans before. Have you ever wondered why we were so attractive? Why we were all so pale-with the same colored eyes? Or why we don’t go out much except for night, when the sun isn’t out?” I asked her.

“The sun,” she repeated, “What does the sun have to do with anything? And what are you talking about?” she stuttered.

“The sun makes us sparkle-glimmer. If we went out and humans saw that…well you can imagine what they would think. We don’t go out and play a part in society much because it’s documented-in newspapers, like that one,” I gestured to the coffee table in front of her, “if somebody fifty years from now saved that and looked at it, seeing a picture of one of us, it would create a mess. We don’t age-we don’t change at all. We will stay this age for eternity-we can’t die. So if there was somebody that looks exactly like the person in a picture of an old newspaper, with the same name and all, that would be a disaster.” I explained.

“You. Don’t. Age.” She managed to get out.

“We’re vampires, Rosalie. And so are you.” I whispered.

That was it-enough for her to bolt out of the room. She looked at her reflection in one of our mirrors, gasping. She saw her bright red eyes, her pale, hard cold skin. She noticed how much more beautiful she was-and how her heart wasn’t beating.

“I’m a vampire?” she asked.

“Yes, Rosalie.” And Carlisle began to explain more in depth, Esme holding her hand. She cried, and cried even more once she didn’t feel any tears. She held her hand out to the sunlight that came through our windows and gasped, mesmerized by all of the glittering diamonds. She wasn’t as repulsed to our diet of animal blood as I would have predicted-though she looked a little sick to her stomach. Once everything was over-once she was filled in on all of our lives, was when she wanted to be left alone. I backed away from the doorway, still in eyesight.

She looked at the three day old newspaper on the table, and that was when I noticed the strongest reaction. She cried, so hard that I didn’t think it was ever possible. She cried while reading her family member’s names, especially when she read her little brothers’ names, collapsing on the ground. But when she read Royce King’s name, she ripped the paper into smithereens. The paper shreds floated to the floor. She sat there, legs tucked in underneath her, gazing at the millions of pieces-gazing at her old life. I watched her from the other side of the room, looking at my new sister.