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Beginings.... Endings.... and all that's in between!!

Emmett and Rosalie Cullen are honeymooning in Spain when they come across a lonely little girl with no family and nobody to care about her. They decide to take her in and raise her as their own, however can these vampires really be the kind of parents a young girl needs. When issue after issue arises, will they make it through. And if they do can they survive the rebellious teenage years?


1. Beginnings

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10 Months Earlier

The soft wind tussled Rosalie’s long blonde hair as she was hugged close and slowly spun in circles by her husband Emmett. They were honeymooning yet again, after their wedding yet again. Spain was one of the most beautiful places in the world to Rosalie Cullen, though it was sunny during the day, at night the city came alive right before her eyes. There were colourful lights, soft music, loud music, shouting and laughing, but the sounds that Rosalie’s ears were subconsciously attuned to were that of the spanish babys. Some crying in their mothers arms, others cooing and goggling as they were jostled around the dance patio.

Rosalie sighed wistfully just as Emmett put her back on the ground. “What’s wrong babe? You not having any fun? It is our honeymoon ya know.” Emmett wriggled his dark eyebrows at her in a comical way. After everything Rosalie had been through leading up to her transformation she was truely shocked that she could trust anybody again never mind love them. But with Emmett it was impossible not to love him, he may have been as big as a body builder and just as strong but ultimately he was just a big teddy bear. He was always joking around and laughing his loud booming laughter. “Of course I’m having fun, it’s nothing really. Let’s just go back to the hotel now, there is a lot of fun we can have there.” She said this as she turned in that direction and started to walk, shaking her hips ever so slightly yet very suggestively to Emmett. He immeadately started to trail after her, already planning a hot tub party for two.

Just as they were passing a fountain spraying clear water, they thought they heard a low whimper. Rosalie spun towards where the sound had come from and started running full out to it. The first thing she saw was a young girl maybe seven or eight years old, she was wearing a raggety old skirt that fell just beneath her knees and a ripped t-shirt that at one point must have been white must now just looked soiled and grey. Her hair was long, thick and caked full of dirt, Rosalie then noticed that the girl wasn’t wearing any shoes but her feet were black with dirt. As Rosalie was observing all of this in a matter of second a large hand came down, attched to and even larger man with dark curly hair and a beard as full as a christmas tree, and smacked the girl right across her tiny cheek. She yelped and try to run away but the large man caught her, he then started shaking her roughly by the shoulders while yelling, “Where is it eh, where is that loaf a bread you stole from me you street rat?!” Rosalie gasped and then she noticed Emmett as he sprung forward, yanked the girl out of his grasp, threw her to Rosalie’s cold arms and started to yell at him while punching him in his padded stomach between words. “Who ...the...hell...do...you...think...you...are! Picking...on a...poor...innocent...little...girl! What...gives..you ...the....right...to choose....who has....bruises...and who doesn’t!!” Emmett finally let him go as the man tumbled to the ground, he turned towards his wife. Rosalie noticed that his eyes were black as coal instead of the honey gold that she loved on him. He was livid with anger. He started to walk past her and said nothing. Rosalie knew she didn’t even have to ask, he would allow her to bring the child to their hotel to bathe her and give her a healthy meal of human food. So she followed silently as the girl cowered in her stone hard arms.

When they got back to their hotel room Rosalie started the bath water, she began to strip the girl down, when she was naked Rosalie gasped for the second time that night. Emmett was there in mere seconds, the little girl was covered in mottled purple and blue bruises all over her chest back and arms. Her legs were full of welts and scars the sizes of golf balls. There was also a new sickly purple bruise forming on her left cheek where the man had slapped her. Rosalie felt like crying, instead she helped the girl into the bubbly bath water and began to wet down her matted hair. She like the bubble and in spite of herself giggled every so often. When Rosalie started to scrub the girls dainty feet she realized that this girl handn’t had shoes in awhile. Her feet were scraped and bloody with dirt caked into her wounds. The child whimpered when Rosalie scrubbed to get her feet clean. When they were done in the bath they ordered so strawberry pancakes with extra whip cream from room service. The girl devoured them while Rose and Emmett just looked at her with sad eyes. What had this poor girl been through. She still hadn’t spoken a word when it came time to lay her down for bed. Emmett came in as Rosalie went to get a glass of water for her. He shuffled from one foot to another looking nervous. The girl somehow wasn’t intimated by his bulk, suprisingly she seemed to feel safe with him. He sat down on the bed next to her and took her tiny hand in his huge one. “Before my wife get’s back I need to know a few answers, is that okay?” She looked aprehensive but nodded anyway. “Well, do you have a name?” She thought for a moment then looked back at him. “Talia, is what the people on the street call me.” She said shortly like it was nothing. Emmett wasn’t suprised to hear her voice was quiet, but was that it was clear and strong in a way that told him she had been through more than her years should have, and would do anything to survive. “Do you have a family? Where do you live? How old are you?” All these questions and more had been burning in his mind ever since they had brought her back to the hotel. “My family...they died in a fire about a year ago. My mother and two older brothers. I never had a father. I live on the streets with the old ladies, now that I’m old enough it’s my job to gather the food. That’s why I stole the bread from the bakery man, we were really hungry. Oh, and I’m eight years old, old enough to help the ladies live past tomorrow.” She said the last part proudly, like it was finally her responsibiltiy to help instead of being a burden. Emmetts’ dead heart broke for this young girl, she was so young but had no one to really care for her. He then noticed Rosalie standing at the doorway, if she could, he knew tears would be rolloing down her face. He wondered how long she had been there listening. She took charge, gave Talia her water and kissed her gently on the forehead. Then they both walked out of the room and left her to sleep.

They were sitting at the table contemplating their options. “We could you know, it is possible. You smelled her too, she smells wonderfully, but not in a food way. We could raise her oursleves.” Rosalie said this like it was a dream that was just out of reach. Emmett thought for a few moments. “I think....that this girl has done nothing wrong. She deserves a family, and stability. Nobody would come looking for her, we know that. “ He knew that the moment the next words were out of his lips that Rosalie would finally feel complete, but he also knew it would be difficult. Even though he was nervous not only about him and his family being able to live with a human, but also about being a father, he knew that this was the right thing to do, for everyone. So he looked his beloved wife right in her beautiful topaz eyes and said his next words as clearly as possible. “I think that we would make the best parent for that little girl that she could ever get. I think we should raise her as our own.” Rosalie eyes bwere as large as saucers as she giggled, then started laughing without holding back. She ran to Emmett and tackled him to the ground in a huge bear hug. “Thank you, thank you, I promise you will not regret this!” He had never seen her this happy, even when their niece Renesme had been born. He was thrilled he could do this for her.

The next morning Talia was eating strawberry pancakes again, she seemed to really like them. Rose and Emmet came to sit next to her, they were as nervous as they could get. They had agreed the night before that the final decision would be left up to her, they wouldn’t force her to live with them. “So Talia, what do you think of living with us from now on. Instead of going back to the streets like before?” Emmett said this like it was the only thing in the world that mattered because he knew that if she said no that Rosalie would be heart broken and even he wouldn’t be able to repair it this time. Talia finished chewing her bite slowly, then took a large gulp of pulpy orange juice. When she was finished swallowing she looked up at them with a knowing look in her eyes. There was something else there too but neither one of them could place a word to it. She hopped down from her chair and swiftly went over to Rosalie, then she suprised them both by hugging her. “I love you Mia.” Rosalie went into shock, she just sat there so still, Talia then went to Emmett and hugged him too. “I love you daddy.” He also froze. She hopped back upinto her chair and smiled from ear to ear. “I was really hoping you’d ask, I thought you might leave me wih the old ladies instead.” They both just laughed with relief and happiness. Their life was definately going to change now.

The next minute Roses’ phone rang it’s shrill ring, she shot out of her seat and hurried over to it. “Hello, oh hey Alice. Yes it’s true, can you believe it. She is so adorable I can’t wait for you to meet. You’ll love her I just know you will. Ya ago ahead tell the rest. Okay love you too. And thank you so much for being so supportive. Okay Bye.” Rosalie flipped her cell phone shut with the largest smile on her face. She turned to me, “Carlisle approves babe, we’re ready.” They both went to stand behind Talia, wrapped in each others arms they were the happiest the had ever been.

Four weeks later they were packed and ready to go. Talia’s frail shape with bones jutting out had already become a little less defined. They were attached to each other, all three of them. Emmett and Rosalie already loved their little girl like they had known her her whole life instead of just four weeks. However instead of going straight back to Forks, they were going to stay in a little cabin in Greenland for a while while they prepared themselves for full time parenthood by getting to know her a little better. Their family back home had to also prepare themselves for living with a human no matter how much she didn’t smell like food. So they would be their own little family for awhile until everyone was ready for her, and she was ready for them. Life was changing for ever. And it was much too late to turn back even if they wanted to.