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Forbidden loves rise

What would have happened if the Cullens had never moved to Forks? The Cullens are starting a new life in England where a pack of shapeshifters happen to live. The families hate each other, but what happens whenEdward starts to fall for one of them? Will love conquer all? Romeo and Juliet style.


4. Obvious hatred

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The next morning I woke up with a feeling I was being watched. In fact, I was sure someone was there. I cautiously looked around my room. From behind I heard my window bang shut and I ran to it to see if there really was someone watching me. I looked out to see a tail, almost like a wolf’s, disappear behind the bushes. I shook my head. I must be imagining things. I got dressed and made my way down for breakfast. Jacob was already there. I wasn’t quite ready to forgive him yet, although when we fight we normally make up almost immediately, so I ate my breakfast in silence. He clearly hadn’t gotten over it either.

“You’re sitting with us at lunch today.” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand. I felt a pulse of anger shoot through me. This better not be about the Cullen’s.

“No I’m not. No way am I sitting with you and your little cronies. Especially with Embry around.” I shuddered. He looked at me, shocked at my response, but quickly composed himself so his face was set in a cold, hard glare.

“Yes you are, whether you like it or not. And as for Embry, he would do anything for you. Learn to respect that. You may not realise it, but he loves you and you should love him back.” I was shocked. He loved me? I thought a crush was annoying, but love? The word nagged at the back of my brain. Love. But I would never love him back.

“He can love me all he wants, but no way am I going to love him back. Just because he loves me, it doesn’t mean that I have to love him. Love is a personal thing, and no way will anyone but me control it.” I almost hissed.

“There is no one better in the world for you then him Amber.” Jacob’s voice was suddenly a lot softer. Ugh, this really wasn’t the time to have a heart to heart conversation about love with my brother. I didn’t love him, why couldn’t anyone get over it? It’s not that I wanted to hurt Embry, in any way. But later on in life he would find some one smarter, more beautiful and probably more loving then me.

“Alright I’ll make you a deal.” I started. Jacob raised his eyebrows to show he was listening. “I will sit with your little group at lunch today, if you don’t bring up another Embry conversation all week.” He clicked his tongue, thinking.

“As long as you promise not to speak to the Cullen’s,” He spat the word, “Again.” No way.

“I can’t make a promise on that one.” I said through gritted teeth. I knew this was about the Cullen’s. He growled in irritation.

“Fine.” My scowl turned in to a grin.

“It’s sorted then.” I said simply and then I headed outside to my car. Throughout the day, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone who was in my kitchen last night was keeping tabs on me. Every time I walked towards Alice or Edward, they would strike up conversation or drag me in a different direction mumbling about if I could help them find a pen. The only time that I was able to talk to Alice or Edward, it was in Spanish or English, which were lessons my stalkers thankfully didn’t have with me. I decided to ask Alice about why my family were acting so strange because of the Cullen’s. She’d probably know. I mean, my family must have a reason for thinking the Cullen’s are dangerous.

At lunch I reluctantly went to sit at my brother’s table. Normally, they would sit outside, but that table wasn’t big enough for me as well so they decided to move, completely ignoring my pleas to let me sit somewhere else. Surprisingly enough, the only spare seat was next to Embry. I sighed and sat down, looking at the ceiling. The others watched me suspiciously as I ate my food and I started to feel self conscious.

“Do you mind not watching my every move? It’s seriously bugging me.” I complained. Leah was about to answer when her face went in to a cold, hard glare. She was looking over my shoulder so I turned round to see who she was glaring at. The Cullen family had just walked through the doors of the cafeteria. Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were all glaring in our direction. I couldn’t help but notice Rosalie’s glare was mainly directed at me. I swear I heard Embry growl. Alice smiled in my direction then glared at my stalkers, who were all glaring back. They all must really hate each other. Edward wasn’t there today, I noticed almost straight away. A pang of sadness passed through me. I shook my head. Why would it matter to me? He’s probably just got a cold or something. I smiled back at Alice and then turned back towards the rest of the table, who were unusually quiet. I rolled my eyes and continued eating my food.

Lunch couldn’t end quickly enough and I eagerly dumped my tray and headed out of the cafeteria. My mind was caught up in thoughts while I was walking, so I didn’t realise Rosalie standing a few yards away. As I snapped out of my thoughts, she walked forwards with a terrifying scowl on her perfect face. She pushed her face close to mine.

“Stay away from my family.” She hissed, and then walked off. I stood there for a minute, trying to get my head round what had just happened. How could she not like me so quickly? I suddenly remembered I had to get to class and quickened my pace. I spent the whole lesson thinking about why the others hated the Cullen’s so much. It was the first time they had moved here, wasn’t it? And as far as I knew, everyone in my neighbourhood had lived there all their lives. So why were they sending each other such terrifying glares? I was so caught up in my thoughts that the bell made me jump violently. I gathered my books and walked through the door, preparing myself for an hour of torture. Algebra, ugh.

School ended eventually and I trudged through the parking lot to my car. As I reversed out of my parking spot, I saw Emmett and Rosalie, both glaring at me from a silver Volvo. I carried on reversing, pretending that I hadn’t seen them. What had I done wrong? I sighed and started my ten minute journey back home.

Jacob’s car was already there in front of the house, so I parked round the side. That night, I thought about what would happen tomorrow. I just hoped Rosalie wasn’t coming with us on the shopping trip. Alice was picking me up tomorrow morning. What if Jacob saw her? I took the thought from my mind and fell in to a dreamless sleep.

I was woken the next morning by someone honking their horn outside my house. I looked out of the window to see Alice grinning down below. I grinned back and quickly pulled on some comfortable clothes, but were fashionable enough for Alice not to kill me. I ran downstairs and grabbed my purse from the side, and scribbled a note down for Jacob, leaving out the Alice bit.

“Rise and shine sleepy head! We’ve got to get going!” She screamed. Wow, she must really like shopping.

“Don’t wake the whole neighbourhood!” I laughed, but there was truth behind the words. If she did wake the whole neighbourhood, she was sure to get a load of glares.

“So, you excited?” She was actually bouncing in her seat. I rolled my eyes.

“Ecstatic.” She laughed and turned up the radio. We both started to sing along loudly, receiving a few stares through the open windows. I decided I’d ask about the obvious hatred between the two families later.