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Forbidden loves rise

What would have happened if the Cullens had never moved to Forks? The Cullens are starting a new life in England where a pack of shapeshifters happen to live. The families hate each other, but what happens whenEdward starts to fall for one of them? Will love conquer all? Romeo and Juliet style.


5. What's happening?

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I collapsed on a chair outside Starbucks, my legs going numb. I looked up to see Alice looking just as bouncy as when we first started.

“Aren’t you tired at all?” I asked. As we ran trough the shops, she had never stopped once. I was having trouble catching up, but today was an important day. I actually enjoyed the shopping trip. Me, enjoying shopping. I know; I was shocked too. Alice’s bell-like voice brought me back to earth.

“No. Once you’ve been shopping at least a thousand times, you get used to it.” I giggled. She certainly looked like the type that went shopping every day. When I was ordering my drink, I noticed Alice wasn’t ordering anything.

“Don’t you want anything?” I asked. She shook her head and giggled, as if enjoying an inside joke. I decided now was the time to ask about the rivalry between the two families. Yes, I said families. Jacob considers the whole neighbourhood family. Yet another excuse not to fall for Embry. I can complain it will like be falling in love with my cousin. I set my shopping bags down with relief. They were seriously heavy. The funny thing was, Alice seemed to have no trouble with her many bags, although she was 5’1 at the most.

“Um, I was wondering...” I started. I hoped that the reason wasn’t too personal. Alice nodded encouragingly. “Do you know anything about the, um, rivalry between our families? I mean, every time you look at each other, you all glare.” I looked at my feet, feeling uncomfortable.” As I said this, her face had darkened, but she quickly composed herself and put on a grin.

“Oh, out families just don’t get along.” She said. “But we all like you.” She added quickly. I highly doubted that, remembering Rosalie’s threat. “Well, me and Edward do.” She said, as if reading my mind. Suddenly, her face went blank and her eyes became unfocused.

“Alice? Alice, are you ok?” I was just about to shake her when she came back from her little detour. I looked at her worriedly, checking to see if she was ok.

“I’m fine.” She sounded confident enough, so I left it at that. When I had finished my coffee, Alice said that she wanted to refund one of the belts she brought, so we headed back to the shops to return it. I waited outside while she went in and read about the sales on the notice board nearby. I was just reading about the sale going on in Victory’s secret, when I felt a large presence behind me. I looked up to see who it was. Quil and Embry were towering over me. Embry was looking me up and down suspiciously. I quickly composed myself and gave them a genuine smile, which he seemed to fall for.

“Hi Amber, fancy seeing you here!” Quil’s voice was so thickly covered in fake surprise I almost died. I pretended not to notice as Embry nudged him angrily in the ribs.

“Hiya.” I said. “What are you doing here?”

“We just wanted to hang out. You here with anyone?” Embry asked casually, but I could see the curiosity burning in his eyes. I quickly made up a lie.

“Yeah, I’m here with Aimee.” I said smoothly. “She’s just refunding a belt.” Embry’s body relaxed a little at the words.

“Ok then. Well see you around.” They turned and headed in the direction of the cafe. God, did they ever stop eating? I heard giggling behind me and Alice’s tiny frame appeared from behind the notice board.

“That was a close one! You’re good at lying!” I gave her a mischievous grin.

“It’s a talent.”

She dropped me off round the corner from my street, not wanting someone to see us together. Jacob was back, watching through the window. He stood up when he saw me walk down the drive way and got up to go to the door. His face was an expressionless mask. He opened the door and pointed to the kitchen. He couldn’t have seen us together could he? I prepared myself for the worst. I sat down gingerly in one of the chairs and glanced up at Jacob, whose face still looked like it was made out of stone.

“Today Quil and Embry went in to the mall and saw you there. With Alice Cullen. How many times have I told you to stay away from them Amber?” His voice was quiet yet equally harsh. I felt like slapping myself. How could I have let my guard down do easily after I saw them there?

“So what?” My tone was rude, but he so deserved it. Since when was he the boss?

So you disobeyed my orders!” He almost yelled. His voice went back to an almost deadly whisper. “I’m trying to help you. I’m in charge and you will do as I say.” He spat. My blood really started to boil then.

“In case you’re forgetting, mum is in charge! You don’t have any authority over me! You are not dad!” I knew it was harsh, bringing up dad, but I was too angry to really care. Who did he think he was, telling me what to do? A hurt look crossed Jacob’s face but that quickly turned to anger.

“Don’t you ever mention dad again!” He shouted at me. I stood up, sending my chair flying.

“There you go again, thinking you can boss me about when ever you want! In case your forgetting, he was my dad too, so don’t you dare tell me not to mention him!” I screamed back. I heard his reply but it seemed... distant. I started to panic as I started to shake uncontrollably. My body was slowly starting to feel hotter and hotter. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what happened next.

I opened my eyes a few moments later, after I felt almost pain. I looked down and would have screamed – would have. If I could. My feet were now... paws. I felt fur all over my body. It was a chocolately- brown colour. I let out a panicked wine.