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The Lion

Gregory Thomas is the new kid in school. Serena has no idea what to do about it...it's all too complicated... =/


1. Prologue: First Sight

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I sat on my doorstep waiting for the lunar eclipse.

All of a sudden it was dark, and all I could see was the glow that the streetlights gave.

Then I saw him.

He stepped out under the streetlight. He looked pale and his lips were of a bright red shade.

His looks were mesmerizing. He had a pair of the goldest eyes I’ve ever seen, which looked shiny from the light of the streetlight. His hair was a copper-ish color, as if the color of a dimmed penny. His jaw chiseled perfectly. I could just see the sheer perfection of his sculpted abs through his tight shirt.

He glanced my way for only a second and turned away from me. I saw his cheek life up from the side of his face, as if he were smiling— or laughing? At me?

I still sat there, I watched him as he sat on the curb and threw a stone up in the air and caught it on its way down. He threw it up and down, up and down. Humming a sweet melody as he did so.

The soft sweet humming stuck in my brain. As I began humming to the same melody as well he looked up at me from the curb.

He laughed lightly and kept my gaze. His laugh was musical, it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. I continued to stare at him. Unable to break away my gaze for even one moment. It was as if a powerful force made my gaze meet his.

The sun began to come out from the dark. He looked up at it, then turned to me and smiled at me. I looked up at the sky and then look back at the curb under the streetlight and he was gone, as if he’d disappeared into thin air.