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The Lion

Gregory Thomas is the new kid in school. Serena has no idea what to do about it...it's all too complicated... =/


2. Chapter 2: Finding

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Who was he? Why did he leave so suddenly? Why can’t I stop thinking about him?!

I walked down the block as I thought about him. The look he gave me was both cautious and inviting, both powerful and weak, frantic and calm. Such an oxymoron that it barely made any sense.

I wasn’t paying enough attention and I tripped over a huge crack in the sidewalk. I fell down hard and my knee was bleeding. I thought, great, another scar for my whole damn collection.

I was looking through my bag for neosporin or something to put on my knee, I hate band-aids.

You see, the reason I hate them is because when you put them on they’re fine, everything seems better, but then it’s time for them to come off. When you pull it off it hurts, and even though the cut and the reason you put it on in the first place is healed, you have a whole new reason to cry. Then, you end up left with a healed cut but a burning and hurting place where it used to be for a while, until the sting settles. And sometimes there’s no mark left afterwards, it’s as if it was never there. Other times there’s a scar that will be there forever, there would be no forgetting it, those times are the times that I dread.

I was sitting in my seat during Italian class, paying very close attention—to my notebook, as I doodled all over it. I heard the door open and I looked up, the principal had walked into the room. A boy in a dark hoodie that covered his face behind him. I could only make out his lips, which were a bright red.

The principal began whispering to the teacher and then he turned to us—the class—and said in a loud voice "everyone, you have a new student in your class, his name is Gregory Thomas."

I rolled my eyes, a kid with an old name like that was probably some loser who spent his time reading all day.

Gregory stepped up from behind the principal and just looked down, the hoodie still keeping his face from me.

"Take that hood off!" the principal scolded him.

Gregory did as he was told.

I thought at first that my eyes were deceiving me, he was the boy from the streetlight. I didn’t believe that it was really him until he looked up and smiled at me.

The teacher assigned him to the seat in the back of the room, the one that was 3 rows behind my seat. I took a deep breath and let it out, as long as he wasn’t near me I was fine.

When he passed me on the way to his seat he dropped a note on my desk. Once he sat down I looked back at him and showed him the paper, eyes puzzled. He laughed a soft laugh and mouthed "open it".

I opened the note and read, "you’re the weird girl from the lunar eclipse, the one who was staring at me?" it was a question, not so much a statement.

I began to write back "I was so not staring at you! I was looking at the street light, the way it illuminated during the lunar eclipse." I passed it back and only a few minutes later the boy who sits behind me, Mike—whom I’ve known since I was only seven years old—tapped me on my shoulder.

I turned around to him and he pointed back to Gregory. I looked at Gregory and he was smirking "sure you weren’t staring at me?" he mouthed.

I glared at his conceit "I’m positive."

A minute or two later a note from Gregory was on my desk. I opened it—rolling my eyes as I did so—and I read, "well that’s too bad, because if you were staring at me then I’d have to admit that I was staring back to notice it."

He did have a point with that. Wait. He just admitted that he was staring at me...wow!

"Well, why don’t you pay attention, unless you want to fail" I wrote back.

I didn’t want to admit anything to him, I didn’t know him. All that I knew about him was that he was a new kid in school who just so happens to be amazingly gorgeous.

I took the note from Mike sitting behind me and read it "yes, but I’m not the one who spends my time in class doodling on her book".

How did he know that I do that?! He’s only been here for less that a period and he already knows that I doodle on my notebook! That is just freaky! How could he know that?! I didn’t answer him back. I ripped the note into pieces and went to throw it out, as I did so I saw him grinning at me triumphantly.

The next class my floor had was lunch. On my way to the cafeteria I saw him staring at me, not so much sizing me up, more like because he was curious. Curious about what, I do not know.

As I walked into the cafeteria I felt somebody grab my arm, for a second I thought it would be Gregory until I turned and saw Travis, my stupid older brother. He was in his last year, I’m only in my second year at high school.

He glared at me "why would you tell Ashley about Kate?!"

I smiled to myself. His girlfriend—or now ex-girlfriend—Ashley never knew how much of a player my asshole of a brother was. Kate was one of the other girls in a different click that he was going out with...and having sex with. I swear, thinking of my brother having sex is revolting, somebody get me a barf-bag.

I told Ashley all about Kate and about my brother and she dumped his ass flat on the ground. Ashley is head cheerleader and when she does something she goes all out. She went right up to Kate and smacked her across the face, then she explained everything to her. Together, Kate and Ashley both got permission for the morning announcements because they’re both such excellent students, and they told the entire school about Travis and his game! The entire school!

It was my best work yet. "Well, maybe it’s the fact that you were sexing all of these other girls while you still had a girlfriend. Just thinking about the fact that you might’ve left one of them to go to the other made me want to vomit—and thinking about you doing any of them—but that isn’t the point. You played these girls like they were just things! That is what really pissed me off."

Travis glared at me "Serena" he said in a strained voice "when we get home, you are dead."

"I’m shaking" I said, sarcastic, as I glared back at him.

He walked away and I turned around, knocking into Gregory. Gregory smiled "I heard about what you did."

"What’s your point?" I crossed my arms over my chest, I was so not in the mood for this crap.

"Well, I think that you were right about what you did. Guys should treat women with respect. Your brother is obviously but a mere boy," he said it in a refined way, very polite.

I laughed "and you’re not simply a ‘mere boy’?"

"Well, physically I am just as much a man as your brother. Mentally, I beat him greatly," Gregory said, serious.

"I never denied that," I said, lifting my chin "but you are still but a mere boy, even though you refuse to see it or admit it. You are just as much a boy as my brother."

He took a step closer to me, and suddenly the entire mood changed. Five seconds ago I was angry and straight forward, now the mood changed to a scared and anxious mood. That one step towards me made the mood intimate, deep.

"How much would you like to bet on that?" he said, his voice light and soft.

"You cannot prove to me that you are not a boy," I said, keeping my composure.

"But I can" he raised his eyebrow "how about I meet you at your house tomorrow?"

"Are you implying that you would like to take me out?" I asked, cautious.

A wide grin broke out on his face "I believe I am, Serena. So, what do you say?"

"I say that I’ll meet you after school today, by the front of the building," I remained calm on the outside, but my heart was beating rapidly.

"I’ll be waiting," he said, his voice velvety and soft. Then, he picked up my hand and kissed it, leaving.

I just stood there, shocked, and just realizing that there were other people there. Other people who were now staring at me. I had forgotten that we were in the middle of the cafeteria, it felt like no one else had existed...