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The Lion

Gregory Thomas is the new kid in school. Serena has no idea what to do about it...it's all too complicated... =/


3. Chapter 3: Hunt

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It was raining when I was walking out of school, heading towards the front of the building. I was intrigued and anxious to know exactly what Gregory planned on doing. I was also scared of what my brother would do to me once I got home, despite the fact that I seem unfazed by it, it’s quite the opposite. My brother has his way of handling things. Either way will end up in my humiliation...but this time nobody will listen to him because everybody hates his guts, especially the most powerful people in the school. So I can’t be in for it that bad.

I was running towards the front door, in the pouring rain. My curly hair soaked and heavy on my head. My heart beating rapidly. I stopped, abruptly. Hands on my knees, breathing heavily. I felt the cut and I saw that it was bleeding again. I rolled my eyes at the sheer idiocity of the situation.

I got back up after I finally found my breath. This time I kept at a slow pace, although I felt the rain pounding onto my forehead. When I got there I saw Gregory standing there...with an umbrella. So I pretty much ran in the rain and he has an umbrella...I wanted to smack myself for being so moronic. I should’ve known that it was going to be raining hard today, it’s only been on every radio station since last week.

He looked at my soaking clothes, wet hair and dripping face...then he did the most unlikely thing...he laughed.

I felt humiliated. Hurt. Disgusted with him. Raging. Angry. Upset. Embarrassed. Pai—

Then, out of nowhere he stopped, and he looked down at the bleeding cut on my knee. He scrunched up his nose, as if he was disgusted?

I looked down at it as well and then back up at him. His eyes looked wild, frantic, crazed, frightened. I watched his face, the emotions taking their coarse in his gorgeous eyes.

Then he looked up at me "how’d you get that?" he looked calm again, but his eyes were empty. I was so not buying that crap.

"I fell earlier when I wasn’t paying attention," I smiled sheepishly.

"I didn’t smell it before..." he muttered to himself. I just barely heard him myself. His voice was almost completely inaudible.

"It only just started bleeding, I think it was because of the hard rain," I just realized that I was screaming so he would hear me over the pounding of the rain hitting the ground with amazing force.

He nodded curtly "I think I should take you home now. The weather’s too crazy," he smiled, but it wasn’t a real one, it didn’t reach his eyes...something was wrong. "Come on, I’ll drive you."

We reached his car, a black hummer. It was humongous! I’d never seen a bigger car—other than a monster truck, but that’s besides the point.

We drove in pure silence, I used my sweater—which was now also completely ruined from the rain—to dab at the blood oozing out of my cut. The rain wasn’t exactly helping the blood dry, but because I had no other choice than something wet—considering that I am only wet and no dry—I had to wait until I was all dried up, or at least had something dry to clean it with.

I remembered that I had the neosporin in my bag. I searched through it frantically, the cut was beginning to burn. I couldn’t find it, I know it should be here somewh—CRAP! I think that I was using a different bag yesterday and when I switched everything into this bag I must’ve forgotten to put it in my bag.

He looked at me, his expression empty. His eyes looked locked up, blocked by some invisible force. "Why don’t you just use a band-aid?"

"I hate band-aids" I mumbled.

He looked at me, finally letting some of his expressions show. Only I wish he hadn’t because he looked at me rather oddly, like he was determining whether or not I was nuts!

"Don’t give me that stupid look, I don’t like band-aids, okay? It’s no damn big deal," I wanted to slap him. Really, really hard across his stupid little perfect face.

He was amused now at my slight outburst "well, pardon me, miss, but I didn’t think a lady of your caliber would curse in such a foul way."

"You really need to stop being such a wise-ass," I rolled my eyes.

"I could say the same about you." He looked over at me for a brief moment and grinned.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, I would never win with him...and I always win.

"We’re here," he announced.

"Wait. If I didn’t tell you where I live then how did you know?" I asked, confused.

He laughed "the lunar eclipse, remember? Weird girl?" He smiled.

I glared at him "whatever, good-bye."

I got out of the car and slammed the door in his face, running up the steps into my dry house. I felt my cell phone buzz inside my pocket as I began to unlock the door, not wanting to ring the doorbell and have my brother answer it.

I picked it up "hello?"

"I just wanted to ask you something."

It was Gregory. I looked back at his car and saw him grinning at me, his cell phone at his ear.

"And what was it that you wanted to ask?" I asked him, smiling.

"I wanted to know if you would walk with me to class tomorrow," he said, confident.

I sighed "will you ever give up?"

"Never," he said, serious again.

"Fine, then I’ll see you on my way to class."

I hung up the phone and went into my house, his engine driving away, leaving a gray mist.

He was determined...a lion on the hunt...