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Snow Angels

Takes place during the December of New Moon. I wrote it in a very different style to try and mirror how her life is during this point in the series. A little one shot about what Bella is going through. Feedback would be appreciated ^_^


1. Snow Angels

Rating 2.5/5   Word Count 675   Review this Chapter

Snow Angels By: Natilie Sawada I am continually inspired by all the snow we have around here. I just can’t stop writing. (Although, that’s not necessarily a bad thing ^_^) Because of what Bella is going through during the time of this fic, I decided to try out a new style that would reflect how empty she is, how meaningless her life seems to her, and how she has to kind of instruct herself to get through the routine of daily life. Tell me if it came out insightful and creative, or just awful >