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Secrets are kept, shared, and remembered in the small town of Forks. But looking into the minds of those Forks citizens, we realize that secrets aren't bad, but the one thing that controls the world as we know it.


1. Beginning

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Secret [see-krit]


1. Done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others

Secrets. We all have them, think others have them, and others think we have them. Some secrets are massive, juicy and rich that you just want to scream it to the world. Some secrets are horrible things that happened in your life and you try to hide from the world. Some secrets are so small, so unimportant, that they just go in one ear, and out the other.

Some secrets are shared among everyone around you, except yourself. It makes your blood rise, your curiosity over flow, and it makes you want to know the secret more than anything in the world. Some secrets you know, and others don’t, which makes you happy and proud to be part of something. Some secrets are shared among others, but to you it’s just some gossip that isn’t anything important.

But the thing is we will never know exactly what a secret it. Because it’s a secret.

In Forks, a lowly little town completely surrounded buy clouds and rain; many secrets are kept, shared, and hidden.

Let’s start off with the hospital. The Forks hospital is a quaint little place with mint green walls and nice doctors. It seems nice, well kept (except for that ghastly old person smell) and filled with good people, but that is for sure not the case.

Melinda Casey, the secretary, is a nice woman at the age of 41. She has 3 children, a caring husband, a respectable house and a cosy little cottage down in California. Her life seems well off, from everyone else’s view. Melinda try’s ever so hard to keep her past from catching up on her. When she was thirteen years old, she had been raped. It happened again once she was sixteen. In between, she began doing drugs to take that horrible memory out of her mind. When she was 28, her parents never wanted to see her again, she was seriously addicted to cocaine, and she had no where to live. But then she went to therapy to help her stop her addiction, went to medical school, and met Frank, her husband.

She has a ‘horrible things that happened in your life and you try to hide from the world’ kind of secret.

Let’s move on.

Greg McIntry is the children’s doctor at the hospital. He has a girlfriend, and small house close to the woods and his parents can’t seem to get away from him. But being the children’s doctor, he doesn’t get to see most of the other doctors. So when he walks into the lounge for his break, everyone is chatting excitedly. He goes to the coffee machine, and bumps into Dr. Orcha.

“Why’s everyone so excited?” Greg asked Dr. Orcha, Beth, eagerly. Since he didn’t talk with the other doctors so much, he usually asked her about the usual gossip.

“There’s a new...erm... nothing. It’s nothing really.” She said slowly and quietly.

“What do you mean?” he pushed.

“Well, it’s sort of a secret. Aw, look, I got to go check on a patient. Bye” And with a shrug she walked of quickly. Greg was befuddled. Beth always told him everything! He was angry. How could the doctor’s want to keep a secret from him?! He thought all this angrily as he poured himself a coffee and stomped out of the lounge like a baby.

Greg is being kept from a secret and it “makes your blood rise, your curiosity over flow, and it makes you want to know the secret more than anything in the world”.

And finally there’s Carlisle Cullen... but we’ll get back to him later.

Now, let’s get on to the high school.