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Secrets are kept, shared, and remembered in the small town of Forks. But looking into the minds of those Forks citizens, we realize that secrets aren't bad, but the one thing that controls the world as we know it.


2. High School

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Forks High School is like most high schools in America. Popular’s, Jocks, Geeks, Goths... it has them all. But the main job it seems for most of the students is to basically keep a low profile. No glitzy new studs, no sudden pink hair, no amazing beauty. Just simple plain, normal popular’s, jocks, geeks, goths and everyone in between. But, like everyone else in the world, they have their secrets.

We will begin with the ‘basically popular, but simply just a group of friends’ table.

Angela is a quiet girl who has a great hand with a camera. She snaps pictures of everything and anything. She’s harmless and cute. But camera’s can put great and horrible pictures into our minds. Angela was out in the woods, snapping pictures of the forest, camera never leaving her eye. That is, until she caught site of something. Deeper into the woods, she saw a beautiful woman, with big, lively orange hair. She was like a paper, so pale. And on her face, was the face of anger. The sun opened up just a peek, and when it touched her, she seemed to sparkle, like a diamond. But suddenly she vanished. Angela didn’t know what to think. Had she imagined the beautiful woman who sparkled? Or was she really there. Angela ran home repeating in her head that she imagined it.

Mike. A cute, loyal boy with athletic ability and a nice smile. He had dated some of the girls at the table, but he had the reputation of a nice, good boyfriend. But here’s the secret - he kept a sort of a list in his head. He had dated Jessica, Lauren, Carly, Sarah and Lola. For each of them he had French kissed on the first date. He wanted to get to ten by the end of the year. Also, for the first three on the list, he had seen them topless. He wanted to see the whole list topless. So what seems to be a nice, cute guy, who’s a gentle, nice boyfriend, is actually a sort of a man-whore who didn’t care at all for his girls.

Some secrets are meant to be kept secret.

Jessica. Fun, lively, and cute. Wants to be popular, but is ok with the situation at hand. Has a normal family of 4. Simple, sweet, caring... but saw Edward Cullen and Bella Swan making out in his car. At first she was at shock. She had no idea that Edward and Bella were so close, Bella never said anything! She hid behind some rusted up car and watched as they kissed. She felt wrong, but it was so interesting. Edward seemed to almost be...resisting, but wanting more. And Bella, well, Bella just wanted it all. Suddenly, Edward jumped back with a look of sadness on his face. Bella looked disappointed to.

“Jess!” Angela yelled from across the lot, by the entrance of the school. This made Jessica jump. She quickly scurried on over, thinking about whether she should tell. She looked back at the car, which was driving away.

No, no she shouldn’t.

Alright, enough with this table. Moving on into the lunch room of the Forks High School, which table should we see next? Art people? Full fledged jocks? The table that’s always empty but you know is reserved for the people who smoke behind the school?? No...

Let us now look on to probably the most secretive table in all of the Forks High School, in all of Forks for the matter.

The Cullen table.

At the Cullen table there were 5 – soon to be 6 – people. Those 5 people were probably the most beautiful people you’d ever see in your life time.

Big and muscular Emmett,

Intense and mysterious Jasper,

Quirky and small Alice,

Gorgeous and snobby Rosalie,

And boyish and quiet Edward.

They were the Cullen children. They had this serene beauty; beauty makeup could not be the culprit for. When they walked in, everyone half awed at their beauty, and half glared at it. With their pale skin, topaz eyes and quick reflexes, they were like airbrushed mannequins, coming to life.

Everyone was jealous. Everyone wanted there beauty and wealthyness. Everyone wanted everything they had.

But little did they know the price of that.