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Secrets are kept, shared, and remembered in the small town of Forks. But looking into the minds of those Forks citizens, we realize that secrets aren't bad, but the one thing that controls the world as we know it.


3. Rosalie

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As you all probably know, they are vampires. The whole Cullen family is a group of vampires who like to call themselves ‘vegetarians’ because they hunt animals instead of humans.

But you already know that secret, so let’s dulge farther in and see what we can find.

Rosalie Hale was born in 1915. She lived a nice wealthy life in Rochester, New York.

She was beautiful and rich, the perfect wife. So she ended up marrying Royce King II, the son of the fellow who owned the bank her father worked in.

But one night her husband and his friends beat her and left her on the streets to bleed. That’s when Carlisle found her.

You can understand that Rosalie feels a lot of grief.

Yes, she may have the strong and handsome Emmett to take care of her, but some times she wonders, why did he hurt me? She wonders how can someone who’s life is perfect beyond compare suddenly crash down into a miserable state?

She loves Emmett more than the world, and she loves her entire little vampire family, but she remembers.

She remembers what it was like to breath, the blink, the feel a pulse. To feel the warm sun against your back, or to take a deep breath before you plung into the water.

The vampire life sounds interesting and mysterious, but it’s more of a trap that you can never get out of.

But the one thing Rosalie Hale misses the most is crying.

Crying when someone dies, crying when someone says a funny joke, any sort of crying at all. Crying seems like the thing you’d miss the least, but sometimes Rosalie remembers and feels that grief, and she just wants to cry.

But she has no tears.

So, the secret. To a slightly snobby, beautiful girl like Rosalie, this is the one thing no one but herself is to know.

On those days when everyone seems to be out of the house except for Rosalie, she goes into the bathroom, locks the door (even though the vampire strength of her family could easily open it, it made her comfortable), and hunts through the cabinets.

Alice had stacked them with ordinary human belongings just in case.

At last, Rosalie finds the eye drops. She takes it and dabs it on and around her eye.

The venom is slowly making it avaporate, but for now, it will do.

She looks into the mirror and see’s a beautiful girl who seems to be crying. She puts more eye drops. One slides down her cheek.

The memories of her human life speed into her mind. She adds more eye drops and begins to sob.

After an hour of so of sobbing and remembering, she wipes away all the eye drops, puts the eye drop bottle away, leaves the bathroom and goes and read’s a magazine.

Rosalie tries to make herself forget what she did, because Edward might read her mind and see it.

If Alice or Esme finds out, it won’t matter. Rosalie knows that Alice and Esme would understand. None of the men in the house would.

Rosalie has a tragic sort of secret. Let’s move on.