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Bella was changed by a group of vampires after Edward left. They all were left broken just like Bella. They are each others family. What will happen when Bella's past comes back to haunt her?

Hope you like it!

1. Prolouge

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Wind shrieks and howls at a young woman. Her toes curl around the edge of the cliff. The waves crash against the hard cliff and wait impatiently for their next victim. Her brown hair flows behind like a ribbon of forgotten dreams. Clouds gather above ready to weep. She spreads her arms out behind her. The waves lap eagerly against the cliff, waiting. Her full lips mutter a single word into the wind. Edward she says.

She closes her big brown fawn like eyes. The black circles beneath them and her hallowed skin become a beacon of dread as she leans forward. The lips mutter again a message into the wind. Edward, I love you, she says. She leans forward and falls.

The wind cackles around her. The waves swirl and thrash. The young woman’s hair tries to fly upward to cling back on the safe cliff. Her eyes arms fly lazily through the air, relaxing. This is what she has wanted. She can’t live without him.

The sun peeks out from behind the weeping clouds. The red hues of its setting face fill up the scene with light. Her face which used to be so full of happiness now sits forever in sorrow.

The waves jump up trying to capture her with foamy jaws. She falls. She hits the water. The wind moans and the clouds weep a steady drizzle. The jaws of the ocean swallowed her up with out a second thought.

She doesn’t resist, she doesn’t fight. The waves toss her from hand to hand. An arm breaks. Its white bone contrasts sharply with the dark midnight waves. Red blood pores from a wound on her head and creates its own tail down her pale face. The waves continue to play until the lonely moon rises.

The white light shines upon the body as she slowly begins to sink to the bottom of the midnight ocean. She gave up the fight many months ago and now allows death to claim her. She says one last thing Edward.

The jaws of the waves close over her head and she begins to sink.

A black haired angel dives into the water. She swims, her mouth not breathing. She dives for the woman, diving deeper and deeper into the belly of the beastly ocean.

Her strong arm reaches down for the woman’s hand. Grabbing and not letting go the angel kicks her legs to the surface.

She fights against the ocean and against death. Death’s pet, the midnight waves pull the angel down, but she is too strong.

Her head breaks he surface. The winds shriek. The waves howl. They have lost their prey. The waves crash against one another moaning under the moon.

The angel pulls the young woman on to the pale beach under the pale moon. The trees whisper softly and a cricket sings in the distance. The dunes move slowly with the wind, sliding and dancing as they have since the beginning of time.

The angel smiles as she hears the faint beating of a heart. She brushes the woman’s hair lovingly out of her face. She leans down and brings her mouth to the woman’s neck. She opens her mouth and bites down on the woman’s neck.

She pulls back with a drop of red blood upon her lip. Her pale tongue licks it off as she stares up at the moon. Her golden eyes reflect it like a lake of homey. The stars overhead sway back and forth in an ancient dance as a the young woman begins to change.