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Written in Blood

In the 24th century Edward is attending highschool with the others execpt Bella. He left her and she died in a car crash. In english they have to read a new book. It is called Written in BLood. It is wriiten by Isabella Swan, a late 23rd century writer. THe story seems a little too familar. But how is that possible?

Hope you like it!

1. English

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High School again. It never ends.

My first class, English would be a joy.

Life was meaningless without my Bella. My Bella.

I don’t even listen to thoughts any more, they are too painful.

There is the bell. I should go to class. Maybe I could skip. No Alice would see me and drag me back.

Might as well go.

Why does this teacher always have to be so unoriginal.

She says that we are reading another book.

Probably Romeo and Juliet. That was one of her favorites.

This teacher is surprising. A new book. Joy. Written in Blood. Ironic.

The dedication. It is strange. To the real Edward.

The teacher tells us to page one, but I am already there.

I didn’t want to leave Phoenix. But my mother remarried. I loved her very much, but her new husband was a baseball player who traveled. At first she stayed home with me, but I could see how much she wanted to go. So I decided to move to Forks, to be with my father, Charlie.

This was so familiar, it reminded me of a memory just beyond the reaches of my grasp.

The teacher is mad, she is telling me not to read ahead. Look at the author she says.

Fine, I will. I flip to the back of the book.

Isabella Swan was a writer of the late 23rd century. This is her only book. She died in car accident days after her 23rd birthday on September 23rd. Her body was never found. There is a memorial in Forks, Washington, her home town.

No picture. It is all so familiar, but Bella lived in the 21st century. It cannot be her.

I am over reacting. It is a book, nothing more. It can’t be anything more. Bella died. I saw her grave!

The teacher is reading aloud. I should probably listen.

Who are they, I asked the girl next to me. I think her name was Jessica.

They are the Cullens. The blond haired one is Rosalie and the buff one is Emmett. They’re together. Like together.

It’s not like that’s illegal, they’re adopted, a nice brown haired girl named Angela says.

Anyways the little dark haired girl is Alice. She’s weird. And the one that looks like he is in pain is Jasper.

Who’s the bronze haired one? I ask.

That is Edward. Don’t waste your time, he doesn’t date. Apparently none of the girls here are good enough for him.

I think I saw him smirk as if he heard the girl , Jessica. He was handsome. His features were godlike. His eyes were a golden honey color and his skin was pale white.

No, it couldn’t be Bella. Bella died! She did. She died a normal human death. She lived a normal human life! It couldn’t be her! She died! My Bella is dead!

No, no, no. My Bella died long ago. She forgot about me. She died in a car crash. She had to. She can’t be alive! She died. She must have.

The bell is ringing, but I think I am going to skip class. I need to talk to Carlisle.