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Written in Blood

In the 24th century Edward is attending highschool with the others execpt Bella. He left her and she died in a car crash. In english they have to read a new book. It is called Written in BLood. It is wriiten by Isabella Swan, a late 23rd century writer. THe story seems a little too familar. But how is that possible?

Hope you like it!

2. Chapter 2

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I pull up to the hospital.

The receptionist recognizes me.

She tries to flirt, but I can never love another, only my Bella.

Carlisle’s office. I walk in. I show him the book, he doesn’t respond.

Wait he says as I turn to leave.

He says he knows what I am thinking, but that it can’t be her.

He is right it is just a….coincidence.

I go to my car.

I pick up the book.

I read it.

I have biology after lunch. Nix, my loyal Labrador follows me. The teacher welcomes me and shows me my seat. The one empty seat is next to the only and only Edward Cullen. His sculpted face was handsome, as if he was and angel. How I wish I could kiss those lips of his. Wait, what am I thinking? I haven’t even met the guy why am I thinking about kissing him? The rain must really be getting to me.

A car pulls in next to me.

The driver is familiar.

My English teacher.

What is she doing here?

I glance at the clock.


I must have been reading for awhile.

My teacher gets out of her car. Her brown hair bounces on her shoulders.

She trips, I should help her.

But I don’t. I drive away instead.

Alice is sitting on the porch, reading.

The book in her hands is familiar.

It is the same book.

It can’t be by my Bella. Only some of the names are the same. She couldn’t have written it!

Alice barely notices as I pass her by. I walk into the house.

It is too quiet.

I see Emmett perched on the bottom of the steps. He is holding a book in his hands.

The same book. Why is everyone reading it?

Maybe if I listen with my thoughts. No! It will be too painful. I can’t. No, I can’t.

Esme is reading too. She is in the loveseat. I go upstairs.

I pass Jasper curled up in a ball reading in the hallway.

Rosalie is reading in her room as well.

I go in my room. I slam the door shut.

It is too quiet.

I pull out the book.

Carlisle is back.

He comes in and calls us downstairs.

I drag my feet down the stairs.

The others do the same.

He says there is another vampire in Forks.

She visited him at the hospital.

She is an English teacher. She is vegetarian. She will come meet us this weekend.


He says that she will respect our coven, but that she will not move away.

She lived here as a teenager.

A smile crosses Carlisle’s face.

What does he know?

I could read his thoughts, but I won’t.

Why should I. Nothing matters anymore.

Not without my Bella.

Alice sighs and goes upstairs. Rosalie follows. Then Jasper and then Emmett.

None of them look at me.

They all hate me for leaving Bella.

I don’t blame them. I hate myself as well.

My Bella.

My Bella.