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Renee Calls Charlie

An ordinary afternoon at Charlie's house and Renee calls wanting to know why she hasn't heard from Bella.

hope u like it

1. Renee Calls Charlie

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I could hear Jacob and Renesmee in the kitchen from where I was sitting in Charlie’s living room. They were supposed to be making supper but from all the giggling I doubt much was getting done.

Jacob had been right, as Renesmee grew he had been exactly what she needed him to be. Mow at the physical age of 5, he was her best friend.

The phone rang and Jacob came in. Something squishy smeared all over his shirt. “Charlie, it’s for you.” Holding out the phone.

“Well, it is my house isn’t it?” He chuckled heaving himself up from his spot on the couch next to Sue.

I relaxed against Edward’s chest as Jacob started to head back into the kitchen. Edward froze next to me and Jacob stopped in his tracks in response to the room’s sudden stress.

I looked up at Charlie standing in front of the TV. Shock written on his face.

He glanced towards me, “Oh, well, hello Renee.”

I gasped as he spoke my mother’s name, and Edward crushed me closer to him.

I zoned in with my new vampire hearing and listened to what she had to say.

“— come on, I haven’t heard anything since the wedding. How are they, is bells even alive! Charlie I’m concerned. You’ve got to tell me something! Please!” She sounded so desperate it made me want to fly to Florida and be with her.

Charlie hesitated, “Er, um, well, I’m not totally sure.” His eyes searched the room for an answer, “Well, you know that she is probably busy with college and everything, but I know that she loves you very much and missing you desperately. Renee, she is grown up, I don’t know if you will ever be able to see her again—”

“Charlie, I’ve been having that exact feeling like I’ll never be able to see, or hear her again. That’s why I called, I would have earlier but I’ve been so busy.” I could hear her sniffle on the other end. “Just tell me this, Charlie, is she safe, but mostly, is she happy?”

Charlie locked eyes with me for a second before answering. His voice melted, “Yes, I can tell you that she is absolutely happy, so happy and safe, as happy as you could ever dreamed her of being. As happy as any person possible.” His eyes were watering.

Renee sighted, “Thank-you Charlie, I will be able to sleep now. Oh, I can just picture her smile.” You could almost hear her smile through her tears.

“Yes,” Charlie smiled back, “Yes, I can too.”

“Well I had better got, thanks again Charlie, so much.”

“Yup, no problem, bye Renee.” Charlie hung up the phone the huskie edge returning to his voice.

He gave me a hug as I said “Thank-you Charlie, now I know she won’t worry so much.”

Renesmee crawled into my lap and tucked her head under my chin, she must have heard everything from the kitchen, “I love you,” Edward and Renesmee whispered in unison.

I hugged them both smiling.

It was silent for a while when a loud rumble issued into the air. The room was filled with laughter. The noise had come from Jacob’s stomach.

“Jake!” I gasped.

“Sorry, I’m hungry!”

“Let’s go finish supper.” Renesmee said, leaping up.They both headed into the kitchen.

I chuckled and Edward kissed me softly on the forehead, smiling, our eyes sparkling with joy.