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Third part of to my stories "Alone" and "Together". **ADULT CONTENT** All Human. Bella and Edward have moved up to Seattle with the kids to start their lives... find out what happens.


1. Chapter 1

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Thankful- Capt 1


As I pulled my Volvo into the driveway of my home just outside of Seattle, I noticed a dim light from my bedroom window. Given the fact that it was two in the morning, I knew one of my children must be awake. I quietly pulled into the garage and made my way inside. Bella and I had just moved here. Six years ago we had purchased a smaller home, with the intentions of upgrading later on. But when Bella's career started taking off and baby number four made an appearance, she insisted on finding a larger home. Moving with a newborn is not something I would recommend.

Once inside I found Bella walking around the house with our newest arrival, Lillian Alice Cullen. She was what we called our 'surprise' baby, since we had planned to stop after the arrival of Jackson twenty-two months ago. But we both felt that our family wasn't complete until Lillian came. Madeline and Masen were now eleven and heavily involved in their own activities: Maddy was still in gymnastics, Masen plays baseball and hockey, thanks to Emmett. Charlotte was my little angel. She was five, had just started school and was obsessed with reading, just like me. Jackson Phillip was my wild child. His favorite thing was running around the house leaving a wake of destruction behind him. Lillian by far is the fussiest of all of our children, which makes for a sleep deprived Bella.

Watching Bella pace the hall with Lillian reminded me how beautiful she was. Not that I forgot or anything, but there was just something about her that still takes my breath away after all these years. Her practice as an attorney was going very well. Just prior to going on maternity leave, she was named one of two junior partners, thanks in part to two multi-million dollar cases she won this past year. She practiced in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, patents and products liability. She truly enjoyed being in a court room and said there's nothing better than calling your clients and telling them you've won.

I had settled into my practice as a physician as well. I chosen the field of Emergency Medicine at the local hospital. I had several offers, including one from the same hospital as Carlisle, but since Bella was already settled in her firm, I declined. The hospital I chose was an inner-city hospital, which I liked because I truly felt like I was helping people. The pay sucked, the hours were long, but I loved it.

Our family wasn't the only one that grew. Alice and Jasper were quietly married three years ago and shortly thereafter, Jasper Whitlock Hale, Jr., arrived. We all call him JJ, which is fitting since he's a spitting image of Jasper. I thought Alice was going to be mad when she delivered a boy, but having a son suits her I think. Her clothing line has taken off as well. She has three stores around the state of Washington and business is great. Jasper has now made it to Lieutenant Governor and couldn't be happier, although at the moment, he's trying to convince Alice to have another baby. It's not working.

Emmett and Rosalie are quite happy too. They're not married, have no children, but are recklessly in love. Emmett played two years in the NFL before blowing his knee in a freak accident on the field. They were devastated, but thankfully, Emmett actually payed attention in college and was now working in advertising. Rosalie, on the other hand, was traveling all over the world with her modeling. She's been on countless covers and was finally working the runway for Victoria's Secret. The two of them still lived here in Seattle, but also had an apartment in Manhattan when Rose was needed. I'm actually surprised that the two of them have lasted. With Rose's traveling, Emmett's long hours, Bella and I were sure they'd call it off, but they couldn't be happier.

Carlisle and Esme were happy too, although they wished we were all closer than what we were. I think it's because of the second scare of cancer Esme a year ago. They found a tumor, removed it and she underwent chemotherapy as a precaution. Everyone was scared during that time, but she took it in stride. Carlisle was still chief of surgery, which he loved. During Esme's chemo treatments, we all spent every free moment at the house. She loved watching the kids play in the living room; hearing the old banter between all of us; she loved every minute of it. Once she was given the all-clear from her doctor, Carlisle surprised her with a trip to Europe.

"Edward," I heard Bella say from the living room. "Can you grab a bottle from the fridge, please?"

I quickly grabbed a bottle from the fridge, heated it up and joined Bela in the living room.

"Why don't you let me take her?"

"It's fine. This is only her second time up tonight."

"I'm still awake from my shift. You get some sleep."


She passed Lillian to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then went off to bed. After another hour, I was able to put my sweet Lilly in her crib and joined my wife in our bed. She was curled up in a ball and out like a light. I quickly got undressed and carefully climbed into bed. She must have felt the bed move, because she rolled over and cuddle up next to me.

"How was work," she asked in her sleep.

"Go back to sleep."

"Tell me. This is the most adult conversation I've had all day."

"It was fine. Not too busy, but busy enough."

"That's good. How was your day?"

"Ask me in the morning," she managed to say before drifting off to sleep.