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Third part of to my stories "Alone" and "Together". **ADULT CONTENT** All Human. Bella and Edward have moved up to Seattle with the kids to start their lives... find out what happens.


4. Chapter 4

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I sat in the living room that night and watched the sun come up. Rose and Alice kept pressing me for details of what happened and what's been going on, but I avoided those questions as much as I could. Truthfully, I didn't want to tell them everything because I knew what the two of them would do: they'd get Jasper and Emmett to gang up on him, which in turn meant that Edward would gang up on me. No, that was something I didn't want to happen.

It's just the stress from his job, Bella, I thought to myself. It has to be. I'm sure it's not easy working in an emergency room night after night and seeing the things he does. I'm sure that's why Carlisle chose surgery rather than emergency medicine. But something has to give sooner or later...right?

It was long until I heard the sounds of my children waking. On que Esme hollered for Edward to get up and get breakfast ready. Knowing that Edward didn't have a clue as to our morning routine, I rose from the chair and went into the kitchen. Saturday mornings were pancake mornings so I quickly and quietly started gathering the ingredients needed. As I reached for the door of the refrigerator, I felt a hand on my wrist.

"What are you doing," Esme asked.

"I'm getting breakfast ready."

"No, you're not. Today is Edward's turn."

"Esme, please. I know you mean well, but, I don't need to make him any madder than he already is."

"I'm not mad, love," Edward said from the doorway. He walked over to me, pulled me into his arms and kissed me. "Did you sleep well?"

"No. In fact, I haven't slept at all."

"Well then, off to bed for a little while. I can handle this," Edward said.

I stood there for a moment just looking at him before I left. I really did need sleep. Maybe the lack of it was causing me to go insane. Maybe this is all just in my head.


A few weeks had passed since the BBQ up at Edward and Bella's, and another one was planned tonight. The past couple of nights, Esme and I have been holding our breaths. She had gone in for a routine follow up appointment, when another lump was found. More tests were done and the results were in. Tonight we would let everyone know. Esme was still beautiful, despite everything. I knew she hated when I made a fuss over her, but this was serious. Another scare so soon couldn't be good.

During the last scare, I was completely in awe of her, even during the worst times. She had undergone surgery, chemotherapy and lost her hair, but yet, she was still beautiful to me. Seeing her fight to stay alive made me realize how lucky we really were. It was almost like it had brought our family closer together.

Emmett, being who he is, decided if Esme was bald, he would be bald too, and shaved his head, much to the dismay of Rosalie. Man, if looks could kill, he would have died that day. Seeing the two of them together, still crazy in love, after all these years, made me realize I did something right with them. Although at times, I still had to remind them that not everyone wants to see or hear the two of them when they went at it.

Alice and Jasper made us especially proud too. We always knew that Alice would be involved in the fashion world somehow, but standing in one of her stores; seeing the looks on some of the girls faces when they put on one of her gowns, was priceless. Alice always seemed to know what looked good on anyone with any figure. She really was talented. And Jasper - he surprised us all. What started with just a city council job grew into something huge, practically overnight. I knew it wouldn't be too long until he was filing the paperwork to run for president.

Then there was Edward and Bella. I think they were finally set and secure in their lives. Both of them were succeeding in their careers; they had great children. Out of all of us, they had come the farthest. However, there were several times I thought the two of them were going to throw their hands up and call everything off. But deep down, despite both of their tempers and stubbornness, they did love each other.

When we reached Edward and Bella's house, I took Esme's hands and looked deep into Esme's eyes.

"Are you sure you want to tell everyone tonight?"

"Yes. It has to be tonight. There's no other option."

From the driveway, we could hear the laughter of our grandchildren coming from the back yard. We walked around the house and found Emmett on the ground with Masen on top of him - the two of them were doing their usual wrestling. It was there way of saying hello. The rest of our family was sitting on the porch, although I didn't see Bella anywhere. She was probably inside getting dinner ready. Seems to me like that was what she did the last time we were all together. From what I could remember, when she wasn't cooking, she was feeding the kids or cleaning, while Edward hung out with Jasper. Hmm.

"Bella, come out here, Carlisle and Esme are here," Rose called.

A few minutes later she appeared with Lilly in her arms. We joined everyone on the porch to tell them the results of Esme's blood work.

"Everyone, Esme and I have an announcement," I said.

"So do Emmett and I," Rose said.

"Oh. Go ahead and tell us, then," Esme said.

"Emmett and I are pregnant! We're due in April," Rose said.

"I knew it," Bella said.

"Wait, you knew before I did," Alice asked.

"Sorry," Bella said.

"It doesn't matter. I've been waiting to launch my maternity line anyway," Alice said.

"What's your announcement, Esme," Jasper asked.

I looked down at Esme, who was beaming at the knowledge of having another grandchild on the way.

"Maybe we should wait," I said.

"Just tell us," Rose said.

"No, I don't want to take away from your moment," I said.

"It isn't bad, is it," Bella asked.

Everyone was quiet for a few minutes.

"Oh for goodness sake," Esme said. "All of you, really. There's nothing to get this upset over. It just... my cancer is back."

"What?!" Bella, Rose an Alice said together.

"How bad is it this time," Emmett asked.

"Like before. So, I'm doing another round of Chemo and some radiation this time."


After Esme's announcement, I saw Edward go into the house. I knew he was in pain for his mother. I followed him, like the good wife I was, and found him standing in the living room. One hand pinching the bridge of his nose, the other pressed up against the wall next to his piano.

"Are you alright," I asked Edward.

"Bella, as much as I love you, you will never be one-tenth the woman Esme is. Never."