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Third part of to my stories "Alone" and "Together". **ADULT CONTENT** All Human. Bella and Edward have moved up to Seattle with the kids to start their lives... find out what happens.


8. Chapter 8

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The next morning we were all gathered again at the hospital. Late last night we got word that Edward's MRI showed a brain tumor, which was the likely cause of his actions. This morning he would have a biopsy and removal. Hopefully it wasn't cancerous. I don't think we could take two family members with cancer.

Visions of last night were still in my head. Seeing Edward so defeated - so broken - was heartbreaking. I didn't know how to make him understand that we were here for him; that we'd make it through all of this together. I think he needed to hear it from Emmett. We still had a little time before he would be taken to surgery, so I decided that now would be the time for the two of them to talk.

"Carlisle, I don't want to make him upset," Emmett said.

"I know. Trust me, he needs to talk to you."

"What am I supposed to say? That I forgive him? That it was just the tumor so that makes everything okay?"

"Say what you need to."


Together we walked in his room. It was still dark, but at least he was somewhat awake.

"Hey Edward," Emmett quietly said.

"Where's Bella?"

"I think she's at the house. Are you okay?"

"Stop asking me that! The only way I'll be fine is if she forgives me! Which she won't I'm sure, so no, I'm not okay."

"Edward calm down," I said.

"I'm not doing this," Emmett said as he walked out of the room.

"Coward!" Edward yelled.

"Coward?!" Emmett said from outside. "I'm not a coward, Edward! I was there that night! I saw it first hand! I saw the fear in her eyes; I saw the blood! A coward wouldn't have stayed like I did. A coward wouldn't tell your son each night that Daddy isn't going to come through the door or windows and hurt him. You have single-handily torn this family apart and I will not let you hurt her or those kids ever again!"

"That's my family, not yours!"

A nurse came in.

"Excuse me, is there a problem in here? We can hear you all the way down the hall."

"No. There's no problem."

"You need to rest, Dr. Culllen. They'll be up for you soon."


Hours passed and no word from the surgeon came. Esme was getting worried, as were Alice and Rose. Sure, they were mad at him, we all were, but still, he is family.

"Maybe we should call Bella," Jasper said.

"Why? We don't even know,-"

"Because if something happens, and she's not here, she'll never forgive us."

"But she has the restraining order," Esme said.

"I'm sure she can make an exception. She needs to be here." Jasper said.

"Fine, I'll call."

Forty-five minutes later, Bella arrived with Jack and Lilly.

"What's going on," she asked.

"You might want to sit down."

Bella placed Lilly's car seat down and Jack went to sit with Jasper and Rose.

"Bella," I started.

"Cullen Family," a doctor asked.

"Yes," I said.

“I'm Dr. Alex Fallon. I operated on Dr. Cullen."


"How is he," Esme asked.

"Good. It took us a bit longer to wake him, but he's coming around now."

"What's going on," Bella said.

"You must be Mrs. Cullen."


"Let me bring everyone up to speed here. Last night Dr. Cullen was brought in unresponsive and it was determined he had a mild stroke."

“What," Bella said horrified.

"We did an MRI and that showed a moderate sized tumor."


"Yes. We did a biopsy as well as a removal. Thankfully, the biopsy showed it wasn't cancer. The area in which the tumor was, was in the area of the brain that controls emotion."

"Do you think that's why he's been acting out," Esme asked.

"Absolutely. Now that the tumor is out, he may have a few outbursts, but nothing like what he had before and these will go away once his brain fully heals. I don't see him having any long term side effects."

"When can we see him," Esme asked.

"Well, we want to make sure he's fully awake before we move him back to his room, so lets say an hour?"

"Thank you, for everything doctor," I said.


I quietly opened his door, careful not to wake him. I stood in the dark corner and looked at him. His head was covered in gauze, the remains of his frightening surgery. I so desperately wanted to run to him and make sure he was okay, but I forced myself to stick to my plan. I needed to make him hear me. Even if telling him everything hurt me physically, with my still broken jaw, I would do it. I needed to do it, and I wasn't going to leave until he heard me.

I don't know how long I stood there before I saw some movement from him. I could tell his was still sleeping, but I heard him say my name.

"Edward," I said.

It took him a few minutes, but he opened his eyes and scanned the room for me.

"Bella?" he quietly said. "Where are you?"

"I'm here."

"I can't see you."

"I know. That's partially the point. I need you to hear me."


“Are you feeling well? I can do this another time if it's too much."

"No, no. Just say what you need to. I'll listen."

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves before I spoke.

"Do you have any idea what you've done," I started. "That night was the last straw, Edward. When you started accusing me of sleeping with James; the way you touched me; the way you looked at me... it was too much. Maybe if you would have stopped there, maybe things would be different. But then you started chocking me..and hitting me. The words coming out of your mouth, combined with what you were doing made me think you were going to kill me. You probably would have too if it weren't for Emmett. My life actually flashed before me. I have to have surgery, you know. I need to have a plate put in to stabilize my jaw. And I may need surgery on my cheek bone too. I'm in so much pain each day, it's unbearable. I can't talk to my kids like I used to; I can't read to them because of the pain. When I was at the hospital, not only did I have to give a statement against you, I had to undergo a rape kit. Do you know how embarrassing that was? To not be able to tell them you didn't rape me because I couldn't move my jaw? To have pictures taken of my bruises? To feel like I'm less of a woman because of what you did to me? You said you don't remember doing anything. I don't know if i can forgive you this time, Edward. I really don't. I want to, because for some stupid reason, I still love you. But I need more than that. Our children need more than that."

I stopped - not to let him speak - but to rest my jaw. I still had so much to say to him.

"Bella, I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to take it all back. I really do. You and the kids are everything to me. I can't do this without you."

"I'm sorry, Edward. I need some time. I need to gain some sort of control of my life again. The kids need it too. Masen has become the protector of all of us. He's afraid that you'll come back during the night and do something. He has to talk to Emmett each night before bed or he can't sleep. Maddy and Charlotte can't be around loud noises because it frightens them. Charlotte especially. It wasn't just me you hurt, Edward. You hurt our children too. Maddy and Masen won't be as forgiving as you think they will. I hope you understand that."

We were both quiet for a bit. In the darkness, I could see Edward wipe away a few tears. I hurt him and in turn, hurt myself. But I needed him to understand.

"Bella, can I see you?"

I walked over to his bed as he turned on the light above his head. The moment his eyes saw my face he turned away.

"I'm so sorry Bella. I hate myself for what I've done."

I saw a steady stream of tears fall from his deep green eyes. I wanted to reach over, wipe them away, kiss him and tell him I forgave him. But I didn't. I couldn't forgive him this easily, even if his actions were the result of the tumor. Maybe it was mean, but I was still a little scared to be around him.

“I should go. You need to rest," I said.

Edward grabbed my hand.

"Stay. Please," he pleaded.

"...Charlotte will be home soon. I'm sorry."

I reached up, turned off his light, pushed his hair from his eyes and left. I swore I heard his heart break as I turned my back. This was not going to be easy.