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Blackened Butterflies

Emme Foster hasn't had the best time growing up. And since the age of nine, it has taken a turn for the better. With a new Foster family every so often, and a passion for horses, Emme learns to hide her past and secret passion from others as to be considered normal. What happens when there are some new kids in town, with some very interesting habits, and while off in Columbus, Ohio; yet another mysterious figure wanders their way in to her life. Now to protect the life she holds so dear, Emme must choose who to tell what, and how to keep her dark past, and bright passion away from her enemies, and even her closest friends.

Yet another fan fiction, not too many recognizable characters though... sorry about that.

11. Jace

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"Where is she?" Erick asked. He sounded distant.

Why was I wet? Where was I? I glanced around me to see that I had landed on a lot of hard rocks in a creek bed. Great, my back's probably broken. All the better and easier for my father to kill me. Now that's a happy thought.

"I don't know, but we'd better find her soon." Someone else said.

"We've been out here for eight hours Lexi; it's not going to be like we just randomly find her sitting back at the truck." Someone said. I didn't recognize the voice.

"If it weren't for him," A voice said angrily, "We wouldn't be out here. We'd be back showing again."

"This is not my fault you little bitch!" Cried a voice. I shrank back, why was he still here?

I laid there in the creek bed for who knew how long. I didn't feel up to moving because I ached all over. I would just have to wait here for someone to eventually find me. I had a good feeling that my left leg was fractured in the least if not broken, and that I probably had a couple of broken ribs here and there. So there was no point in trying to move or get anywhere. And I sure as hell wasn't about to shout for help because then he might hear me.

Eventually, it got dark. But I still didn't move. I wouldn't move until I knew he was gone. He had to be gone. He needed to be gone. But he wasn't. I could still picture him in the undergrowth, just above the ridge, waiting for me.

I was tired, and eventually I fell into a sort of sleep like abyss.

* * *

I woke up in a room that I didn't recognize. I was lying in a bed I'd never seen, surrounded by unfamiliar walls. Everything around me was new, and it was terrifying.

There was nothing physically terrifying about where I was. Everything around me in the large bedroom looked as normal as it could ever be. But just the lack of familiarity is what terrified me.

I lay in the room for too long of a time, just listening for a sound, or some common noise to come from another room, or even just the hallway outside of the closed bedroom door. There came no such a thing. It appeared to me that the house was deserted. Whoever lived here must have left me here alone. But that wouldn't make sense. How had I ended up here anyways? Now that was a good question.

There was no way for me to tell if any time had passed except for the light outside of the large windows on the south wall of the room. So, eventually I had to give in to sheer boredom and the obnoxious hunger pains that hit me every so often, and so I got up. My jeans and old t-shirt were waiting, folded neatly over the back of a desk chair at one side of the room. Looking down, I noticed that I was wearing someone else's clothing, and that my right arm was bandaged as well as my left leg.

I dressed slowly, the process was slightly painful thanks to my new injuries, but I managed eventually. I noticed I was missing my boots and spurs though. I frowned, now where would they have run off to.

I looked around the room, not wanting to disturb anything that was in it though, it wasn't a very thorough search, and it showed little results. All I found was a very minimal amount of dust under the bed.

When I stood I sighed and looked around the room again, there wasn't anyone in the doorway after the first circle I made, but the second time I looked towards it, the door was open, and a guy around my age, maybe a year or two older was standing there watching me curiously. I came close to jumping.

"Are you alright?" He asked with a slight accent that I couldn't place.

I merely nodded. I had no idea who this guy was, or if there was anyone else here, and I really felt like I needed to get back to Lexi and everyone. Not to mention apologize to Erick and Ana, kill Kyle for being a bastard, and then hopefully make it in time to show in my flat class. Now, where were my boots hiding so I could get out of here?

"My name's Jace by the way." He said taking a step into the room, "If you don't mind me asking; what are you looking for?"

I glanced around the room for the umpteenth time, "Uh, my boots. They're tall-ish, and black, and had spurs on them..." I trailed off realizing that if this guy knew nothing about horses, then he'd have no idea what I was talking about.

"You mean these?" He asked holding them up. Where had he gotten those? He didn't have them just a second ago. I shook myself mentally, I must be going crazy.

I nodded, walking over to him. "Yeah. Thanks." I managed a false smile. I was still a little creeped out about everything that was going on. I took the boots from his hand.

"No problem," He said as I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed before forcing the boots on and latching the spurs on over them. There was no way I was going to be able to make my flat class now. Not the first one anyways if everything was going smoothly. I wouldn't be able to be dressed in time. "What's your name?" His face had the curious look on it again.

"Emme." I answered easily.

"Well, then it's nice to meet you Emme. Do you have a last name?" He gave me a small smile.

I nodded, "I do, but I don't know yours so what the use in you knowing mine?"

"There really is no reason." He said in a matter of fact way, "But just for the record my last name's Hallow."

"Mine's Foster."

"You've got a very pretty name." He said smiling. I made a face. There was no way my new name was in any way pretty in my own opinion, but the old name was worse. I shuddered. "Are you alright?"

I shook my head no, but said yes anyways, "There's just a lot of things I'm missing right now."

He frowned, and before I knew it I was telling him everything about Congress. There was no way I'd say a word about my parents or my old name and past; that was the past that I didn't want to go back to. And I certainly wasn't about to share it.

Eventually he said, "I should probably get you back, but it's late now." He turned his head towards the windows. I hadn't noticed the sky's drastic change in color. "I'll take you back to your hotel in the morning. That is if you're feeling up to it." He faced me again, and something caught my eye, a spark of familiarity that made Jace so easy to talk to. He had the same color eyes as the Halls.

"Alright, but I'm holding you to that." I said and smiled. "I should probably get some sleep again anyways."

He nodded and left me until morning. I slept well for a good majority of the night. The rest of the time that I was awake was due to the fact that I couldn't get over the dreams that seemed to last forever and haunt me in my sleep. They were all of him, my father, and he wouldn't leave my conscious thoughts alone.

But I did get to go back to Congress in the morning, having been stubborn and as persuasive as possible, I convinced Jace to take me home after he introduced me to his parents - Violet and Henry. They seemed like they were nice enough and they did look a lot like Jace himself. Both were brunettes with the same golden eyes, and Jace had a similar build to Henry's.

Jace parked up on the roof of the barn after buying a pass for the remainder of the month, even after I assured him that I could have walked in from the gate if he didn't want to buy a ticket to get in. And instead of just buying the day pass, he bought one for the entire month, claiming it was nothing.

As I was climbing out, he asked, "Do you mind if I stuck around for a while? I'd love to stay and watch you do your thing. I haven't been around horses in years." There was a small hint of longing in his voice at the mention of horses. So it was the least I could do to let him stay and watch.