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Blackened Butterflies

Emme Foster hasn't had the best time growing up. And since the age of nine, it has taken a turn for the better. With a new Foster family every so often, and a passion for horses, Emme learns to hide her past and secret passion from others as to be considered normal. What happens when there are some new kids in town, with some very interesting habits, and while off in Columbus, Ohio; yet another mysterious figure wanders their way in to her life. Now to protect the life she holds so dear, Emme must choose who to tell what, and how to keep her dark past, and bright passion away from her enemies, and even her closest friends.

Yet another fan fiction, not too many recognizable characters though... sorry about that.

5. Cole the Clydesdale

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Friday. One of the best days of the week, normally. But nothing had been normal at all this week, so there wasn't much to expect from Friday besides the most weird and random things imaginable. Most of them didn't end up happening.

Lexi and I walked past the English classroom before first period and heard someone arguing with a teacher down towards our science room. We got curious and walked down the hall talking quietly about homework and projects that were due next week sometime while trying to listen.

"...I can't take it anymore Mr. Klents." Someone was saying, "I want to change classes. There've been too many weird things going on during seventh period that I don't know if I can handle it..."

"Stephen, I'm not the one to talk to this about, go and ask one of the secretaries in the office if you want a schedule change. I can't do anything about the personal events that occur in my class."

"I know you can't control it, but are you sure your other classes are too full?" There was a pause, "Alright, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. It's all very weird though, Emme seemed fine earlier that day, and then something happened that just seemed to tear her apart. I don't get it."

We heard Mr. Klents inhale through his teeth, "I'm not allowed to talk to you about the personal lives of other students, and I suggest you not look into it. There are some, events, that are never pleasant no matter what the situation."

I doubled over at the memories his explanation brought on. Lexi wrapped her arm around me gently as we waited it out.

My father was angry, the knife clutched in his hand as he sauntered towards me... the gashes in my back... mother wrapping me up in gauze and band-aid tape and telling me he didn't mean it... him tying me to my bed frame when I was four... the arguments and the yelling... my tears... his anger...my mother standing hopelessly in the doorway as he beat me.

I straightened when I heard the voices stop talking and footsteps on the linoleum of the classroom floor. I glanced at Lexi and we both walked to English pretending that nothing had happened.

Lunch was awkward. Jocy didn't have a test to make up and Kyle was back from being sick. Neither of them seemed to talk to the new kids, and Kyle didn't hide the fact that he didn't like Stephen or Dominic.

Gina and Faye were excited about tomorrow though, and we talked a lot about where we wanted to go and shop, and also about our limited spending limit of just one hundred dollars each since Lexi and I didn't shop much.

I was relieved when the bell rang though, and I could finally get away from Stephen's stares for at least an hour. It seemed like his eyes were darker today than they had been yesterday. I raced off to Chemistry.

The hour passed all too quickly for my tastes, and I considered skipping History just to get away from Stephen's possible questions. I didn't want to have to deal with him. But skipping was bad, and if I did then it would just show Lexi how she was right with her offer yesterday. So, holding my head up high, I prepared for the worst.

I took my seat, not bothering to look at my phone, no one had texted me at all today, so apparently we were on as scheduled for practice later. I took out my homework. I did anything I could to avoid Stephen for the moment. He walked into the room, and I felt his eyes lock on me. I took out a notebook and turned to a blank page. He walked towards his desk. I started to sketch. He took his seat. I kept sketching. He cleared his throat, I glanced up at him. He opened his mouth to say something. I looked back down at my sketch. He sighed. I looked back up. And he started talking.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I've made you mad by doing something. I'm just, well, I guess I'm sort of nosy sometimes, and really when you freaked out the other day, I just felt like it was kind of my fault or something, I wanted to help. But then you left, and then yesterday I couldn't find you after eighth period." His brow furrowed.

I shrugged, "It's alright I guess. It wasn't your fault for Tuesday, something just kind of happened, but it's pretty much taken care of now, I guess. And I tend to disappear at random times. It's just something I do."

He looked at me for a moment, not seeming to believe my joke, "You're not serious are you?"

I raised my eyebrows, "Well, well, well, look who's the gullible one."

He laughed and Mr. Klents started class.

"So," Stephen said as he followed me out of the classroom, "What's your next class?"

I glanced around, avoiding the question, there were eight main classes I could tell him, but I had no idea what class he had next, and I didn't want to say the one he was in, "What's yours?"

He seemed slightly surprised when I didn't give a direct answer, "Creative Writing."

"You write?" It had never occurred to me that guys could like anything other than sports and well, guy stuff; writing was definitely a girl thing in my mind, like shopping.

He smiled slightly, "Yeah, it's just small stuff though, nothing big or fantastic or anything. I just mainly write about things I know."

"Hmm," We turned down the English hallway, "Can I read something sometime?"

"On one condition."

"What's that condition?"

"You tell me what scared you on Tuesday."

My jaw locked, "No."

"Then no reading."

I stopped and crossed my arms over my chest, pouting. He turned and looked at me, his expression unreadable.

My cell vibrated in my pocket and I jumped backwards three feet. It was Lexi, she was waiting. "Shit." I whispered. "I'm late, again. I'll talk to you later Stephen."

I turned and raced down the hall, around a corner, and out the door before he could say anything.

* * *

"We're doing something out of the ordinary girls." Ana was saying as we put our tack away, "We're vaulting."

Our jaws dropped, "On who?" I asked bewildered. Ana never made us vault without at least three days notice.

"Cole the Clydesdale of course." She said as she grabbed the vaulting pad from inside of a box. She then saw our faces, "Come on, you'll be fine. I figured you two could take a break from training."

"Ana, vaulting wasn't exactly the break we had in mind." Lexi said timidly, she was still cautious about speaking out.

"Too bad, you're here, and you'll be vaulting."

"What's the music?" I asked. She usually had us vault to music, as a sort of gymnastics choreographed on horseback thing.

"Anything you two want." She opened her hand for our ipods. We reluctantly handed them over.

Two hours later we were still running, leaping onto Cole's back, and doing handstands on him while cantering. We were in the middle of "Like Whoa" by Aly and AJ, something Lexi would never delete from her ipod, but it worked with the routine we were coming up with.

I felt Lexi's hands on top of my feet as she hauled herself into a handstand on top of my own. I saw Erick walking through the barn and staring at us like we were crazy.

"Come on!" I called to him as we passed.

He shook his head laughing as Lexi climbed down and stood behind me. I pulled myself up and jumped off towards the middle of the ring behind the lunge line that Ana had Cole on like we were taught to. Lexi followed.

Erick opened the gate for us as Ana brought Cole to a stop and walked him out of the outdoor arena and back towards the barn. Time to start on chores. It wasn't too bad of a list, but it was definitely a list.

We had to do all the same as Thursday, but we also had to dump water buckets, wrap Cicely's legs to stop the swelling from when she pulled a muscle the other day, blanket the horses because it was supposed to be in the mid forties tonight, make sure they were all cooled off when we got the ones from the fields, and then mop the stone aisle way. It had to be done once a week.

We got to work. Erick and I were mucking stalls while Lexi and Sophie - one of the other riders - were dumping and refilling water buckets. Ana got to work on turning horses out, and I was glad we only had eight stalls to clean today. All the stalls were cleaned in groups on different days out of the week. There were twenty four stalls, an office, two tack rooms, and a feed and bedding stall.

It took three hours to finish our chores. And we were all sore and tired by the end of them. I couldn't remember how many muck tubs I dumped, but my arms were killing me. Lexi was half way to the parking lot when I tossed her the car keys, holding another, separate key in my hand. She looked at me, confused.

"I'm just going to crash here for tonight. We've already missed dinner, and I'm too tired to drive all the way home." Ana's mom had apartments for frequent riders and her staff, Lexi and I shared one.

She nodded as climbed into the car and took off down the driveway.

I sighed and walked towards the building complexes. Building two, apartment one, first floor, no issues with annoying neighbors, maybe I could actually get some sleep tonight. And be rid of the nightmares. I shuddered at the thought.