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Blackened Butterflies

Emme Foster hasn't had the best time growing up. And since the age of nine, it has taken a turn for the better. With a new Foster family every so often, and a passion for horses, Emme learns to hide her past and secret passion from others as to be considered normal. What happens when there are some new kids in town, with some very interesting habits, and while off in Columbus, Ohio; yet another mysterious figure wanders their way in to her life. Now to protect the life she holds so dear, Emme must choose who to tell what, and how to keep her dark past, and bright passion away from her enemies, and even her closest friends.

Yet another fan fiction, not too many recognizable characters though... sorry about that.

7. Chapter 7

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"Let's go!" Ana shouted at our small showmanship class. We were running drills again, and we were all supposed to be in sync, but Sophie was being a little lethargic today. This was never good.

We ran, pivoted, and backed half way across the arena, another pivot, and walk to the wall. It went over and over and over again, but it was a bit of everything, and we all could use the practice. Congress was always intense. There was a week left before we were supposed to be checking in at a hotel in Ohio after dropping off the horses at the barns. I still couldn't wait.

Two hours later I was climbing into the car. It was Monday again tomorrow, and I was not looking forward to all the questions I knew that the Halls were going to have for me, well, and for Lexi too because we're supposedly sisters.

* * *

I grabbed an apple for the bowl and followed Lexi out of line. I was not looking forward to this, but well, there's no avoiding it.

She paid for her meal and I did the same. We started walking towards our regular lunch table. The Halls were already there, all six of them, and they were watching us as we approached. I kept my eyes on Lexi's back, but I could still feel their gaze.

I sat down and started eating silently. I could feel all eyes on me. I didn't like that, so I decided to try and ignore it. It didn't work.

I looked up a few minutes later, annoyed, "What?"

"Uh, well, we've just been wondering what that whole episode was about on Saturday." Connor said.

"What episode?" I asked attempting to sound like it was nothing.

"Um," everyone leaned over the table to hear him whisper, "The one where that guy chased you through the mall screaming Elizabeth. That's what we want to know about."

I shrugged, sitting back up. I bit my lip while I thought about what to say. Hmm; now how to get myself out of this one? This was going to be tricky, and I had to play it just right to make sure they weren't suspicious and went digging around for more information. "Well," I started, "I know the guy. And uh," I thought for a minute again, prolonging my explanation and trying to take up the entire period without explaining anything. "He's my uncle, and we've just never liked each other very much in the past..."

"That still doesn't explain the name thing." Brendon said.

"He never really learned my name." I said shrugging.

Connor was about to say something again when I noticed what time it was, "Shit." I whispered. I had to go and meet with Ms. Klatt about the English work that I'd be missing for the next month, and I was late. "Lexi, I'll meet you later." I said as I grabbed my things, threw away my uneaten food, and half ran out of the crowded cafeteria and then down the English hallway.

I reached the room not long after and knocked on the half open door.

"Come in!" Ms. Klatt called from what sounded like her desk.

I walked in, "Sorry for being late Ms. Klatt, it's just, well. I guess I lost track of time and..."

"It's fine Emme." She said smiling at me, her blonde hair fell to her mid back in waves, and she was one of the younger teachers in the school. "Here, have a seat."

I pulled a chair up to her desk, "Well, as you know, I'm leaving next week for an extra curricular activity, and will be gone for the entire month of October."

She nodded, "And I wish you and your team luck."

I smiled, "Thanks, and I think we're going to all have a really good time no matter what."

She smiled again and handed me a packet, "Now this is all of the worksheets I'll pass out from next week to the end of October." There had to be at least twenty of them front and back, "Homework is included, and you should have no trouble getting them done."

I stood up as the bell rang, "Thanks Ms. Klatt, well, it's off to Chemistry for me now."

"Have fun Emme." She said before turning back to some ungraded essays.

I walked out the door and into the now crowded halls, Chemistry would be interesting, and History would be horrid, I could tell that much already and I didn't even have to talk to anyone to get that.

Chemistry passed too quickly, Mr. Mole lit his hand on fire using some element, and then walked around the room like that for a good five or ten minutes while he lit other things on fire with it, like my history book. It's okay though, he covered it in the mixture before he dropped the match. He just said to not let it near anything that may be extremely hot. I also got a lot of packet work from him too. Great.

I slumped in my seat when I got to History. Just the thought of all that packet work made me depressed. I'd rather be having fun at the fairgrounds with my team, or sleeping than doing homework the entire time, but well, I want to stay caught up, and I guess it's better to get it done now instead of right after I come back.

I noticed Stephen enter the room, and as usual, his eyes locked onto me. Great, it seems like I've got my own stocker now. That's exactly what I need. He sat down next to me; I shook my head as I got out my homework. Class was going to drag. I had only been sitting here for two minutes, and it already felt like I should be out with Sky.

"So," Stephen said casually.

I looked at him, "Yeah?"

"Why'd you run out at lunch?"

I sighed, "I had to go and make up a test."

"Where do you go every day after this class?"

I shrugged, "Class."

"Which class?"

I sighed, "It's not important. It's boring."

He seemed confused for a second. "Who was that guy from the mall anyways?"

"I told you, my uncle."

"You were lying."

"No I wasn't."

"Yes you were."

I glared at him, "And how would you tell if I was lying or not?"

"Because you're easy to read."

"Alright then, if I'm so easy to read, then what's my favorite color?"



"Well, what is it?"

I sighed again, "Purple. What's my favorite food?"


"Nope, carrots."


I rolled my eyes and nodded. When would class start?

A teacher that I didn't recognize walked into the classroom, he must be a substitute. This is just fabulous.

"Er, um, class?" He said timidly, half of us didn't even hear him, "Mr. Klents is out sick today, and err, well, we're just going to have a study hall."

Alright then. I stuck my homework back into the folder for Mr. Klents to look over tomorrow when he got back and dug out my ipod. If I could at least have some source of entertainment, that'd be just great. When I sat back up Stephen was sitting on the desk in front of me, Tony having moved to go and talk to Allison. I nearly screamed. I hadn't even heard him move.

"So what's your favorite subject?" He asked me.

"Art class; yours?"

"Hmm, I really like History this year."

I frowned, "No you don't."

"And how would you know that?" He asked leaning down towards me.

I grinned, "You're easy to read. So, what's your favorite number?"

"Three thousand and four. What's yours?"

"Hmm, twenty seven."


"Because it's the atomic number for Cobalt. How old are you?"


"No you're not."

He nodded, "Yes I am."

I laughed, "No you're not. Like I said, you're easy to read."

"I am seventeen."

I choked back a sarcastic laugh, no need to call attention to myself. That's the last thing I needed. "Alright then, believe whatever you want to. What do you dream about?"

He was quiet for a second, "I don't know honestly."

"Well then, there's something for you to occupy your time with now isn't there rather than trying to get me to explain the details of my life."

He ignored me, "What's your goal in life?"

"Become a successful architect."

"When's your birthday?"

"April seventeenth."

"What's your idea of the perfect day?"

"Hmm, what's yours?"

"I guess just a day where me and whoever I'm with have fun." He said shrugging.

"Tambien!" I said happily.

"You speak Spanish?"

I nodded, "I'm trilingual. English, Spanish, and girl." I could have said Ana or horse, but that wouldn't have been good.

He laughed, "That's good. I've always wanted to speak girl, or at least understand it, and you'd think with two sisters I'd know it by now, but, sadly, I'm still trying to translate."

"Yeah, it takes a long time to learn if you aren't already a native speaker." I quipped. "I guess it's the same way with guy though."

He laughed again, "It is, and honestly, most of us just wish girls could understand."

"That's how we feel about guys. So I guess the feeling's mutual."

"I guess so." He said as I reached into my bag and pulled out my sketchbook. "You sketch?"

I nodded, "It kind of goes along with the whole art class being my favorite thing."

He didn't talk much as I sketched, I didn't even know what I was drawing, but he still watched.

My cell went off after class, and I had to dig it out of my pocket, which took me a minute. "Hello?"

"Hey Emme, it's Angie, I'd like to talk to you at home, I'll meet you guys there in about twenty minutes."

I was confused about what she had to talk to me about in private, "Alright, see you then." I hung up and went off to find Lexi.