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Butterfly Of Mine

This story is about a women who left her daughter on the door step of a family of vampire's to her save her daughter from the Volturi.
Dont worry all main charcters are in the book.


1. Butterfly Of Mine

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Tanya's (P.O.V)

The smell of a human lingered around our house.
"Thank god where home! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the Cullen’s and all but it is just nice to be home!" Kate said while rapping her arms around Garrett.
"I agree" Carmen said while grabbing her bags from the car.
"Well then Tanya open the door" Eleazer said and chucked the bags that Carmen had over his arms.
I followed the smell of the human to the back garden.
There I found a small beautiful toddler playing with the garden norms, next to her was a backpack.
"Hello there darling" I picked the little girl up in my arms.
The little girl had blonde hair and brown eye's she was tiny in my arms.
"Well who is this adorable baby girl" Carmen said in a baby voice.
I ignored Carmen's question. "Carmen, will you have look in the baby's bag." I pushed the bag with my feet.
She picked it up and rummaged through the bag. "There not thing but baby nappies, bottle's and a Jewry box ...and..." She trailed off.
She put her hand into the bag and took a white envelope out.” It’s for you."
"Read it for me Please." I whispered, the baby was falling to a sleep now, she looked so comfortable in my arms, did she not feel the hardness in them our, the coldness?
Carmen did as I asked, with a nod to Eleazer - who was standing next to her opposite to Kate and Garrett, which still had there arms around each other. "Dear Tanya, Its Izzy I know you don’t know me but you know my husband Markus, He told me to leave Milly-Edaina with you he said she would be safe with you as long as you keep her a secret. You see, me and Markus have been around for century’s and as you are well aware of that Markus has a gift, even when he was human he could used his gift, he used it to keep me and him alive. The Volturi are now after us because of our powers, we have thought through and Markus is going to allow the Volturi to get us because we don’t want our child to live in fear and always moving. So please make sure you keep her a secret. Tell butterfly I love her and that we only did, what we did, because we love her. Thank you so much Tanya and Tanya's family understand what you are sacrificing."

On my own

Milly's (P.O.V)

Today is the last day I am sick of staring at the same walls day in and day out for the last 14 and half years. Today I’ve plucked up courage to tell my family that i want to go away for a little while. I don’t really understand myself and me going away form my family I think I might start to understand my self. I love my family and everything they have done for me even thought they are not my real family I still think of them as my sisters and brothers.

I was lying in bed when I thinking of all of this. I went to my own personal bathroom brushed my hair, teeth, washed my face then wet to get ready.
I picked out some Yellow shorts and White vest top.

When I came down stairs I found that none of my family was in the sitting room. Then I heard voices from the back garden, there was sudden twinge in my belly it was nerves. When i walk out the French doors everybody stop playing volleyball and cam straight to me "Butterfly what’s up" asked my mother like Sister Tanya.
"Is everything ok butterfly" Garrett said he was a like a father to me.
"You looked worried hun, are you ok?" Carmen’s eyebrows pushed up with worry and she wrapped her right arm around my neck.
I didn’t think I look worried "Em yer I just want to talk to you all"
"Go ahead butterfly" Butterfly was my nickname that my mother called me well that's what Tanya said she called and I know he probably sound weird but every time they said it they made me feel close to her.

I took a deep breath and started "Ok I want to go away for a while, am sixteen! And I have not been or seen anything than this house." I could hear the nerves in my voice.
"Butterfly you know why that is the Volturi will be looking for you we have only kept you here for your own good you know that don’t you?" Carmen asked she looked worried
"Yes I know that and thank you for that but I feel like I am going to go mad if I don’t get out of here soon, I need to be by myself for a while please Tanya I will use my fake name and go to America and I wont talk to anyone isn’t human I promise." I could feel my eyebrow pull up in hope I look at Tanya.
"No absolutely not, young one! We have to keep you from the world" Garrett said he was always objecting to anything that would give me a scratch even though i healed very fast he was still protective over me.
I put my head down because I thought I lost but I was wrong "Ok you can go butterfly but you go where we send you, you don’t talk to vampires or anyone who is none-human ok? You take the plane there and then we will get you a car to ride ok?" Tanya said while hugging me I knew that I was aloud to go now because when Tanya said yes to something nobody else could object because they were not put in charge of me.
"Thank you thank you thank you!!!!" i said hugging every one and then jumping up and down on the spot.
Everybody agreed with her that it was reasonable.
"When can I go" I said sill jumping up and down.
"Me and Kate are going to get you a couple of things form the shops ok?. Then you may leave but I want you back in a month" she said and then walked into the house to get her purse "Eleazer book her plan ticket to Seattle and hotel there" I had no idea where that was but I didn’t care if it was in the middle of nowhere all cared was that I would be alone to have human experience’s.
"Yey I’ll go pack” said running up the stairs.
"No wait its fine you don’t need too, me and Kate are going to get you new clothes and everything don’t worry all you need to do is sit down and get some breakfast" she wave form out the door.
Right then my belly started to rumble so I went to make something to eat but Garrett beat me to it
"Its all right kid I’ll do it sorry for being grumpy old man but you'll see I’ll make it up to you one day" said while scrubbing my hair and making it a mess
"Don’t be daft I know your only after my best interest" I straightened my hair and put the television on, I flicked through the channels till I found my favourite childhood film was on Anastasia it was only just started. When the film finished I went to get some dinner, I had burger and fries.
After that I went to bed put my favourite mixed CD on with all my best songs on, I listened to it fell asleep.
When I woke it was morning again I went down stairs and Kate and Tanya were still not back I started to get worried then heard a car beep so I ran to the front door to find I Kate and Tanya in the car, I ran over to them
"Get in the squirt were all taking you to the airport" Kate said pulling me into the back seat.

When we got to the airport I said my goodbye to everyone but Tanya I save her for last because I was going to miss her the most.
Tanya was the most beautiful women I have ever seen well out of the three I have seen; she had beautiful white skin strawberry blond hair and hazel brown eyes.
"Well am going to miss you butterfly you better look after your self and when you get to your hotel there are some new things in your suit case and there is something of your mothers too she left it in the backpack you had with you when we found you" It look like she was going to cry if that was possible. I gave her a hug and kiss ran to give the airport women my ticket and waved goodbye.

The plane was quite boring but comfortable.
"Hello Miss would you like a drink" a woman who I think worked for the airport people asked.
"Em yes please and can you open a window its a bit stuffy"
The women burst out with laughter "Is this your fist time on a plane young lady? You can’t open windows a plane ha-ha. No what kind of drink would you like?" she was still laughing at me.
I started to get annoyed at the women "It doesn’t matter I wouldn’t like one anymore"
"Ha-ha ok call me if you would like...anything else" she went off laughing, I heard her tell her friends about me and then there was more laughter.

I don’t think I like that women, i mean how was I to know you couldn’t open windows on a plane if I’ve never been one before! I tried to calm my self down I succeeded just.
I wonder what kind of place i am going to and why my family picked the place.

The plane journey was over shorter than I thought it would be. When I walked out of the airport there was a beautiful man in a tux with the name Ediana, Ediana was my fake name well not fake name because my full name is Milly-Ediana.
I walked over to the man "Hello i am Ediana"
"Hello I work for the airport I was told to stand here and give you these" he handed me car keys and phone "You are to ring your family as soon as possible I have to go now goodbye"
"Goodbye" I said not really paying attention to him i was to busy just typing in Tanya's number, I already missed her.

It didn’t even completely ring its first ring before she answered.
"Hello butterfly how are? How did the plane ride go? Have you eaten anything? Did you talk to anyone?" I knew what she would look like right now she would have her worried face on.
"Am fine, the plane ride went fine" Except from being laugh at every time the women on the plane went past! Calm your self down Milzs!
"I going to get something to eat soon and no I didn’t talk to anyone, by the way where do I go now?" still annoyed at the fact I was laugh at for asking for a window to be opened.
"Butterfly” Garrett asked he sounded excited, why was he excited?
"Yes Garrett where do I go now?"
"Ok look to your left what do you see?" he sounded even more excited by asking this question
"Em i see...." I trailed of while I figured out why he was excited "I see a MINI-FREAKING-SOFTTOP-AND-ITS-FREAKING-RED!!! AHHH" I know mini's are not the best cars in the world but Tanya used to have one just like this and i was upset when she trade it in ever since then I’ve wanted "Garrett DO YOU know how much i love you?" I ask even more excited than he was.
"Oh this makes me feel really bad, that’s not your car" his voice went dead
"O-k Em its fine" my face feel down with disappointment "No seriously I didn’t really want it anyways it not the best car in he world so there is no need to feel bad" I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice but I failed.
"Ha...ha...ha" Garrett burst into laughter "Seriously of course I got it for you ha...ha.. I told you I would make it up to you for being grumpy."
"Garrett you’re sofunny do you know that but thank you thank you so much" excitements return to my voice.
"Yeh of course i know am funny anyways go to your car the address to the hotel is in your backpack.
I ran to my car jumped in to the driver seat, jumping up and down with excitement took the address out of my backpack and put the keys in and off went to find the hotel.

It took me about half an hour to find the hotel it was only five minutes away from the airport but I got lost and had to ask for directions.
When I finally got to the hotel apparently I had the pent house it was the highest room in the hotel.
The sitting room was golden and silver colours with a big plasma T.V in, the sitting room had a great view. I ran to the bathroom it was fricking massive it had bath tub in and shower. I then ran to the bedroom I had a big king-sized bed with another plasma T.V.
I took my phone out my coat pocket and txt Tanya saying:
Hey Tanya just arrived at the hotel my room is great thank you!
Am really hungry now how do I get food?
Love butterfly xxxx

Two seconds later i got a txt of Tanya:
Well am glad you like your hotel, I picked!
look for the hotel phone and type in the number one and someone will answer
and just tell them what you want ok Hun, txt me if you need anything else.
Love Tanya xxxx.

I did as she said and ask for pancakes with strawberry’s and syrup and diet soda. Eighteen minutes later room service was here.
After I ate I opened my suit case to find an iPod and speaker with a tag on saying listen to me, I plugged them in all my favourite songs were on.
I started to listen to Taylor swift - 'tell me why' while putting my clothes away.
When I go the bottom of my suit case i found a jewellery box, I open it and there was a locket I open the locket there inside the locket was my mother and fathers picture or so I think.
I put it around my neck it was the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen, the chain was small and silver the locket it self was silver and had red gem stone on it had spiral on it with inscription saying 'we will always be there' I felt a lump I’m throat I burst in to tears.
There was a knock on the door. I pushed my tears of my face and cleared my throat
"Come in" my voice sounded normal.
A young girl only about my age came in introduce her self
"Hi my name is Silver I a your maid for your stay" she looked at my face them came to my side at one "Uh honey are you all right, sorry tell me to butt out if you think I shouldn’t be asking you this"
I finally got throat cleared "Yeh am fine sorry about that. I am Ediana" I look at her "if you don’t mind me asking how old you Silver?" still looking at her shocked to see how baby faced she looked.
"I am sixteen how about you?" her eyebrow’s pulled up
"Me too why are you working here if your that age"
"My family own this hotel I help when am bored" she shook her head and her right side of her lips pulled up.
"Well Silver how about when your bored this month you come and hang out with me you see I’ve been home studied my whole life and I’ve never had a friend before and you look like you need one, so how about it?" taking a drink of my soda I pulled her to my couch.
"Errmm......sure why not my family won’t mind there always trying to get rid of me ha-ha..." she trailed off
Me and Silver talked all night until she had to go home and in the morning she showed me around town that went on until I was two weeks into my month here.

Sliver burst through my door when the hit my window this morning "knock knock ha I can’t come out with you the day my mum says she needs my help here sorry" Catching her breath.
"That’s fine I think I want to be alone today anyway"
"O-k got to go then bye Ediana" she ran out my room forgetting the door
I swear that women was born i field. I thought to my self
I got change out of P.j's into a white skirt and red vest top. I ran out the room and grabbed my iPod while I was there.
I got into my car decided that I wanted to go to a random beach so I drove as a quarter of an hour until I found a beach that Silver didn’t yet take me to.

I got out of my car took my iPod and towel out the trunk locked the car.
When I found a nice spot on the beach next some teenager kids that were playing volleyball, they all looked like they were having fun there one boy that was rally nice looking and mean really any ways I placed my towel on the sand and plugged my iPod into my ears and listen to my songs.
When I listened to about three and half songs I felt something Bounce of my head I opened my eyes to find the really nice Indian boy hovering over my head.
I took my earphones out.
"A...are yo-you alright sorry about the ball" The Indian boy offered me his hand to help me up I took it.
"Em sure thanks am fine" I said while staring into his eyes, his eyes were beautiful.
When i was set on my feet I realised how tall he was.
"hey my name is Philip what yours?" he must been more than six foot.
"Em hey Philip I am m-Ediana, my name is Ediana"
he still had his hand on my from when he help me up I tried to brake free from it but I couldn’t it wasn’t hurting me or anything it just felt weird but a good weird
"EM Philip could you let go of my hand please" I said pointing to his hand.
"Err...jeeze yer sorry" his face all a sudden went beetroot red and he dropped my hand.
"Phil will chuck the ball over will your hovering over that girl" his friend asked who could been his older brother.
He was staring at my face "want to play? You seem pretty none-busy" I looked up to him and his eyes locked mine.
"Em no sorry... I can’t I need to go...Yeh...right...bye"
I didn’t really need to go Silver was going to be busy all day so why did I tell this handsome boy that?
Yeh that's why can’t get to close to people I’m leaving soon.
I answered my own question.

I left his gaze to pick up my iPod and towel I started to go back to my car.
Why didn’t I want to leave? Why did I want to keep looking at that boy? Why did I feel this way towards the boy? It doesn’t make any sense.
Anyways Milzs he's too old for you
I thought this while I look back at him. He was still staring at me defiantly to old! He must be like twenty or at the least eight-teen.
"Hey Phil where you going" I heard one of his look a like brother friend say.
I didn’t hear his answer properly all I heard was whisper’s then "C’ya later guys"

"Hey Ediana wait there" he said running after me
I stopped when I got my car and turn around to him and surprised to see how close he was, his eyes held mine.
"Ediana do you mind coming for a walk with me?"
He started to walk.
"Em ok but I need to get back soon” I said with a smile face happy that he asked
"So Ediana where you from?"
"Denali, you?"
"Am from forks did you come here with your family?"
"Em no i came here by my self, you?"
"Am here with my older brother Jacob, his girl friend Renesmee, Seth, Seth's older sister Leah, Quill, and Embry they are like family even thought they're not."
"How old are you?" I asked I felt my right eyebrow pull up.
"Seventeen and half you?" he looked me up and down
"What you look older am sixteen" I was completely gob smacked he look well older than that!
"Well you don’t look sixteen. ha...ha you look younger"
I pushed my shoulder to his side I only came up to his chest, I know I have a baby face
His face pulled down "When are you going back home" why did he look disappointed he only new me for a couple of minutes
"In a two weeks" his face pulled down even more "what’s a matter?" its so frustrating why would he be upset that I am leaving soon he didn’t know me.
"Em....nothing, nothing for you to worry about." huh I want to know but hey I might not be about me; it might be about someone else.

We talked for what very long when it was time for me to leave his, he walked me to my car.
"Ediana will be ok if you come out with me tomorrow?" he reached in his coat pocket pulled out a piece of paper with his number on "Ring me if that's yes C’ya around" he kissed me on the cheek I could feel the blood rushing to the service on both me and him.
I climb in to the car rolled my window down got my phone out type his number in and rang it "now you have my number" I rolled my window up I drove to the hotel.
When I got the hotel I flung my self on my bed.
I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
Milzs snap yourself out of it, you do not feel anything for this boy even if you didn’t you can never see him again.
What why can’t I?
Because you’re full family are vampires!
Yeh but that doesn’t mean that I can’t see him ever again it just means that i can never take home with me.
Yeh that’s sounds ok I suppose you can see him tomorrow.
Should I ring him?
NO! Let him ring you, you don’t want sound needy!
Yeh your right I should wait until he calls me but wait what happened if he is waiting for me to call him and waiting for him to call me then I’ll never get go out with him tomorrow.
Uh Yeh your right but wait an hour he probable hasn’t even got home yet!
My phone started to vibrate on the table where I put it "Hey Philip"
"Its not Philip it Garrett, you need to get home now!" he sounded angry
"What why my month isn’t over yet" I pleaded with him
"So you need to come home the family needs you"
"Ok I’ll be there I three days" I started to pout
"No Milly-Ediana its time to come home now!" I hated it when used my full name, who does he think, he’s not my father huh "Ediana get packing your plane leaves tomorrow at nine in the morning." I slammed my phone and started to cry.
Why am I crying? I must really like him huh?