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Butterfly Of Mine

This story is about a women who left her daughter on the door step of a family of vampire's to her save her daughter from the Volturi.
Dont worry all main charcters are in the book.


2. Chapter 2

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Philip's (P.O.V)

Its been a day and she hasn't rang, txt or anything, she wont pick the phone she wont answer my txt I am started to get worried about her.
I bet she doesn’t even like me.
Well if she didn’t like then why did she give you her number.
I bet she just did it so she could get away faster.
No she wouldn’t do that she lovely person for what i know of her.
You don’t know her at all she could of just been lying to you about who she was and things, you never know.
NO! She wouldn’t do that. I bet she's just been busy with her family, her family did say there was a family crisis.
Yeh your right!
I had been discussing with my self since I got home a day and half ago.
I was on patrol circling forks with Seth, Jacob and Paul.
"Philip will you get a hold of your self, are you a werewolf or mouse?" I hate the fact that when you’re a werewolf your pack can hear you everything you think about!
"Shut up Paul leave Philip alone" Jacob always stuck up for me.
"I can see were the attraction is for you, she really something isn’t she you i would have chance?" Paul loved to irritate me;I was already running to his direction.
Seth ran in front of me stop me from attacking him. "Philip stop" he tried to push me with his mussel.
I dodged Seth and kept running to Paul "STOP PHILIP" the alpha spoke. "PAUL could try and not be and idiot!!!" I just glared at Paul.
"Paul you stay away from her" I said through my teeth.
Just then Bella appeared from out the trees with Renesmee. Renesmee ran to my side and placed her hand to my nose and showed me a picture of Ediana in Edwards’s arms. "Ediana is my cousin; she is Edwards’s sister's daughter come on she at Granddad’s house." She climb onto my and we ran to Carlisle house.

I change into human form and put my pants on ran into the house.
"Where is Ediana?" I said while looking around sitting room.
"Who are you and how do you know about Ediana?" a male vampire asked.
I was just about to answer the question when a strawberry blonde female talked "Let me guess you are Philip and your a werewolf?" she asked
"Yes I am Philip and I’ am a werewolf who are you and where is she?"
"I’ am Tanya she is up stairs, go up if you want" How did she know who I’ am
She began to start to go upstairs when she turned around and said "Garrett better tell him about her before he's see her" she continued up stairs.
"So your Philip,"
"Garrett be nice, she choose him not the other way around. Hello my name is Kate nice to meet you" Kate said while pushing him out the door.
"Well it looks like it will have to explain then. I am Carmen nice to meet you" A female with brown hair said. "Well first the Ediana name is Milly-Ediana and when she was little her mother left her at our door step with nothing but a backpack, in the backpack there was a letter, which explain why her mother left her and that we had to keep her a secret from the world because she was special and the Volturi will be coming after her." there was gasp from Bella, Renesmee was sitting on her knee, Rosalie was in the door way, Japer and Esme were Sitting on the couch. I wonder where everyone else was. My brother and friends were sitting on the floor dotted around the sitting room “A year later we found out a little more about how special she was, we found out that she can heal her self and other thing and that when she was human she would have more than one power" There was another gasp but this time it was everyone who gasp not just Bella. "Eleazer as you all know can tell who had powers and what powers they are he is up stairs right now finding out what power she has now she is one of us."

Sudden anger filled me calmed my self and said in tiny voice "What do yo...you mean one of you?"
"Her mother said in her letter that when her uncle came to find her then she has to be changed" Carmen came to my side and put her hand on my shoulder "Its the only way we can keep her safe."
The anger filled me again I took a deep breath "I want to see her...now" I ran up stairs as fast I could, I checked all the rooms until I found her in Edward's room.
Edward, Tanya, Emmett, Carlisle, Alice and a man I didn’t know, were all hovering over her, she was sleeping well that’s what I thought.
"Is she ok" I to her side at once. She does not look ok!!
"Philip how do you know her......." he trailed as her read my thoughts "YOU...IMPRINTED ON HER!! What is it with your family can’t they imprint on their own kind and not my family!!!" He was whispering but shouting his whispers.
"Edward leave it" Tanya put her hand on his shoulder.
"Sorry Philip I know you can’t help it" he said and then looked at Alice was staring straight at the wall opposite her she looked like she was far away. "Alice has seen that she will be wake in matter of house that’s good news Philip there is no need to worry." Me and Edward were really good friend last time I saw him.
Edward is painful for her?
"Yes but it will be over as soon as she wakes up...." He stared at Alice again and I knew she was having another vision.
Edward what does she see?
"Milzs wont be like me or us she will be like Renesmee..." He trailed off again.
"How can that be?" the man who was holding Ediana hand asked.
"Well it is because she can heal her self... but because she is only half vampire she only has most of her powers" Edward explained
Edward what do you mean most of her powers? What are her powers? How many powers should she have?
"Well you know she can heal, she can hear the thoughts of her family, she can manipulate the whether, she can freeze time and dream of the past and she can appear and disappear wear ever she wants. She should have seven powers."

WOW well I knew she was special but not that special. "Why do you think she has more than powers when nobody else had more than one."
"We don’t know." Emmett said in sad voice. Why is Emmett here?
"Emmett is her godfather" Edward answered my unspoken question.
I pulled a seat up next to her and took her hand and watch her body twist in pain I wanted to help her but I couldn't.