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Butterfly Of Mine

This story is about a women who left her daughter on the door step of a family of vampire's to her save her daughter from the Volturi.
Dont worry all main charcters are in the book.


3. Chapter 3

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Milly’s (P.O.V)

"It has only been an hour and she is already come through don't worry Philip she will be fine"
What Philip my friend Philip it can’t be true.
"Mmm" I mumbled.
"Did you hear that Carlisle she said something" his voice rejoiced.
"P...Philip..." I mumbled.
"Ediana am here, don’t worry" he took my hand hot against mine.
I tried to sit up but it hurt."Ediana take it slow start by just opening your eyes" I heard Carlisle speak for first time I did as he asked.
"W...I am I changed yet?" I struggled to get words out.
"Well yes and no because you can heal your self, the venom only turn you in to a half vampire sort of speak, the other half I still human"
I look at the hand that was on mine and followed it to his face sighed in relief when I saw it.
"Why you here, Philip you need to go this house isn’t safe for you go!!" I said my voice croaky.
He started to laugh then I heard another three men laugh, I looked around to see who it was and it was Philips brother and his family as he called them.
Then I felt a warm hand on my face and saw the truth about Philip.
"You're shape shifter?" I stared into his eyes and forgot what I just saw until I heard some said lets give these to some privacy.
"Yes and you see when you shape shifter you imprint" he looked worried and started look around the room as he talked.
"Imprint what does that mean?" I asked confused
"Well it like a love at first sight thing but stronger..." He trailed off
I got up from the bed to go over to where he was now standing but then I fainted.
While I fainted I had a dream about the werewolves past or so I think it showed me when all the werewolves imprinted up to when Philip imprinted on me!
It then moved on to everyone’s else past my Tanya's, Garrett's, Kate's, Carmen's, Eleazer's, Edward's, Bella's, Alice, Renesmee’s, Emmett's, Rosalie's, Jasper's, Carlisle's and Esme's, after all that it went on to m mother's and father's past. When I woke again it was still night Philip was asleep next to me and Edward and Tanya were in the room.
"Butterfly why are crying are you hurt you’ve been asleep for a long time" Edward called over to me.
Butterfly is what my mother called me.
Edward you stupid git, You can read her mind and you know that she has just been dreaming about her mother and you call her nickname, stupid, stupid BOY!!
"Wow Edward I can read your thoughts!! I guess that’s one of my powers" I couldn’t believe it I found out what another power was.
"Yes we know darling Eleazer’s told us what all your powers are" Tanya came to my side- the side stupid Philip was hogging- and gave me a hug.
Edward lets get everyone out of here so butterfly and Philip can talk. Tanya said look at Edward.
Tanya don’t leave me here. I said in my head
"Wow how I just heard what you said but you didn’t say it out loud you said it in my head, how is that?"
"Well it seems to me that is another part of your power butterfly" Eleazer said with his wisdom voice.
"Milz's say something else in my head" Renesmee said jumping up and down.
so i aimed my thoughts to her and said Renesmee I hope we can become really good friends.
Yes of course we can we have allot in common like who we love for one.
Thought cheerfully in her head
I don’t love him, he imprinted on me not the other way around and don’t i have a choice?Imprinting was like magic he cast a spell on me. I said quickly.
"You don’t believe that and you know it" Edward had to say that out aloud didn’t he.
"What doesn’t she believe?" Philip asked.
"Come on kids lets leave these to alone to about things." Have fun butterfly ha-ha.
Do you know that I really dislike you two for this right now
I said to Edward and Tanya while the were shoving people out the room.
Butterfly you'll thank us later Edward thought while giving me a kiss on the forehead.
"Butterfly would you like something to eat?" Tanya said.
I shook my head and she went out closing the door behind her.
"Sooo..." I said looking around the room.
"So....why do they call you butterfly?” Philip said lifting my head so he could hold my eyes.
"Em... my mum's little nickname for me."
"Will you please tell me what you are thinking about me." he sounded worried "The truth" he locked my eyes in his gaze.
I decided to do as he said "Ok I am thinking that I really like you but..."
"..But you don’t now if it is because I imprinted on you?"
"Yes" I said with no kind of tone in my voice.

Milly's (P.O.V)
For two weeks all I was get to know my new family, talk to the pack and Philip. I started to develop my whether power and my how to appear place's i could only appear five minute's away from Carlisle house.

Have fun on your date butterfly. Tanya called in my head.
Its not a date. Aimed to her head.
Hey Hun its time to get you ready for your date. Alice said pulling me into my room, well Edward’s old room.
Alice its not a date!!
Yeh Yeh keep telling yourself that. She pushed me down and started with my make up.
She gave me red dress that figured me perfectly and had low cut back, I put on and she curled my hair pin some on the top and let some lay loose.
Alice where am I going dressed like this? I said while throwing my hands up in discussed.
Nope not telling. She shook her head and picked up a bottle of perfume and sprayed me.
Alice this is not me I don’t feel comfortable in this sort of thi-. Just Bella came in
"He down stair's and you very nice butterfly" my uncle's wife said
"Ok then lets get this over with," I said while walking out the room.
When I got down stair Philip was talking with Edward he excused his self and came to my side at once.
"You look stunning" He took my hand and walked me out the house to the car.
The car ride was fun he drove and we just talked about him for once because we normally talked about me, he never let me get a question in he just wanted to know about my life and what I wanted in life.
"So where did you live if you didn’t live with Jacob and his dad?" I ask him not wanting him to get a word in unless it was for answering.
"Em...well I was adopted by my father's friends so i live with them until they died in a car crash." his face dropped, he pulled into car parking lot.
"Oh...am sorry to here about that. Its nice of Jacob's father to take you in." I said then leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek, he got out the car opened the door for me and took my hand into his and pulled me towards this posh restaurant.
"Yeh it was I already think of him a father...." we went into the restaurant where a lady was waiting for us "Hi Philip black table for two upstairs"
"Yes sir follow me" The beautiful women asked, she wasn’t nothing compared to a vampire women but she was pretty for a human.
When we were up stairs the women continued through a set of white French doors. There was a balcony with one table on and candles on the gate on the balcony.
The women showed us to our table outside on the balcony! "Your server will be out shortly can i get you a drink while you wait?"
"Two diet sodas?" Philip asked m.
"Yes please." I nodded.
The women went away.
"So.... what do you think." he said pointing to the whole balcony.
"Mmm...it’s alright....No its perfect thank you" I said looking around and I fiddled with my mothers locket.
"Good I hoped you would say that"
That night was great we talked about everything we didn’t yet have a chance to.
Then we went home, and he walked me my door.
"I had a goodnight thank you" I reached up on my tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek and then went to leave put he pulled me into his arms and kissed me, the kiss was gentle and lasted long I eventually pulled away because i heard Emmett cough impatiently in the house.
"Erm…Yeh good…. night....Butterfly" he said kissing my hair while realising me from his arms. I walked into the house and all of my family were there looking up at me, the men looked angry and the girls looked happy.
I just wanted to be alone so I started to go up stairs when Emmett said "SO much it not being a date!"
I heard everyone say in there head Yeh.
"Whatever ok, so I like him, big deal. I am going to bed." I carried on going up stairs and in to my room and I opened the door and he was there.
"Hi" he said nervously.
"Erm hi why are you here? My uncles are going to kill you if you don’t get out of here" I pushed him towards the window.
Milzs go for a walk with him, so your uncle Emmett, Edward and Garrett calm down. Eleazer said.
"Looks like me and you have to go for a walk so my uncle’s don’t kill you" I said in a fake cheerfully voice.
"Ok then, how about we hunt" he went in to a crouch and sprung out the window I followed. I hated hunting but i thought it might suck a little less if he was doing it with me.

We ran until we found a couple of mountain lion's
"GET behind me!!" He ran in front of me and went into werewolf form I never seen him as werewolf he had light brown fur.
"Why?" A young women appeared out of the tree's
"Hello Milly-Ediana don’t be afraid I’ am one of the guard of the Volturi my name is Jane." She took one step towards me and then my family appeared next to me.
Did I do that? I asked my self.
Yes milly you did. Don’t be afraid now, we are here.
"Hello my friends don’t worry have just come here to offer Milly-Ediana help in the fight against the Volturi"
I stepped in front of Philip and walked towards her.
Milly what are you doing? Everyone asked me
Trust me please?? I went over to her I went to talk to her but Philip pushed in front of me I fell back and hit my head of a rock.

Millys (P.O.V)

When I woke everyone was hovering over my head even Jane?
What are you doing here? I aimed to Jane I don’t why I knew she wouldn’t be able to here it.
Well Milly I’m here because your father was my older brother’s son and that’s why you can hear my thoughts.
"Philip...?" I searched the hovering heads for him but he wasn’t there.
He's not here he is in werewolf running our grounds Renesmee answered me.
"Edward is this true?" It can not be true, We can not trust her.
Yes, well her thoughts sound honest

.Just then slipped into a dream well more nightmare of Jane life and when it came towards the end I saw that she had quit the Volturi because they wanted to kill me and Edward’s family.
When I woke could I hear whispers from down stairs.
Edward I deeply sorry about the last time met and tried to kill you. "Tell me whatever I need to do to make it up to your."
"Stop fretting Jane" Esme said and put her hand on her shoulder.
"She is a wake now shall we go see what thinks of you." Edward asked.
Then I realised a cold hand was on mine. I looked up and it was Bella she kissed my fore head "Tell her what you think, Butterfly."
I sat up on bed and then Uncle Edward, Emmett and Aunty Jane? Is that what I am to call her now?
Not if you don’t want to. My uncle Edward answered my silent question.
"I understand you have seen my past. My darling Milly I am not proud of what I have done in the past but in the past I never knew it was nothing to be proud of, you see I never knew anything but the Volturi because I was just a new born when they found me and my brother." she said while walking closer to me.
"Jane yes you have done bad things in your life and I have you have had plenty of chances to stop, so why now?"
"Because you are the only thing me and my brother have to my older brother, I can not destroy the last piece of him"
"You wouldn’t be able to anyways." Bella said with one eye brow pulled up and smirk on her face.
"Yes Bella I know I understand that none of you trust me but I will earn it in the fight against Volturi. My brother will be joining us shortly as soon as he can get away"
I went to open my locket to show her a picture of my father, but my locket was not around my neck, I searched around the bed.
"Where is my necklace!!!" The words were so rushed out.
"I don’t know I thought you must of took it off butterfly." Tanya said looking on the floor.
I thought of the front door and I was there in less than second. I look around the house then went out said to the porch
"Hey Ediana, what you looking for." He said and pulled me in to his arms when I broke out of his arms I carried on to look." Ediana what's a matter darling."
"She's lost her necklace." Edward answered "Ediana we'll look around our grounds you go where you Philip went yesterday."
"I had it on when....when we kissed on the porch." I could I hear the panic in my voice.
Edward I need to find it only thing I have left of them. Even my head I could hear it.
Don’t worry we will find it. He gave me hug and a kiss on the cheek.
I'll go where we were going hunt. I walked Philip followed me and he helped me look. When we got to the place Jane found us I searched as hard as I could.
"Butterfly we can just get you another one." He put his hand in my shoulder I shrugged it off.
"NO! We cant that’s just it Philip!!" I shouted it at him and carried on looking for two hours and then I gave I let the tears take me.
I thought of Carlisle house roof and I was there.
I sat on the ledge crying. I pulled my legs up to my chest and felt warm arms around me. We sat still and not words untill the sun came up.
"My mother gave me it and in side it had picture of her and my father, it’s the only thing I have left P" I turn around to kissed him on the cheek.