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Butterfly Of Mine

This story is about a women who left her daughter on the door step of a family of vampire's to her save her daughter from the Volturi.
Dont worry all main charcters are in the book.


4. Chapter 4

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Philip (P.O.V)

She turned around and kissed me on cheek I felt the kiss sink into my cheek. That night she fell asleep in my arms.
I put her on her bed, pulled the covers over her and I kissed her lips. I ran down stairs out the door.
I shouted to Edward "Going to try and find her necklace."
I looked all night till the afternoon next morning, going every where we went that day. I was just about to give up when I saw something sparkle in the corner of my eye, I followed it to a rock, the rock that she hit her head on and there lay her necklace the locket was broken in half, the glass inside was smashed and the frame inside was snapped.
Oh no! She will be devastated, I will have to try and fix it or I will take it to the Jewel’s. I can't not do something,
if this means a lot to her, than it means a lot to me.
"Oh P your so cute." Edward said a sarcastic voice.
"Thanks’, I found her necklace!" I said happily but then my face dropped when I remembered that it was broke.
"I'll give you the money to fix it." he put his hand out.
"No I would like to do it, if that’s ok." He smiled as he read what I thinking.
"Well then, you better hop to it. Her birthday is in two weeks Alice is planning a birthday for her, you can give it to her then." he said and slapped my back.

I ran to Billy's house, well my house, I hadn't been there since Ediana came to Edwards. I figured maybe Billy could help me out with her necklace he was good at that sort of thing.
"Hello stranger, I hear that you have a girlfriend, when do I get to meet her." Billy said as I walked into the house he looked happy.
"Em Billy you do know that she is now like Renesmee?" I asked confused while taking my coat back on.
"Yeh course son if she is what makes you happy like Nessie does Jacob, then I am fine with it son, who am I to object." He hugged me tight and had big grin on his face.
"Well you can meet her at her at the bonfire if you want I’ll ask her. Billy?"
"Yes that would be a good idea and what would like?” He said laughing.
"Would you help me fix it?" I showed him the necklace.
"I don't think I could, you will have to take it to a Jeweller’s, and it will cost you a lot" He said while examining the necklace.
"Where is the best place to go dad?" I said while putting my coat back on.
"A place in Seattle I'll take you in the morning son, they are closing now." he said pulling my coat off.
"Thanks dad" I said running up stairs.
I ran into my room pulled out my big plastic bottle - what cam up to my hip - Full English pounds, I had been saving up since I was a kid it was for my car. Took it down stair, and in the morning me and my dad went to the Jeweller’s and the necklace cost me all my money. I was upset it cost that much, but it was worth it, worth it to see her smile.

The two week's went past so quick the day before her surprise party I went to go pick up her necklace, it looked bran spanking new but still looked the way it used to before it was broken.
I spent all the time I could with Ediana, but I was always on petrol in case what Jane was saying about her leaving the Volturi was just a lie, Jane was never aloud alone or alone with Ediana.

After the Jeweller’s I drove as fast as I could to go see Ediana.
"Hey where is she" I said Bella when he came to greet me.
"Hello to you to Philip and yes fine thank you for asking, she on the roof with Jane go see her." She has a smirk on her face.
"Sorry Bella, hi Bella, thanks Bella." I said running towards the door, I heard her laughing.
When I got inside the house all a sudden I was on the roof with Jane and my beautiful Ediana.
"I take this is my time to leave. Hello Philip, bye Butterfly." When Jane said that, it made me growl in my head, how dare she call her that! That was her name for the Cullen’s and the pack she wasn't part or any of them.
Jane was gone in less than a second.
"Hey..." A massive smile filled of her baby face.
I pulled her in my arm's and kissed her, she kissed back more enthusiastic then she ever did be before.

She pulled away and said "Does this mean where boyfriend and girlfriend?"
"Well I kind of already thought we were." I said kind of confused.
"Well so did I but I didn't think you did" She smiled and put her hands around my waist. Kissed her head and smelled her hair.
"I love you always my Butterfly." I sighed it was nice to say it out loud to her.
"Why? I don’t understand why you choose me." She let go of my waist and stared into my eyes.
What on earth is this girl thinking I didn't choose her, she choosed me and I'm for one happy she did!
"My darling Ediana I didn't choose you, you choose me, thank you" I pulled her back into my arms and kissed her.
"Your welcome" she said while her lips were still on mine.
I pulled away from her and she frowned “What are you doing the night?” I said laughing.
She grinned massively “Nothing why.” And nudged me with her shoulder.
“Well nothing fun, just would you like to come to with me to the bonfire tonight.”
“Yes she would, she needs to get out the house” Bella said coming through the flap.
Hey I was going to come anyway.
Well why didn’t you. Edward thought putting his hand on Bella.
Well I was about to but someone said it before me I said aiming towards Bella she laugh and Edward joined in.
“Hey you thinking about me?” he said putting his arm around me
“Always” I lift up on my tiptoes so I could kiss him on the cheek.
“Is that yes?” his eyebrow raised up I nodded and he grinned.
I he bent down to give me a kiss.
I take that as our leave.” Edward said laughing.
“No it’s for me and Bella to leave, I need to get dressed”
“You don’t need to get change- I wish she wouldn’t do that.“ Ediana was gone.
Ediana was up stair for half an hour before she came down ready, she a long dress T-shirt the same as Bella and Renesmee but she looked way better.
“Ok let’s go then!” Renesmee said jumping on Ediana’s back
Renesmee was eighteen and reached the age she was going to stay.

We were there for about three hours and she was purposely avoiding him.
“He won’t like me” She said while taking my hand to walk over to my father.
I bent down to her ear and whispered “What’s not to like.”
She laughed sarcastically and tripped over a rock and fell into Seth’s coke, it was all over her shorts
“Oh am so sorry Seth let me go get you another drink” She said just about to take his cup.
“No its fine you go get changed.” She took his advice and disappeared and then reappeared with a skirt on.
Billy started to walk over “Well at least we know your not like Rosalie, nice to meet you Ediana.”
“Nice to meet you too” she shook his hand and he gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“I was wondering Ediana if you would like to come for a walk with me?”
“W-what w-why?” He ignored my question and they walked towards the sea talking.They talked for half an hour they were laughing and talking. They walked back and she took my hand with an evil smile.
“I think its time to go” I said pulling me to the woods.
“Tut do we have to, I was having fun?” She said and planted her feet down and frowned.
She looked beautiful in the moonlight.
“Yes I know but I promised Garrett that I would have you home at twelve.” I smiled and picked her up in my arms and started to run.
“But it is only eleven.” She had a curious look on her face.
“I know where going hunting” I smiled largely.
We hunted and then I took her home kissed her and went home.

Millys (P.O.V) After the bonfire we hunted and then he took me home kissed me and went home.
I hated to see him go but he wasn’t allowed to stay.

When I woke in the morning all my vampire family was there. Emmett was there with a plate full of food.
“HAPPY FOUND-DAY.” Then they sang the song happy birthday but placed in instead on birth.
I blushed and Emmett placed the food on my legs. “Thank you, really you shouldn’t of.”
“Yes we should of; you are coming out with me and Rosalie to a restaurant.” Emmett said proud of his self.
“Ok but Butterfly you have to open my birthday present now” Alice said excitedly and handed me a bag. The bag had a black dress.
“Mine next” Garrett said.
Garrett and Kate showed me to his present; it was the red mini I had I was when I was in Seattle. Then everyone took their turns to give me their presents: Edward, belle and Renesmee gave me a red laptop, Tanya, Esme, Carlisle, Carmen and Eleazer got me jewellery, shoes, everyday clothes and some money.

“Come on then get out so the woman can get dressed” Alice pampered every inch of me, then did my hair and then left the room so I could get dressed.
I pulled on the black dress it was sparkly, low back and came up to the half of my knees.
My hair was curly and down.
“I thought I told you to keep in touch?” A familiar voice said.
I looked to the door where I heard the voice.
“Oh my god what are you doing here?!” I said excitedly running up to her and throwing my arms around Silver.
“Well apparently, it’s your birthday?” She said hugging me more tightly.
“Well that’s what they tell me.” I said laughing she joined and we went down stairs.
When we got down stair’s nobody was there.
“Where is everyone?” I looked at Alice but she just ignore me.
“Will you just get into your new car?”

We went to MY CAR! And Alice drove up to a massive house just like the Cullen’s actually identical to the Cullen’s. On the front door it had happy found-day on the banner.
“Why does it say happy found-day” Silver said I never realised what she was wearing she was wearing a nice long purple dress.
“Ok what is going on Alice? You better not be doing what I think you are doing” Please don’t tell me you are throwing a birthday ‘found day’ party for me? I said shooting my thoughts to her head.
YEP! HOW FUN is this going to BE? She sounded excited so I didn’t want to ruin her fun so I walked into the house.
“SURPRISE!!!!!!” everyone shouted everyone was there even Billy and Charlie.
Garrett and Emmett came charging towards Alice shouting their thoughts. You better get that off now!
NO! Why would I this is a party and it would be unpleasant if I started to strip guy’s, stop being so protective, what’s the worst that can happen. I said folding my arms when they got to me.
Edward butted in to my thoughts. Well you can’t hear P thinking now.
It can’t be that bad. I said to Edward then I shouted my thoughts to Emmett and Garrett and I am a big girl now and none of you are my father so stop being so dame protective over me! Give me some room. I walked over to P and rapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.
“Wow you look wow!” He said and then turned to Silver and said “Nice to meet you Silver, I have heard nice things about you.” They shook hands.
“And I you, Philip.”
“Can I have your attention” Tanya said everyone went quiet.
“Well Ediana, you have been are lives for seventeen years now” she winked at me “And we all have grown quite found of you, now you have found some of your real family we don’t want to take you away from them so” She pointed to the house. “So we have decided that we are going to live here permanently, what do you think?”
I look at the around the house then went to her side at once “I love it! Thank you!” I kissed her cheek. “Thank you for everything”

The rest of the party wasn’t as bad as I thought, I even had fun, We danced, danced and more danced and then when it was time to get the cake I blushed when everyone sang to me again.
after everyone but the vampires had a piece of my chocolate cake with happy found day on it written in haribo hearts, Silver took my hand and led me to the dance floor, after one dance Seth came over and tapped Silver on the shoulder and said ”Can I cut in?” He winked at me and smiled. Then someone took my hand, put their other hand over my eyes then led me to the stairs and then scooped me up in their hand that was holding my hand and ran very fast up the stair what seemed to go on for along time. I had my suspicions for Philip fact I knew I was Philip but I didn’t say anything. When he stopped he put me down and took his hand from over my eyes and said “Tada” We on the roof of the house, there on the roof was a red couch and table with a candle and a white rose on top of a box.
He took the rose and placed it on my ear and took the box “Open it”.
I did as he said and gasped “Oh P, where did you find it? Thank you so much”.
“After the day you looked for it and fell asleep I went looking for it.” He grinned and took the necklace out the box and turned me around “Hold you hair up please.” I did as he said and he put the necklace around my neck.
The rest of the party I danced with everyone, Silver was still dancing with Seth but I don’t think he Imprinted on her. Everyone started to leave to go to the Cullen’s but Silver looked tired so I showed her to the guess room in my new family home, she fell asleep straight away.
“So did Seth imprint on Silver?” I said to Embery.
“No he just like’s her” Embery said giving me a hug and then a kiss on the cheek, I heard Philip growl so I went to his side when Embery left. It was just me and him in the new house accept from Silver that is but she was fast asleep.
“You look tired, so I better go.” He said kissing me on the head and hugged me.
He went to let go but I held him tighter. “Don’t go, why don’t you stay?”