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The Forest

Have you ever wondered what the other character were thinking that night that Edward left Bella in the forest? Well read here to find out what Mike, Charlie, and Dr. Gerandy were thinking.

So far I only have Mike's written. Please review with any suggestions or comments.=]

1. Mike

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“I’ve got her!” someone bellowed from the distance.

Thank god. Half the town had been out here for hours looking for Bella. It was cold and late now- nearly 2am. I had school tomorrow but there was no way I was going to sit out for this. It didn’t matter that Bella loved Cullen instead of me. She was still my friend and I would always care for her.

I watched on as a big guy from the reservation handed her to Charlie.

The look on Charlie’s face was filled with relief as he took Bella into his arms. But as he got a look at her face it was filled with worry and pain yet again.

I didn’t blame him. The look on Bella’s face sent a made my hands start to shake with worry and fear. She looked so weak; so empty. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought she was blind. The way her eyes just stared at nothing was unnatural- unsettling.

“He’s gone,” she murmured quietly.

She didn’t look like she was aware that she had said that out loud. Instead she just murmured it again and again. Even her voice sounded vacant and lost.

Bella was really starting to scare me. What had he done to Bella to hurt her this badly?

I’d already known that Cullens had left. In fact the thought of it made my day. I couldn’t stand Cullen and maybe if were gone I would have a shot with Bella after all. But if he hurt her there was no way I would let him get away with it.

Charlie began to carry Bella back towards the house, while the big guy walked close by to make sure he didn’t drop her.

I heard Charlie murmur something to Dr. Gerandy but I was too far away to catch what it was.

When we finally got to Charlie’s house he set her on the couch while Dr. Gerandy began to inspect Bella. She seemed like she was starting to become aware of her surroundings but there was still that same dead look in her eyes. For a split second we made eye contact and I was lost in fear and worry again.

“Are you hurt?” the doctor asked.

It took Bella a moment before she answered. She looked like she was trying to figure that out herself.

“I fine,” she mouthed.

After it was determined that Bella was fine people began to leave the house one by one. My dad and I were one of the last few. He had wanted to leave earlier but I’d said I wanted to stay.

“Mike we really should get going now,” he said. “Charlie needs to be alone to straighten things out with Bella.”

I wanted to protest but what my dad had said was the truth. This was between Bella and Charlie. Besides I’d be able to check on her tomorrow at school right? She’d be back to normal by then I was sure.